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                       Probationer Grade

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Warning:- This material is confidential. It relates to The Inner circle probationer grade
. Do not reveal this material to anyone outside of Inner circle. Do not leave it lying around where
others might see it.

Introduction To The Inner Circle
          Congratulations on joining my Inner Circle.

       Members share one thing in common. They all desire to become WEALTHY, POWERFUL
and FREE. I only accept people who I think have a good chance of achieving these things.

          Now that you have been accepted into my group, let me tell you a little more about Inner

         The Inner circle is a group of people under my personal instruction. It is a 'secret' group in
the following sense:-

1.        The members never meet each other.
2.        Details of members are kept strictly confidential.
3.        'Normal' people do not suspect the existence of this group.
4.        Membership is by my personal invitation only.
5.        The teaching materials are kept segregated into 'power levels', or grades. This means that
          information is only revealed to you a bit at a time, as I feel you are able to absorb it.
6.        All members swear to keep the teaching materials secret.

        To be a member of my Inner circle is something very special. Together, we will build a
bridge of trust between us. You will come to trust me, and to believe that the information I will be
giving you is true. I will come to trust you not to reveal our secrets to just anyone.

         Why all this secrecy? Is this something Masonic? Are we like the Loyal Order of Moose?!!
No. It's nothing like that. Let me start by explaining one of the basic tenets of my philosophy:-

        People are NOT equal. They never have been, and they never will be. Any attempts to make
them equal are doomed to failure. Some people are superior to others - they always have been. Most
people are like sheep - they always will be. This is just a plain, simple fact of life. We are not sitting
in judgement here, just stating the obvious. Despite protestations to the contrary, society seeks to
penalise the intelligent and successful and ‘redistribute’ the loot to the inept, lazy and weak. It does
this through force of arms. This I consider to be one of the biggest evils in existence and one which
should be resisted with every fibre of your being.

        There, you see! I've shocked you a little already! But remember, this is only PROBATIONER
level material. As you rise through the grades, I intend to shock you a great deal more! This is
essential if I am to help you part the veils of illusion which have prevented you from achieving your
full potential up until now.
         So, you see, Inner circle is by its very nature elitist. It is only for the 'chosen few'. People like
YOU who have set foot upon the path of power, freedom and wealth.

         You have chosen that path, haven't you? Perhaps you have some doubts at this stage? Doubts
about 'saving the world' or 'helping the starving millions', that kind of thing? Don't worry. These
doubts are normal at your power-level. It will take time for you to understand the various illusions
which block your pathway to power and wealth. A lot of my instruction will be concerned with
identifying those blocks, helping you to understand them, and finally blowing them away so that you
can reach undreamed of levels of wealth and power.

        Because one of the basics of Inner circle philosophy is that people are NOT equal, it
therefore follows that not everyone can become rich, powerful and free! Let me say that again, in
case you missed it:-

        Not everyone can become rich, powerful and free.
        In fact, I would go further and say that very, very few people will ever achieve this state.

        For example, you, at the moment, are not rich, you are not powerful, and you are not free.
Agreed? In fact, let’s cut to the core here and state that you’re broke, trapped and powerless.
Remember, it’s only you and me here, so we don't have to pretend. In contrast, I am very rich, quite
powerful and almost totally free! But that's OK because I'm the master, and you're the pupil, right?
You wouldn't bother listening to me if the situation was different, would you? There are few things
worse than receiving a manual on ‘How To Become A Millionaire’ which has been written by some
poor, broke moron who never made more than a few thousand in his entire miserable life, right?

        It is my aim to help you to become, like me, rich, powerful and free. This should be YOUR
aim too. You must have a burning desire to achieve these aims. A wishy-washy half-hearted approach
simply will not do. You must be committed. Committed to WEALTH. Committed to POWER and
committed to FREEDOM.

          Returning to the subject of secrecy for the moment. Do you now start to see why Inner circle
is so restricted and secretive? It's because the fewer people who know how to become RPF (Rich,
Powerful and Free), the better it is for those of us who DO know! We can have more fun. We can be
richer. We can have more power. We can enjoy more freedom.

         Do you have a problem with this? Some lingering doubt that we should be SHARING all this
stuff? Handing it out free in an orgy of altruism? On some kind of crusade of enlightenment? Well let
me tell you that these feelings are the complete opposite of Inner circle philosophy. But I don't just
expect you to swallow my instruction wholesale. That would be just as sheep-like as the sheep! No.
Instead, you will become convinced of the truth of my philosophy as you rise through the power
        Let me make another statement about Inner circle:-

      It is NOT my mission or the mission of an Inner circle member to 'change the world'. He is
NOT on any crusade of enlightenment. He is NOT trying to 'save souls' or 'preach the good message'.


        Because this would be:-
1.      A completely and utterly hopeless task. Absolute futility akin to trying to move Mount
        Everest six feet to the left using a teaspoon. The sheep do NOT want to be woken up. They
        would be resentful and angry if you attempted such a ridiculous stunt. They are happy to doze
        their lives away, rarely thinking and rarely acting to improve their situation.
2.      It is completely against the interests of any Inner circle member to spread the word, even if
such a thing was possible. If you knew of a dead-cert method of winning on the horses, would you
spread it around? You bet your life you wouldn't!

         Now already this material is getting quite hard-hitting. Many probationers drop out even at
this rather weak and pathetic level of personal power instruction. After centuries of having altruistic
self-sacrifice elevated to the status of the number-one ‘good’, many people refuse to even question
this trap, and why others might seek to get them to sign up for it. That's fine. I would rather you
dropped out and made way for someone truly committed to Wealth, Power and Freedom, rather than
struggling on, only half believing in my message.

        Let me state here and now that if the going gets too tough for you at any stage, then you are
absolutely free to drop out and return to your previous life of poverty, restriction and powerlessness.
I won't write and ask you to come back!

        But if you stick with this course, then as you progress through the power-levels, you will
gradually become enlightened. The scales will fall from your eyes as you become ever more powerful,
ever more wealthy and free.

        If you are feeling uneasy at this point, and think that selfishness is really evil, perhaps I can
reassure you with the following statement:-

         A strong, wealthy, powerful and free person is far, far better equipped to REALLY help
someone, or to improve a bad situation, than a weak, pathetic, poor and trapped sheep!

         Inner circle members of higher grades move into every situation with power and true
integrity. They bring about real and lasting changes in their own lives, and in the lives of those around
them. Just to be near to one of these people is enough for you to see and feel their very real power.

       The sheep, in contrast, only whine and bleat and bleat about how awful everything is, and

        Enough. We are touching upon higher grade material.
        So what are the aims of Inner circle?

         Quite simply, by joining this circle you are trying to make a very great deal of money, you are
trying to achieve real power over your own life, and you are attempting to become free from the
restrictions which others seek to place over you.

        How is this achieved?

        Every month, you will receive teaching materials appropriate to your grade. You will receive
one release every month along with your :-

        Release One will contain teaching materials on FREEDOM and POWER.

       Perhaps I should make a statement here concerning why I have chosen to link POWER +
WEALTH + FREEDOM. Why, for instance, do I not concern myself purely with making you

         The answer is that over many years I have come to realise the inextricable link between these
three aspects of human development. You cannot become wealthy if you are trapped by various
stultifying belief systems. If you are completely and utterly un-free, you will never become rich. I can
promise you that.

        You must become free before you can become wealthy.

         Similarly, if you are totally powerless (and this is obviously linked with lack of freedom), you
cannot become rich and free. If other people are in control of your life, then you cannot make serious
money or gain personal freedom. If you let others pull your strings and make you dance like a puppet,
then it is absolutely impossible to become wealthy. There is a circle of power involved here. Almost
a "Catch 22" situation, unless you tackle it properly, my way.

       The negative circle of power goes something like this:-

        You are poor, so you are trapped (e.g. in a badly paid job which you hate). This means that
you are not free. This makes you are ‘flat’ at best or depressed at worse and this stifles your creative
energies. You become listless and cannot find the energy to go out and challenge, to dare and to win.
Your lack of money makes you powerless (for money truly does equal power). Your powerlessness
can be spotted at fifty paces and so no-one treats you with respect, let alone awe. This prevents you
mixing with other powerful and rich people - moving in higher circles if you will - which in turn helps
prevent you from achieving power.

