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									Learn to Surf at Port Macquarie Surf School
If you have ever thought that you might enjoy learning to surf, but have
cast those thoughts aside, thinking that it would be too difficult, or
that you are too old, or too out of shape to learn a new sport, do
rethink the idea! The Port Macquarie Surf School gives lessons to
students every day who once thought just as you did! And, even if you
think you are a pretty good surfer, you may still want to book a lesson
or two, as the instructors here are accredited surfing coaches who have
been NSW Open Champions, competitors on the World Qualifying Surfing
Circuit, accredited surfing judges, and last but not least, a 5 times
Australian champion surfer who just happens to be an accredited surfing
coach for the disabled!
With coaches like these talented men, would-be surfers have no excuse! If
your Port Macquarie Resort is near the beach, you could even walk to your
surfing lessons! The surf school prides themselves on accommodating
people of all ages and all abilities, from the very-much-a beginner all
the way through an advanced surfer. They also insure that each student
understands the power of the ocean, and how to stay safe when using it.
Port Macquarie Surf School even provides the equipment that you will
need. You'll learn to surf on a softboard, which is a beginner surfboard
that is what the name says - soft to legs, arms, and other body parts
unaccustomed to taking a nosedive into the ocean. Also, the fins on a
softboard are flexible, which does away with the risk of slicing yourself
during a fall. You will also be provided with a wetsuit, a rashy, or rash
guard vest, which helps to protect the skin, and of course, the all -
important sunscreen!
You'll be very surprised at just how fun and easy it can be to lear n how
to surf. Port Macquarie Surf School offers lessons every day at 9 AM, 11
AM, and 2 PM. You can request lessons for other times of the day if by
chance you are trying to book group lessons, or if you should want to
take private surfing lessons. Private lessons are one-one-one... just the
instructor and you, and are perfect for those who think they would do
better out of a group class. You can also book a 5 lesson course, which
will start you off with ocean and surfing safety, then moves on to
Surfing 101 to get you up on that board and riding the waves!
These lessons are very enjoyable. The atmosphere is quite relaxed, even
in the group lessons. No one books surfing lessons if they don't really
want to learn. No one would go to the trouble of leaving their Port
Macquarie hotels if they were not genuinely interested! Everyone
generally is serious about learning the ins and outs of surfing. A lesson
will last for an hour and a half, and of course could go overtime by a
few minutes. You will definitely have a lot of fun while learning how to
For more information on the Port Macquarie Surf School, you may phone
(02) 6585-5453 or email hudo@portmacquariesurfschool.com.au
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