        It looks a bit like this:-

          You cannot break out of this cycle by yourself simply by changing one element of this
vicious cycle. Notice I say "by yourself". Obviously if someone were to hand you ten million pounds,
then the cycle would be broken immediately; but the chances of you achieving great wealth whilst
still being trapped and powerless are almost zero. You have to tackle all three at once. This is what I
will teach you to do.
          By tackling all three elements at the same time, you will spiral slowly upwards and gradually
become free, powerful and rich. Perhaps you are spiralling DOWNWARDS at the moment! The first
thing to do is to reverse this trend.

        Incidentally, it is why 'get rich quick' schemes don't work. Often there is nothing really wrong
with the schemes themselves, it's just that trapped and powerless people try to use them to get rich.
They cannot do this because of their situation. They all give up sooner or later and sink ever deeper
into hopelessness.

         So we will be tackling all three elements at the same time. This is absolutely essential if you
are going to improve your lot in life. This is the UPWARD spiral which Inner circle members seek to
attach themselves to, with my help.

         Now on a more positive note, when you move up through the power-grades, tackling all three
of these elements at the same time, you find yourself on this upward spiral! It goes something like

        You start to realise that others have been controlling your life. You begin to break free of
these controls. This releases your creative energy. You start to tackle new wealth-creating projects.
You start to make a bit of money. The money you make brings increased confidence. This is noticed
by others. You become more powerful. People seek you out for business deals. You make more
money, you become more free, you become more powerful, etc. etc. You slowly spiral UPWARDS
through the various levels of WEALTH, POWER and FREEDOM.

It looks a bit like this:-


The Path Of Freedom
         You are about to embark upon the path of Personal Freedom. By being a member of Inner
circle, and moving through the power grades, you will eventually emerge into the light of TOTAL

        To attach yourself to this spiral, and reverse your current (possible) downward spiral, you
need to take some pretty radical decisions about your life. You also need to WAKE UP and STOP
        This is why my material is so shocking - some would even say offensive. I cannot help you to
achieve your dreams and desires by tiptoeing around you and making my every statement bland,
inoffensive and acceptable to all. It is precisely for this reason that I chose the format of Inner circle.
To put it bluntly, I am tired of wasting my energies trying to convince hopelessly entrenched and
negative sceptics of the truth of my message. It is a waste of my personal energies. I only want people
who are prepared to listen and prepared to act on what I say. In order to help you, I must do the
equivalent of taking you by the shoulders and giving you a jolly hard shake! I need to shake you until
your teeth rattle. Only by doing this will I get you, possibly, to open one bleary eye and look in my

       You don't believe me? You feel that you're a pretty free sort of dude, all things considered?
You reckon that you are modestly powerful in your own quiet way? You reckon you’ve got a bit of
money? Well read on!

        It is an axiom of Inner circle that not everyone can become Rich, Powerful and Free.
Therefore, Inner circle is elitist. There is nothing 'wrong' with an elitist system. Most universities, for
example, are 'elitist' because they exclude the 98% of the population considered too stupid to join.
        Years ago, when I wrote my best-selling book The Midas Method, I was on a crusade to help
everyone to realise their true potential through positive thinking. I wanted everyone to experience the
freedom, joy and happiness which comes when you take a powerful grip on your own life. Although
the message in that book still holds true, I have moved a long way from this evangelistic stance.

        The reason is that I had grossly underestimated the degree of entrenchment in negative
thoughts which most people experience.

         I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of people, who I affectionately call 'sheep'
throughout these materials, are deeply, soundly asleep and have no intention whatsoever of waking
up. I further realised that it was arrogance on my part to even think that I could wake them up, or that
it would even be valuable to wake them up!

        I was expending a lot of life-energy in arguing with negative, hopelessly entrenched,
depressed sceptics, and getting nowhere fast! By narrowing the field down to people who apply to
Inner circle, I am able to reach those people like you who are poised on the threshold of personal
power, and eliminate most of the dreamers and sceptics.

         It is a complete waste of human effort to attempt to 'improve' yourself, or your circumstances,
whilst you are shackled and manacled by the chains of control with which others seek to enslave you.
It is imperative that you first start to break free of controls, and then move towards your life-goals.
Inner circle shows you how to break free of these controls.

         To achieve this end, I will need to devote space to exposing, or explaining the various
artificial controls which are placed on your life. I will also be telling you exactly how people try and
get you to sacrifice your talents to their advantage. It is through removal of these controls - by
becoming free - that you gain great personal power. In short, the power to be whatever it is you want
to be.

         In order to 'wake you up', I will have to devote a lot of time and effort to exposing the various
'con-tricks' which you will encounter. This leaves little time and space for dwelling on the happy,
loving and joyous 'straight' transactions which people frequently enjoy. Because I do not focus on
these issues, does not mean that they are not present! To criticise me for not giving equal weight to the
positive side of human nature, is akin to criticising a book on gardening as being 'obsessed with
plants', or 'not giving equal weight to the animal kingdom'!

        Becoming free is quite scary. You suddenly have to start thinking about what it is you really
want to do. All that stuff you've been putting off for years because you allowed yourself to be trapped
by external controls, suddenly comes back home to roost. You have to examine your talents, or lack
of them (!), and ask yourself if you really have it in you to write that book, compose that song, start
that company. You've been making excuses for years, but suddenly it's time for action!

        But above all, it's hugely exciting to be free and powerful, in a world where the 'sheep' are fast
asleep! There is nothing quite like the daily 'buzz' you get when you know that you are one of the few
people who are 'awake'. Call it smug, call it elitist, call it what you will, once you have experienced it,
I guarantee that you will never fall asleep again!

Degrees Of Freedom
        There are degrees of personal freedom.

         Quite simply, the extent to which you believe and apply the teachings of Inner circle, is the
extent to which you are free. Put another way, the less you believe and apply Inner circle material,
the less free you are. The choice is yours - and it is a choice. You can choose to remain locked away
in the darkest dungeon, never seeing the light of day; or you can transfer yourself to another cell,

        which has a small window; or you can move yourself to an 'open' prison, can walk
out of jail into the full light of the day. The latter person has spiralled upwards through all of the
grades of Inner circle; the other people are 'neophytes' or learners who are some way along the path. I
will guide your way along the path, but it is you who will provide the energy and discipline required
to see you through to your goals.

Style Statement
        We have entered into a bargain.

        You have applied to join my Inner Circle, and I have accepted you. I also promise over the
next few months to give you the most detailed, step by step guide to personal power, freedom and
wealth ever published.

       I am not on a 'crusade', and I am not out to 'change the world'. You will understand why, after
you have progressed some way along the path. If you don’t want to stay in my Inner circle, then I am
not going to try and persuade you! If you whine and moan and complain and whinge, then I am not
interested in nurse-maiding you through. The reasons for this will become self-evident as you rise
through the grades. This is a tough course, and only the exceptional survive.

         Joining has given you a chance. A chance of real power and wealth. If you decide not to take
that chance then that is entirely up to you. I won't be hurt, I won't be upset, I won't try and change
your mind. If, after a few lessons, you want to revert to your previous life of powerlessness, then fine.
I repeat, I am not out to 'change the world'. In fact the fewer people who know about the secrets of
Inner circle, the better for those of us who DO know.

No Crusades
        I want to make this point absolutely clear, so excuse me if I labour it somewhat.

        Inner circle will bring you everything you want in the world, if you decide to apply the
teachings. If you don’t want to apply the teachings, then fine. Just don't write and tell me why,
because I'm not interested!

         This isn't belligerence on my part. My attitude stems directly from the principles of Inner
circle teaching. When you have reached a certain stage of initiation, you will understand exactly why
I take this stance.

         It is not my intention to embark upon a 'one man crusade' to wake people up. I am not
interested in changing the world, and I am certainly not arrogant enough to believe that I could do so,
even if I wanted to. Inner circle is elitist. It is aimed at a tiny fraction of one percent of the population
- people who are prepared to 'wake up' and take firm and powerful control of their lives.

        Are you ready to do this?

         I am not 'God' so I cannot judge whether waking the world up would be desirable. I certainly
know that it is impossible, and so there is little point in trying. The release of Inner circle material to
interested people such as yourself, does not constitute an attempt to wake up the masses.

        I hope that you are feeling a little bit shocked. Believe me, that is nothing compared to the
shock you will experience when you receive higher grade materials. Inner circle material is shocking
because it blasts away all of your previously held convictions, morals, beliefs and limitations,
replacing them with personal freedom and unlimited personal power.

Shock Horror
         The normal person responds to Inner circle material initially with outrage and shock,
followed either by a gradually dawning awareness of the truth of the material, or a violent and vocal
rejection of it . The former group gradually become empowered - they become Inner circle Initiates,
whilst the latter group rapidly revert to living their lives exactly as they used to, that is in poverty and
        The trick is to get through the shock you might receive when reading IC materials. This is the
biggest stumbling-block because the weak person will read something shocking, instantly dismiss the
whole system and then reach for pen and paper to dash off letters to anyone and everyone in an
attempt to get 'them' to 'do something about it'! For this reason, I suggest you use Inner circle
material as follows:-

1.      Read through the material from cover to cover, in as few sittings as possible. Make a mental
note of any questions, strong disagreements, severe shock, examples which you think violate the
system, and so on. Don't worry about these until you have read the whole release. This way, most of
your questions will have been answered by the time you have completed the release.

2.       KEEP AN OPEN MIND. This means that if you read something with which you strongly
disagree, then just hold onto it as something to be looked at in the future; don't just reject everything
else out of hand because of one sticking-point. You don't have to agree with every single word I
say, in order to become an Initiate, although you DO have to expose all of the illusions and con-
tricks (see later) if you want to rise to the highest levels of wealth, power and freedom.

        I would be amazed if there were not quite a few things which you found shocking, disturbing
or offensive in this material. This is quite intentional!

Making A Start
       Let us now start upon the task in hand - namely the beginning of your Inner circle training to
make you FREE. As I stated earlier, only by becoming free can you become wealthy and powerful.
Trapped people do not achieve wealth and power - in case you hadn't noticed!

Attaining Personal Freedom
        Let us talk a little bit about personal freedom.

         If you went up to a man living in any Western Democratic Country and asked him: "Are you
free?" he would almost unhesitatingly reply "Yes, I'm free." A few more thoughtful souls might
qualify their answer by saying something like: "Yes, I'm reasonably free," or "Well, I'm as free as
anyone else." Most would agree that they enjoy a tremendous amount of personal liberty in their
private and public lives.

        Well let me tell you, absolutely, categorically, they are all completely WRONG!

       The vast majority of people are about as trapped or 'un-free' as it is possible to get without
being manacled to the wall of some dank cell.

       They have almost zero freedom in every area of their lives. They have allowed themselves to
be absolutely and rigorously controlled by outside forces - other people - to the extent that they can
barely shuffle around and make grunting noises through their gags! And this means YOU. Only those
who have correctly understood and applied the principles of Inner circle (whether they call it that, or
not), can be said to be truly free, the rest are, to a greater or lesser extent, slaves.

        You don't agree?

        Consider the 'normal' person:-

        Of course, nobody wants to be considered 'normal' or 'Mr/Mrs Average', but I'll wager that the
following statements apply in quite a few details to you:-

         The 'normal' person works for a living in a job which they either actively dislike, or just
tolerate. A few 'lucky' souls occasionally enjoy some aspects of their job - on a good day. The 'normal'
person has to get to work at a certain time every single day of the working week. They dare not be late
or leave before a certain time under penalty of a demerit.

         Thus, approximately forty hours of every single week - week in, week out - are governed
and ruled by the dictates of someone else. No matter how 'liberal' the company, no matter how 'nice'
the boss, no matter how much 'flexitime' is worked, the stark truth (and I only deal with stark truths) is
that for around forty hours every week, the 'normal' person hands over complete control of his life
to other people, who make him sing and dance more or less like a puppet.

        Does this sound a bit like you?

Yet this same person would claim to be free.

        The 'normal' person has barely enough money to live on, because their outgoings either
exactly match, or exceed their income, leaving them drifting into debt. In fact the 'normal' person is in
debt to a considerable extent, typically owing tens of thousands on a mortgaged home, having finance
on one or more expensive items (car, furniture etc.) having a bank overdraft, and owing money on one
or more credit cards.

         The burden of these debts, together with an 'unchangeable' lifestyle, ensures that Johnny
Average always operates with the tip of his nose just above the water. The effect of this is to lock him
solidly into the freedom-removing system of work. It prevents him from exploring his full potential
and living a joyous life - because he is scared of losing his job due to the debts and commitments that
weigh him down.

        Does this sound a bit like you?

        Yet this same person claims to be free.
         The 'normal' person in a relationship, engages in the same, identical, mind-stifling routine day
after day, year after year. It doesn't matter what the detail of this routine is, but it might go something
like this:-

        Come in, kiss your spouse.
        Make cup of tea.
        Sit down and read paper for half an hour whilst spouse makes meal.
        Eat meal, chat about pointless things.
        Bicker for a while.
        Wash up.
        Watch television.
        If 2nd Thursday of month, then go for steak at local restaurant.
        Go to bed.
        If 3rd Thursday of month, then make love.
        Go to sleep.
        Repeat until you die.

        Okay, I know that this is stereotyped, but the real point is that married or not, the 'normal'
person follows almost exactly the same routines, with very slight variations, every single day, week
after week.

         If he is in a relationship, then these routines are largely dictated by the partner (in the nicest
possible way, of course). For example, Friday is laundry day, Saturday morning is supermarket time,
Sunday morning is mowing the lawn and washing the car, Sunday 3 p.m. is taking the kids swimming,
Sunday 5 p.m. is picking them up again, and so forth.

        Women who have children under five years old, have no time at all during the average
working day. A day which starts at 6 a.m. and ends at midnight! Because most women allow their
entire waking lives to be structured for them by children and male partners, this makes it very hard for
women with children to become free. They often have to wait until their children are grown up.

        Huge blocks of people's time are structured for them by other people (spouse, children)
leaving them almost zero time for personal development.

        Does this sound like you?

        Yet these people would claim to be free!

         The 'normal' person believes, either overtly, or covertly, that there is some sort of all-powerful
God or supernatural being, watching over him, and taking a personal interest in his drab, pathetic little
life! This same being has a kind of book, in which it marks the times when you've been a good, and
the times when you've been a naughty boy. When you die, if the GOOD BOY points don't outweigh
the NAUGHTY BOY points, then you will be SEVERELY PUNISHED - possibly for all eternity! So
the 'normal' person struggles all of his life to try and live by rules imposed by other people, or groups
of people. He worries if he transgresses their laws, and he spends a certain amount of time agonising,
looking over his shoulder or confessing his 'sins'.

       Even those who profess atheism still retain a nagging doubt in the back of their minds that
somewhere a score is being kept of their 'good' deeds vs. their 'bad' deeds. There are very, very few
people who are free of this somewhat silly and childish belief.

        Does this sound even a little bit like you?

        Yet this person claims to be FREE!

The Law
        The 'normal' person believes that, because he lives in a democracy, he has freedom of choice!
Yet he hands over huge blocks of his personal power to other human beings (politicians, policemen,
bureaucrats, judges etc.) and asks them to rule his life. He begs them to make laws which will control
his movements; he moans and whines if someone appears to escape the law.

He wants the law tightened up, with no loopholes, and no possibility of escape.

         He wants laws which prevent him from driving too fast, that restrict the films he can watch, or
the magazines he can buy. He wants laws which prevent him from taking drugs if he so desires, or
watching a pornographic movie if he desires, or visiting a prostitute or building a car in his back yard
and driving it, or owning a boat without a licence, or extending his own house. He wants tough laws
restricting the investments he is allowed to make. He demands that rules are passed granting access to
his bank accounts and to video him wherever he walks or drives.

        He wants all these laws and more.

         He gladly hands over almost all of his personal power to the lawmakers and enforcers, until
he has almost none left, and he is forced to abide by society's every rule and regulation. A politician
only has to chant “tuffoncrime” and he will nod energetically and sign over another personal freedom
to the state.

        Does this apply to you?

        Yet this same person will tell you that he is free!

         The 'normal' person is prepared to fight and die for 'his country', often with little or no
information about the true nature of the conflict. He is prepared to march off to some foreign field,
and get his head blown off on the whim of another human being. Someone only has to trot out a few
platitudes about 'sacrifice' or 'sense of honour' or 'duty' to get normal people queuing up in droves to
be first over the top. Furthermore, he accepts as normal, laws which allow agents of force to
imprison him if he refuses to recklessly expose himself to death in this manner.

        This, he considers acceptable and reasonable.

        Yet he claims to be free!

The Government
         The 'normal' person believes that the government is a 'good thing' and absolutely necessary.
He gladly hands over all responsibility (personal power) to a group of third-rate human beings, and
then lets them get on with ruling his life. He willingly accepts an almost complete lack of
accountability on their part, whilst believing that he has 'choice'. He never recognises that the real
choice is between grasping personal power, and handing over personal power. The choice he
exercises is simply the choice between exactly who will take his personal power away from him.

       This same 'normal' man knows almost nothing whatsoever about the mechanism of the
government to which he has so willingly handed over power. If closely questioned, he could only

come up with a mere handful of childish facts concerning the workings of governments. He knows
and cares little about the 'secret machinations' which go on behind closed doors, and the decisions
which are taken about his life. He willingly trots off to the polling booth each time, secure in the
knowledge that he is exercising his little bit of personal power and mouthing the benefits of living in a

        Does this sound like you?

        But this person claims to be 'free'!

         The 'normal' person willingly hands over at least FIFTY PERCENT of his personal wealth,
in the form of taxes, to other people to spend as they see fit. He neither asks for, nor expects
accountability. He doesn't know where his money is spent (except in the vaguest way), and he doesn't
care. He doesn't ask for facts and figures, or expect accountability, honesty or efficiency. If he tries to
withhold his money, then agents of force will come and take him and throw him in jail. The state
has the absolute right to confiscate half of his life efforts and uses brute force to do so. Resist and his
door will be kicked down and his possessions forcibly looted for redistribution to non-producers.

        He accepts this as reasonable and normal.
        He is taught nothing whatsoever in school about how his own government handle the
country's finances. The government judge that the geography of the Appalachian mountains is of far
more practical use - strange thing, that! He does not question this lack of knowledge, or the possible
reasons why it is withheld.

         If he were to ask the government for an itemised bill of where his money (taxes) had been
spent, he would be met with blank stares and vague answers. Some of the items on which his money
is squandered are not even discussed or discussible in parliament - the secret services for example. If
he pushes too hard his name will be added to a ‘trouble maker’ list and he will be put under
surveillance for daring to question of speak out. Yet he accepts this as reasonable.

        This person claims to be free!

The Media
        The 'normal' person reads newspapers, watches television news and current affairs, listens to
radio news broadcasts and actually believes many of the items he hears.

         More importantly, he spends a significant amount of his time debating these issues with
friends, and pontificating about the rights/wrongs of the particular issue in question. In this manner,
his emotions are controlled by whatever news story the media decide that they will release to

him that day. He holds a huge collection of opinions and views about every conceivable topic from
nuclear power to abortion, and spends a significant amount of his time explaining and defending
these views.

        This, despite the fact that he often has almost no knowledge at all about these topics, and is
merely repeating 'information bites' released by the media. Furthermore his beliefs are confused and
self-contradictory; he would be absolutely unable to defend them in any rational argument.

        He watches televised debates about a certain topical issue, and actually takes one side or the
other! - even becoming hot under the collar when the opposition view is being expressed. In this way,
his opinions and views are safely polarised into one camp or another, and firmly away from any real

        Does this sound like you?

        Yet this person claims to be free!

        So how free do you feel now?

         If even one of these situations is similar to your own, then you are not free. If you were honest
with yourself, you would realise that many, if not all of the situations described above, apply more or
less directly to you. The exact detail might vary, but that is not the point, is it? If you are to make
headway in your studies, then you must become ruthlessly honest with yourself - starting from now!
Admit that I touched a raw nerve or two there.
        Understood from the perspective of the Inner circle Initiate, the 'normal' person described
above is a truly pathetic specimen! This person allows himself to be controlled by others for almost
every single minute of his waking life. He is pathetically grateful for a 'few minutes' to himself once
or twice a week, and will, like a puppy dog, seek to 'make up' for this time generously allowed him by
his masters. He actively seeks to be controlled (for reasons which I will explain), and panics if
controls are relaxed. If too many controls are released, then he will run around like a headless
chicken, desperately trying to find someone - anyone - to control him.

What Controls The Normal Person

        He is controlled by MONEY. The Initiate controls money.

        He is controlled by BOSSES. The initiate is the boss.

         He is controlled by LAWS and GOVERNMENT. The Initiate operates from his own set of
internally generated guidance principles.

        He is controlled by RELIGIOUS FEAR. The Initiate is not religious in any commonly
understood meaning of the word and sees religion as the single biggest force for evil on the planet.

        He is controlled by IMAGE and behaves in a manner which he believes others will find
acceptable. The Initiate takes no notice whatsoever of IMAGE and behaves in a way which he or she
finds acceptable.

        He is controlled by RELATIONSHIPS. The Initiate only involves himself in mutually
beneficial, un-controlling relationships.

        He is controlled by the MEDIA and allows the media to influence his thoughts. The Initiate
takes no notice whatsoever of the media.

        He is controlled by the illusion of 'country' and exposes himself to serious danger in times of
'National Crisis'. The Initiate never places himself in this kind of danger.

Removing Controls
        Axiom #1:- In order to become free, the Inner circle Initiate must greatly reduce the
external controls placed on his life.
        As an Initiate, you will not allow yourself to be controlled by anyone. You will learn to
recognise the various controlling tactics of certain individuals, organisations and institutions for what
they are, and not allow them to influence your life. These people and institutions are referred to as
Controlling Artists, or Con-Artists, by Inner circle members.

         You will learn that these Controlling Artists have a vested interest in trying to control you, for
in this manner they can maximise the volume of life's pleasures which come their way. By
bending the talents, energy and time of the mass of people to their will, such individuals and
organisations seek to profit with minimum effort on their part.

        This can be summarised in the following axiom:-

       Axiom #2:- Many people seek to maximise the volume of life's pleasures which flow their
way, by 'conning' money, energy, time and talent from other people.

Eight Weapons - Six Illusions

       As an Inner circle member, you will learn about the eight weapons which the con-artists use to
extract value from you. You will learn how these eight weapons are mercilessly used by the
controlling artist in an attempt to get you to sacrifice your life-energies to the controlling artist,
who is operating one of the six illusions. You will learn to laugh in the face of these confidence tricks,
and unmask them for the hollow sham that they are. In this manner you will gain great freedom
and personal power, because no person or institution will be able to control you.

         Normal people, in contrast. allow themselves to be almost totally controlled by external
agencies throughout every minute of their miserable waking lives. Moreover, they positively invite
control, almost beg for it, in fact. For ordinary folk, control means release from the responsibility for
their own lives - they do not need to think about fulfilling their potential. They can happily dream
their time away, whilst allowing any and every puppet-master to pull their strings.

         Allowing themselves to be controlled by others offers the normal person a perfect excuse for
non-action. They can look back over their uneventful and drab lives and point the finger of blame at
whatever puppet-master had control of them at the time. They will pile blame upon the external
controlling agency, and thereby give themselves a perfect alibi for murder. Murder of their own life
by slow suffocation.

        Their lives are ruled by the excuse: "If only....."
        "If only such and such a puppet-master had not been in control of me at the time, I could have
done so much....."

         Inner circle members have total contempt for the way such people lie to themselves about the
reality of their lives. They know that the world is brimming-over with people who are desperate to
control others, just as it is brimming-over with people who are desperate to have others control them.
He is content to let both sets of people act out their games, and while-away their lives until they die.
He is not, repeat NOT trying to change this state of ignorance.

        Inner circle members play no part in such games. They recognise all controlling tactics -
even subtle ones - for what they are, and quite simply ignore them. IC Initiates are in control of
themselves, and allow no other agency to assume this awesome responsibility. In this way, you have
absolutely no-one to blame, and you move through life with power, purpose and certainty.

Why Others Seek To Control You
        What is 'control' understood in the Inner circle sense?

Inner circle Definition #1:- CONTROL

        Control is the attempt by con-artists to extract value from you under false pretences.

Inner circle Definition #2:- VALUE

        A tradable commodity which enhances the life of the recipient, and diminishes the life of the
giver. Thus, 'value' can be money, time, work, effort, kudos, loyalty, support, docility, worship, or
sacrifice, to name but a few.

Inner circle Definition #3:- FALSE PRETENCES

        The trade of values where one, or both of the traders has incorrect information about the
nature of the transaction, or has no choice about entering into the transaction.

        'False pretences' means that you are coerced into handing over one, or more, of these values
to the Controlling Artist (the Con Artist) by allowing yourself to be manipulated by one of the eight
weapons (later). Taxation, for example, is naked coercion through using the weapon of force.

Inner circle Definition #4:- CON-ARTISTS

        A con-artist is the person, or group of people attempting to extract value from you under false
pretences. A free exchange of human values, in the full knowledge of the gains/losses of the
exchange does not constitute control. Such exchanges include, for example, sacrificing a day of your
time for an agreed sum of money, or helping a neighbour erect his shed, in return for which he mends
your car.
        Contrast this with being asked to work all weekend for the 'good' of the company, or helping
out a neighbour because you feel too guilty and ashamed to say "No".

          The con-artist always seeks to extract values under false pretences. In other words, he
tries to 'con' people out of their effort, money, time, whatever, by manipulative and deceitful methods.
These are the key words, MANIPULATIVE and DECEITFUL.

         It takes two to play this game, of course, and the con-artist needs a ready supply of willing,
sheep-like victims who are desperate to be conned. There is absolutely no shortage of such people;
in fact the great mass of the population are exactly like this, almost falling over themselves to be the
first one to be exploited.

        The Initiate rarely makes any sacrifice whatsoever, but when he does, it is done in the full
knowledge of the details of that sacrifice. He is never conned. He knows precisely what he is gaining
from each and every exchange, and he is totally aware of his true motives for performing any action.
He is never afraid to admit these true motives to himself.

Why do others seek to control you?
       The reason why others seek to control you is fairly obvious, but worth stating, as it underlies
many of the dealings you will have with people:-

The Pharaoh Principle
        One person can only do a certain amount in the time allocated to him on earth. There are only
so many hours in a day. So in order to achieve maximum pleasure from life, the con-artist seeks to
coerce others into working for him - I do not necessarily mean that they are 'employed' by him in the
conventional sense.

        The more people the con-artist can get to sacrifice their own goals and dreams to help towards
achieving his goals and dreams, the richer will be his life.

        This is the Pharaoh principle.

         The more 'willing slaves' you can have servicing your every whim, and releasing you from
menial chores, the richer and happier your life will be. And if you can get those slaves to work for
next to nothing because they believe that you are the incarnation of the god Rah, for example, then the
more slaves you can 'employ' and the richer will be your life. The secret behind the con-artist's scam is
that he does not 'pay' his slaves a fair wage for their work, in other words he does not give them an
equal value in return for their labour. Instead he attempts to 'con' them out of their life-values by use
of one of the eight weapons (see later).

Important point:- The con-artist takes many forms, and is not always one individual.
Important point:- The con-artist has many goals and desires. Many of them are subtle, and not
easily spotted by the uninitiated.

         The con-artist has many weapons in his armoury, and will ruthlessly exploit them, one after
the other, in an attempt to get you to bend to his will. If one weapon does not work, then another will
be tried, and another, until a suitable 'stick' is found which will get you to comply.

        The con-artist relies heavily on the fact that his dirty tactics are considered 'the norm' by the
great mass of sheep, and so the sheep unquestioningly allow the dogs to round them up. Centuries of
conditioning have gone towards ensuring that the sheep respond to the master's whistle.

         Note that an Initiate does not 'blame' the con-artist for what he is trying to do. He merely
recognises that this is the way in which many people seek to increase the volume of life's pleasures
which flow their way. He does not try to change or improve the con-artist's behaviour. He quite
simply refuses to be conned, nothing more, nothing less. This simple fact is the basis of personal
power and freedom. To become an Inner circle Initiate and gain absolute personal freedom, you must
learn to recognise the con-artist in all of his many disguises.

The Six Illusions

         Inner circle teaching divides the con-artists into six different categories, also known as THE
SIX ILLUSIONS (or con-tricks). They are called this, because they are truly phantasms of no real
substance. Nevertheless, these illusions are held very dear to the heart of most normal people. These
people are afraid to admit that these concepts are little more than wraiths. If you try and point out an
illusion to a normal person, they will often react angrily, and even become violent.

         In order to become personally free, you must unmask the six great illusions (con-tricks). I am
afraid that you cannot even cling to one of these illusions - although you are likely to find one or two
of them extremely difficult to expose.

        What does this mean?

          It means that you must see them for the hollow sham which they are, and refuse to let them
control your life from now on. This is going to be tough for you, because you will hold many of
these illusions in very great esteem due to years of training in 'standard thinking'.

        If you stay the course with Inner circle, you will be forced to shatter many of your previously
held convictions and beliefs. This can be a little unnerving, even shocking and painful. I expect it to
be traumatic for you to unmask these illusions. You will need very great strength of character to
complete this task, but you will have the terrific feeling that huge weights are dropping from your
shoulders every time you unmask one.
Shattering Illusions
         The average person will have one or two illusions which he has unmasked already, and so
they will agree wholeheartedly with every comment I make concerning these illusions, and nod wisely
as they read my descriptions.

        They will have a few more about which they are doubtful. They will think I have 'gone a bit
over the top' in my comments concerning these illusions, although they will agree with me in places.

         Then there will be the hard core of illusion which they completely believe. Concerning these
illusions (and depending upon how fanatically they believe in them) they will consider my comments
to be outrageous, mad and based on zero knowledge of the subject. Or they will consider that I have
an 'axe to grind', or that I had a 'bad experience' concerning these illusions, and am unable to remain
dispassionate! Needless to say, the category into which a particular illusion fits, varies from
person to person. One reader will consider my discourse on the illusion of religion, to be the
incoherent ravings of a sinner who was probably beaten senseless by a gang of sadistic nuns; whilst
another reader will consider these comments as boringly obvious, 100% correct, completely accurate,
and hardly worth saying!

         I repeat, you must shatter all the illusions if you are to become truly free. If you want to cling
tightly to particular illusions, then it doesn't affect me in the slightest. It just means that you won't
become free. I'm not on a crusade to get you to believe in my point of view. I will simply give you

the tools and information you need in order to become free. What you do with these tools is entirely
up to you.

         I will now list the six illusions. Before I do so, let me remind you that illusions (con-tricks)
are the vehicle through which con-artists attempt to control you. They do this to maximise their life-
pleasures by getting you to sacrifice your life-pleasures to them. Please also remember that a great
many human transactions are 'straight', and nothing whatsoever to do with illusions or con-tricks. The
purpose of Inner circle teaching is to explain to you how you can break free of the insidious control
of the con-artist.

        The six illusions or con-tricks are:-

        Government, The Law, and Country



        Media and The Image Makers


Axiom #3:- No person may become an Inner circle Initiate until he has unmasked the six illusions.
The extent to which he believes in one or more of the illusions, is the extent to which he is not free.

        There are, of course, many other minor illusions, but your knowledge of the six main illusions
will provide you with the information required to tackle the smaller and less significant ones.
Remember:- The ILLUSIONS are the VEHICLES through which PEOPLE WHO WANT
SOMETHING FROM YOU operate. There are many things people want from you. For example there

        People who want you physically controlled

        People who want your money

        People who want your respect

        People who want your talents

        People who want your time

        People who want your knowledge

        People who want your reverence

       And don't forget I'm talking about people who want these things without 'paying' for them - in
other words, they want to 'con' you out of these things. The fair exchange and trade of values does
not come under this heading.

         In order to achieve his aims, there are eight weapons which the con-artists use in an effort to
extract value from you. The eight weapons are:-








A Brief Look At The Eight Weapons
         I will now briefly outline the eight weapons and how they are used; but they are best
understood by describing in detail how the weapons are used in association with each of the six
illusions or con-tricks. This I will do at a later date.

Weapon #1: FORCE
         This is actual physical force. For example, beating you up to obtain money; rape to obtain
sex; throwing you in jail for not allowing yourself to be looted; restraining you in a mental hospital

because another human being has judged you to be unstable or abnormal; breaking down your door
and arresting you for some real or imagined 'crime', and so on. Force is the crudest of the weapons,
but extremely effective.

Weapon #2: FEAR
         Often this is fear of force or violence. The actual act does not have to be carried out, often the
threat is sufficient. Then there is fear of disapproval, fear of not being accepted, fear of being thought
weak, fear of being discovered for your 'sins', fear of God, fear of being in debt, fear of being ill or

Weapon #3: GUILT
          This weapon is more effective with some than with others. There is religious guilt for your
'sins', guilt over past acts, guilt over various thoughts you might have, guilt that you are not 'doing
enough for other people', guilt that you are well-off when half of the world is starving, guilt that you
are damaging the environment, guilt that you are not bringing up your children to the best of your
ability, guilt that you are having an affair, and so on.

        One of the best ways of conning value out of people is just to simply lie about your real
motives for asking them to sacrifice their values. This is one of the main weapons used by politicians,
bosses, and religious 'priests' (understood in the wider sense).

         This may or may not be a trigger in a particular person, but if it is, then value can be extracted
from you by getting you to sacrifice your life's energies under the guise of a 'sense of duty, or honour'.
In this manner, a group of human beings 'A' successfully persuades another group of human beings 'B'
to fight, and if necessary die, to protect group 'A'. And all that is required is for group 'A' to call upon
the sense of honour, duty and fairness inherent in group 'B'!

          The weapon of FAIRNESS is used to extract value from you by disguising the transaction
under a cloak of 'fairness'. Thus it is only 'fair' that you give a proportion of your wealth to charity, or
it is only 'fair' that you serve your time on the committee. Sense of honour is somewhat diluted these
days, but people can still be prevailed upon to do the 'honourable' thing and resign, or pay over a large
sum in damages, or..... Notice I am not saying it is wrong to be honourable. I am saying that the error
is to allow others to use this as a weapon against you.


          Most people have some sense of sacrifice, and this 'weakness' is exploited thoroughly by con-
artists. For example, whole religions exhort you to sacrifice your entire life-pleasures for a 'payoff'
which you will receive when you are dead. Bosses can get you to sacrifice days of your time for 'the
good of the company'; charities can get you to sacrifice time/effort/money for 'the good of the cause'.
The reason that this weapon is so powerful is because it gets you to sacrifice your life's values for
nothing, i.e. absolutely free! Your sole reward is a smug self-satisfied feeling of having done a 'good
deed'; but it's the con-artist who hauls off the real rewards. Altruism is an endemic disease in our
society. Because it is such a huge evil, I will devote a little time to it here.

        Altruism is the position held by most religious people and more importantly this idea forms a
central portion of most people’s world-view, even though they have not consciously thought
about it and regardless of how ‘anti-religious’ they profess to be.

         Altruism holds that the purpose of a man’s life is NOT his own happiness. If a man gains any
happiness, this is either incidental or actively discouraged as sinful, wicked, selfish, etc. The purpose
of a man’s life is to serve others. He is, in effect, a sacrificial animal. Altruism holds that any man’s
need is sufficient to place a mortgage on your life. No matter if you have never met the man, his need
is enough.

         Altruism states that your purpose is to toil at the yoke of human servitude until every mouth is
fed, every child is clothed and each human being has the ‘basics’ of life, which nowadays include a
car, a telephone a television and a two week holiday each year. No matter that this is an impossible
task, you will labour until your back is broken and you can turn the wheel no more. Your reward is
either in heaven or the knowledge that you have done your civic ‘duty’.
        You will not even be granted pride in a job well done. Pride is sinful. Your task is to labour
for NO reward - not even satisfaction. You are not even permitted to see the results of your efforts.
These will be distributed by the ‘priests of collectivism’ to the ‘needy’ and you will not be consulted
or shown any results. You must not think of what you want. This is ‘selfish’. Instead you must
constantly search out the needs of others and strive to fulfil them.

        This is the naked Christian-ethic, stripped of its pompous robes of concealment. This is

         This is a philosophy. It is an idea. Ideas have consequences and affect everything around us.
So let us see to where the philosophy of altruism leads us.

       Do you need a strong, dictatorial centralised government with absolute authority over the
worker drones?

         Why yes, of course! The producers have to be controlled and the needy identified so that the
loot may be distributed to them. Furthermore, the drones’ produce must be harvested and their life-
efforts hauled-in and dumped into the common pot - this requires big government.

         Some drones still show a spark of independence and seek to retain a little of their work. Since
this is morally evil under an altruistic system the state is granted full powers to hunt such people
down, to crush them and confiscate everything. Further powers are required to spy on every

        There is no moral contradiction here. Indeed, it is important that you realise that an altruistic
system makes sense within its own framework. The ‘people’ are just cattle to be milked; it is their
duty to give milk and so why should they possibly object to being spied upon to ensure that they

        Do you need confiscatory taxation rates?

         Why yes, naturally. Since man exists only to serve others, it is nothing less than morally good
that he give up most of his labours for redistribution to the ‘poor’.

       Since the doctrine of altruism carried to its logical conclusion would result in the destruction
of mankind, you have to allow some retention of life-efforts, but most should be looted.

        Do you need rigorous controls and tens of thousands of non-objective laws?

        Yes, of course. The function of such laws is to reinforce the message that no man is a
worthwhile individual; that society’s needs come first and that 'freedom' is only granted after the
needs of the masses have been allowed for, and then grudgingly.
        Non-objective laws are laws which make no sense, cannot be understood by a person of
average intelligence, and seem to generate hundreds of new victimless crimes. Such laws have only
one purpose. To keep people confused and frightened and to reinforce the message that the state
is in power and will be obeyed, regardless of the illogic of its position. Again, you are a sacrificial
animal and so what possible complaint could you have against the state? Your duty, your whole
purpose of life is to sacrifice yourself to others. This is the noblest ‘good’ the ultimate moral high-

         Do you need to track each citizen? Do you need to absolutely control his finances? Do you
need access to his bank accounts? Naturally. It is not really ‘his’ money anyway, it is collective social
money. The fact that a man or woman earns such money is down to ‘luck’ on their part. They were
obviously socially advantaged and should be grateful they had the opportunity to produce for
their fellow brothers and sisters. Since man is basically evil and corrupt, a person can only succeed
by destroying others anyway. One person’s gain is another’s loss. Only an antisocial, morally
bankrupt person would want to keep his money safe and secret. The full power of the state can and
should be used to (say) bring home the loot from foreign bank accounts.

        Should drugs be prohibited in an altruistic regime?

         Yes because a man’s own happiness (defined by him not anybody else) is incidental and
should be discouraged. Taking drugs will limit a man’s ability to serve others.

        Should it be an imprisonable crime to educate your own children?

       Yes. Children are the property of the state - the next generation of milk-cows. They must be
educated ‘correctly’ in an absolutely uniform manner. Home-education would produce too many
individuals with ideas of their own - the very last thing needed by an altruistic, collectivist state.

       Because such a state dare not breathe its true name, such measures will be disguised under
snappy slogans such as “ensuring each child reaches its full potential” and “granting equal
opportunity to all children”.

        In such a system, would politics be utterly confused, with no clear direction and message?

         Yes, this is a natural consequence. Altruism cannot work because absolute altruism would
involve finding a cannibal tribe and offering yourself as their next meal. Total sacrifice leads to the
death of the individual and this is why altruism is a philosophical error - the ultimate result would
be the absolute destruction of mankind. Politicians realise this, dimly. They espouse altruism and
sacrifice whilst realising that it is unworkable. The inevitable result is a political system where naked
communism lies cheek-by-jowl with capitalism. The result is total confusion in the mind of any
thinking person, philosophically trained or not. It causes mild panic, like standing on quicksand
and feeling it shift beneath your feet.
         People sense the jarring clash of ideologies. They despise politicians and believe them all to
be liars and fakes. The reality is that politicians are philosophically confused and self-serving - a
dangerous combination to find in a person who has power over your life.

         The politician’s message is: “This is a glorious free country. Work hard, play hard, be an
individual. Rise as far as your talents and abilities will allow; be all you can be. We will encourage
this. Every child will get a fair education in this wonderful free society, so get out there and

         That sounds good to me. But imagine the confusion, unease and fear produced in the
intelligent person’s mind if that politician pauses for breath and then continues: “...but remember, you
are a tool in the collective. Your highest moral duty is to sacrifice most of your earnings to the needy.
We will enforce this with violence and you will be imprisoned if you disobey. Your money will be
taken and given away to despotic overseas regimes and to buy votes and favours. Your life-efforts will
be looted and redistributed to the shiftless and indolent. You will be spied upon to ensure compliance.
Attempt to hide your money from your brothers and you will be branded a criminal and hunted down.
You should rejoice in this and feel good about your contribution. For further details about our party,
write to....”

         Is that not the plain, unvarnished truth? Look at those horribly clashing ideals, the awful
grating of two philosophies being ground together to produce a ‘working compromise’. The effect is
to evoke a feeling of hopelessness and despair in people’s minds. They just do not have the
intellectual ammunition to unpick this mess and to wake up to what is really happening. This is
no fault of theirs. Training in such thinking does not feature on any school curriculum. I wonder why?

         To rise above the common herd is seen as threatening. Society steps in smartly to crush such
upstarts. Industrialists are attacked by the angry pack (e.g. Bill Gates) not despite the values they have
brought to us all, but because of those values. Scientists are ridiculed by the arts (white coat, bald,
silly spectacles and ludicrous half-German accent). Computer designers are ‘geekified’ (I thought of
that word first!) - 8 stone, ‘please-kick-sand-in-my-face’ look, dweebish, scatty, no-hopers with the
chicks. It goes on.

        We started with one simple idea - altruism. From that simple start came the inevitable effect
on taxation, the legal system, the arts, politics and Big Brother statism.

        Ideas have power - real power. Nazism is just an idea, so is Marxism. Do you now see where
a ‘simple’ philosophical stance leads you? This stuff is important.

       This weapon is powerful because few people are happy with the way they are. The weapon is
mainly used by people who want your money, and the vehicle is advertising. Most adverts are
concerned with selling you an IMAGE which you believe you will attain if you buy their product.
Other uses of the image weapon are more subtle, and will be dealt with at a later stage.

Weapon #8: APPROVAL
         The need for approval varies from person to person. If you have an acute need for approval,
then this will provide the enemy with the eighth powerful weapon with which to master you. The need
to be approved of, forces you to act in ways which you do not necessarily agree with. You find
yourself sacrificing your energies to the person from whom you desire approval. Needless to say, the
con-artist will perceive this need in you, and ruthlessly use this weapon against you. There is nothing
wrong with enjoying approval. That is not what I am saying. It is the need for approval which exposes
you to manipulation. You can enjoy a long cool beer, but if you need it, you're an alcoholic!

         This completes our very brief look at the eight weapons. The object of this PROBATIONER
grade is to give you a quick overview of the basics of Inner circle philosophy. You will understand
much, much more about the weapons and the illusions as you rise through the grades.

        Let us summarise what we have learnt so far:-

1.      Weak people allow themselves to be controlled. The payoff they receive is comfort, security
and responsibility-shifting. The Inner circle Initiate avoids being controlled.

2.      Shrugging-off external controls brings great personal power.

3.       There are many, many people who want to control you. They are called 'controlling artists' or
'con artists'.

4.      They are not all 'evil' people. They simply seek to maximise their own life's pleasures by
getting other people to sacrifice their life's values to them. This is the Pharaoh principle.

5.      The key to breaking free of control is to understand the six main illusions or con-tricks which
are being operated, and to understand how the eight weapons are used by the con-artists running the
'scams' or illusions.

6.     Possession of this knowledge brings personal freedom and power, and is the key to becoming
an Inner circle Initiate.

         I have made this point already, but it is probably worth making again. Inner circle
philosophy is not a gloomy, cynical, paranoid 'they're all out to get me' type of philosophy. Far from
it. Most human transactions are fairly straight and honest and do not fall into the category of a 'con'.
However, there are many transactions which fall squarely into this category. In particular, many of the
more important transactions of your life are likely to be shrouded in illusion. Inner circle knowledge
gives you the tools to break free of this insidious control, and take 'good for me' decisions. Some of
the weapons listed above are actually based upon the finer human instincts to love, nurture and assist
one another in times of crisis. That is what makes the con-artist such an unpleasant character, because
he is corrupting a finer human instinct for his own ends.

         There is nothing 'wrong' with fear. Fear prevents us from harming ourselves physically, or
taking unnecessary risks. Fear only becomes a weapon in the hands of the con-artist who uses your
natural fear to bend you to his will. Most crime and punishment works on this principle. One group of
humans get together and impose a law on another group. These laws are often advantageous to the
lawmakers, and fear is the weapon which keeps the potential lawbreaker in line.

          Not all of the eight weapons are based on finer human emotions though. For example, guilt,
image and the need for approval have absolutely no positive value, and must be eradicated from your
life if you are to become an initiate. The Initiate never feels guilty, does not rely on manufactured
images, and does not depend upon the approval of others. By disarming his opponents of these three
weapons alone, he becomes a truly formidable character. When the other five weapons are made
ineffective, he becomes invincible.

Two Types Of Initiate
          As you read and understand more of Inner circle philosophy, you will gradually become an
 empowered person - that is, if you choose to be. What Inner circle members DO with their power, is
entirely up to them. I never tell people how to use their power. There are, however, two types of
Initiate to which I shall be referring throughout the lessons. They are the OPEN and CLOSED initiate.
They are defined as follows:-

The Open Initiate
        This type of Initiate uses his knowledge of the weapons and illusions to break free of
insidious control, and to become empowered, happy and free. He has decided that he will not use his
knowledge to attack or con other people, even though he could easily do so. Instead, he simply uses
his knowledge to prevent others from exploiting him, i.e. he uses it defensively.

        His attitude is characterised by complete and utter honesty in his interactions with other
people, insofar as his honesty is relevant to other people's ambitions for self-improvement.
Whilst not on any kind of crusade, he is happy to wake a few more people up, if they are open to
having their slumber disturbed. He is likely to do this by example, rather than by evangelising.

The Closed Initiate
        This Initiate uses his knowledge of the weapons and illusions to carefully, calculatingly and
deliberately con as many people as possible out of their life-values. His superior knowledge of Inner
circle philosophy allows him to carry this off successfully.

        He is never honest with others. Instead he uses the weapon of LIES (amongst others) to trick
people into sacrificing their life-values to him.

         He is not on any kind of crusade, and jealously guards his knowledge from others. He
definitely is not the slightest bit interested in waking anyone else up. His ideal would be to have
everyone else fast asleep, with only himself awake.

         He is solely interested in maximising the volume of life's pleasures which flow his way by
tricking and deceiving other people into handing over their life-values to him.

         Although you might be tempted to think that I just painted a portrait of a 'good guy' and a 'bad
guy', I state, unreservedly, that I am not suggesting, or even hinting at which sort of Initiate you
should become. I have no opinions on this. This is a choice for you to make when you have attained
the relevant level of power and knowledge, not before.

       For the record, I consider myself to be an open Initiate. But, of course, that's exactly what I
would say if I were a closed Initiate!

        This concludes our discussion on open and closed Initiates, and indeed this marks the
conclusion of the Probationer level. I strongly suggest that you put this material to one side for a few
days, and then read it through again. It is not possible to change your fundamental world-view by one
quick reading. You must study this material carefully.

        See you in the next module.


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                          Neophyte Grade

Warning:-                  This material is confidential. It relates to Inner Circle neophyte grade. Do
not reveal this material to anyone outside of Inner Circle. Do not leave it lying around where others
might see it.


         Last module, in the grade one material, you learned about the cycle of poverty, freedom and
power. If you are in the downward spiral of this cycle, then your poverty, lack of freedom and lack of
power all conspire to work together in order to lock you into this downward spiral. You become
like an aeroplane in a flat spin!

        However, when you start to gain power, freedom and wealth, again they all conspire together
to ensure the continuation of your upward spiral towards ultimate POWER, ultimate FREEDOM and
ultimate WEALTH.

        We also discussed how the ‘normal’ person is completely, utterly and hopelessly trapped -
whilst at the same time believing that he is at least reasonably free! I explained that the ‘normal’
person is trapped by the following:-

         Government, The Law and Country
         Media and The Image Makers

         You will recall that these are called THE SIX ILLUSIONS (or con-tricks).

         They are con-tricks, because these illusions are ruthlessly exploited by the CON-ARTISTS
who use the pathetic beliefs of the sheep to ensure that maximum life-values flow towards the con-
artist. These life-values are money, power, freedom, kudos, loyalty, respect, etc. The con-artist
attempts to trick you out of your values by getting you to sacrifice these life values to him, under false
pretences. This is the PHARAOH principle, which states that one person can only do so much in a
lifetime, therefore if he wants to increase the volume of life’s pleasures which flow his way, he must
have a number of ‘slaves’ working for him. The more slaves the con-artist controls, the more of
life’s goodies will flow his way - without any effort on his part.
For the con-artist, the very best way of benefiting is by getting the slaves to work for him for nothing
- i.e. totally free! To do this, he must use one of the EIGHT WEAPONS to trick the sheep out of
their life-values. In short, if he can get the sheep to believe that they are acting out of altruism; for the
‘good of society’ or that their sacrifice is normal, or that it is their duty to sacrifice, or that God will
reward their sacrifice in heaven, or ....... then the con-artist gets his values completely for free!

       We discussed the EIGHT WEAPONS which the con-artist will use against you. If one
weapon fails, then he will try another and another, until he finds one which works on you.

          To remind you, the EIGHT WEAPONS are:


        I explained that the route to power and freedom lies in exposing these illusions for the
con-tricks that they are. Once you expose the illusions, you destroy the power they have to
control you.

         For example, if I were to tell you that unless you gave me 10% of your salary, then small
green men from the planet Zargon would come and take you away and torture you, then you would
not be likely to pay-up! Why? Because, quite simply, you think my little green men are a bit of an
illusion. You think I invented them in order to try and extort some life values from you. You
think I am trying to con you! In short, you have ‘seen through’ my illusion, and so it has no power
over you.

         Contrast this with a church (any church) which exhorts you to ‘tythe’ (or give 10% of your
money to them). They do not threaten directly of course - that would be far too crude. Instead they
‘suggest’ and ‘imply’ that there is a very big pat on the head from the creator of the universe (no less),
for all humans living on an insignificant blue planet, who give ten percent of this stuff they call
‘money’ to some other human beings running a scam which they call ‘religion’! Furthermore, these
churches insinuate, hint and suggest that there might be a much worse fate for humans who do not
comply with their demands. These ‘sinners’ might rot in hell, or live in eternal damnation, or never
see the salvation of the Lord, etc. More of this anon. Let us continue with our studies.


        I have already mentioned that the route to POWER and FREEDOM lies in unmasking, or
destroying the SIX ILLUSIONS or con-tricks. If only it were that simple! Why can I not simply list
the illusions for you - perhaps with a brief explanation of them - and then say: “Right, there they are,
now jolly well stop believing in them!”. If that were the case, I could simply condense the whole
teaching ofInner Circle down into a small pamphlet which could be given away at coffee mornings!
The reason I cannot do this, is because the sheep believe fanatically in one, several, or all of these
illusions. They don’t even think that they are illusions, or ‘tricks’. They would be horrified
and offended if I were to explain this fact to them. They would (quite literally in some cases) plug
their fingers in their ears and start humming tunelessly in order to drown me out.

         These illusions are held very dear to the hearts of most sheep. They cling to them
desperately. They announce them as great universal truths. They even believe that God himself gave
some of these illusions to man - as a great gift! Suffice it to say that these illusions, masquerading as
‘great and noble truth’ or even worse as ‘normal’ or the ‘status quo’, are woven into the very fabric of
the sheep’s confused mind. So great is the conditioning (by past and present generations of Pharaohs)
that the sheep dare not even ask questions about some of these illusions! It is actively discouraged,
or downright forbidden.

         It is important for you to realise that people actually believe in this stuff! They are not
pretending to believe. They espouse it. They teach it to their children. They discuss and pontificate
about it. They hold opinions, one way or the other. And most importantly, they use the illusions as
excuses for the failure of their own lives.

        Do you now see why a small pamphlet wouldn’t do the trick?

         Of course, this material is not aimed at the mass of sheep. It is aimed at people like you who
have started to ‘wake up’ a little - yes, a little. You still have a great deal to learn. As I explained in
the last release, it is a completely futile task trying to arouse the mass of sheep. It really is a total
waste of life-energy. As you become more powerful, I strongly suggest that you do not waste your
time in this hopeless quest - but feel free to find out for yourself!

        Now then, just as I cannot wave a magic wand and have you stop believing in these illusions
overnight, I cannot attack your belief systems without explaining why you (or anyone else, for that
matter) believe in anything at all. Such an attack would merely result in outright rejection and would
be a pointless exercise. No person can force a change of viewpoint on another. It has to come from
within, usually from having the courage to recognise the truth and then act upon it.

Reasons For Believing Things

        It is an axiom ofInner Circle (axiom #8, see later release), that the great mass of people
almost never know their real reason for doing anything. In this sense, they blindly stumble along,
in any old direction, allowing themselves to be pushed and pulled by almost any external force.

        The sheep never know their true reason for believing anything either. They simply slop-out a
‘response’ to every situation which they encounter. Their ‘response’ has no basis in logic, it is
simply a knee-jerk reaction founded in prejudice, habit, or any one of the following erroneous

    1. Dogma. This is defined as an ‘arrogant declaration of opinion, especially associated with the
             church’. People’s opinions are often dogmatic. This means that they are illogical, ill-
             conceived and mere repetition of opinions espoused as ‘truth’ by someone else.
If you are lazy, then you can grab a complete set of ‘off the shelf’ opinions, just by calling yourself a
Marxist, or a Christian, or a Feminist, or a Conservative. All you need to do is to follow a set of
opinions and beliefs that has been worked out by someone else. An example of a dogmatic opinion
would be that AIDS was a punishment from God for people’s sexual sins.

2.     Fashion. People repeat fashionable opinions because they are insecure and they need the
approval of other people. The sheep are terrified of holding any opinion which might conflict with the
mood of the moment. They will instantly change their opinions as soon as fashion dictates that they
must do so. They like shoals of fish which suddenly change the direction in which they are swimming.

         An example of a fashionable viewpoint would be that all Russians are evil communists bent
on taking over the world. This opinion has been instantly replaced by the exact opposite viewpoint, in
line with changing events. Another example: for a long time it was ‘fashionable’ to talk of ‘peace and
love’. This is now ‘unfashionable’, and so people don’t say things like this, in case they are thought
to be ‘just an old hippie’!

3.      Ego. People hold views and opinions on issues because the image they have of themselves
demands that they hold certain views. If they aspire towards thinking of themselves as a ‘caring’
person, then they will trot out a selection of ‘caring’ viewpoints. If they see themselves as a ‘no-
nonsense’ right-wing character, then they will dish out appropriate opinions from their store.

         Because people are insecure and do not know what they believe, they use their opinions as a
sort of EGO BANNER. A way of saying, “Hey, look everybody, this is ME!”. Their opinions and
beliefs are carefully chosen to ensure that they give the right impression, are politically correct, and so

        An example of an egotistical view would be to state that women should be allowed abortion
on demand, because, as a man, you want to be seen as ‘balanced’, ‘fair’ and ‘liberal’, and not because
you truly believe in this stance. Alternatively, a woman might condone mild pornography because
this makes her seem ‘liberal’ and ‘modern’ and not because she truly believes in her position on this
matter. I am making no statement here on either of those two issues, by the way.

4.      Empathy. Adopting the views and opinions of people you like, admire or respect.
Famous people have a responsibility not to say anything controversial or dangerous (e.g. a pop
megastar saying on T.V. that he regularly takes and enjoys heroin), because millions of sheep will
instantly copy that person.

        An example of an empathic viewpoint would be stating that you were going to vote for a
particular political party because you ‘liked’ the leader.

5.      Labels. This involves holding opinions because those opinions agree with previously set-up
pigeonholes, or labels. If, for example, you long ago labelled gypsies as “rogues ‘n’ thieves”, then
you will simply adopt an opinion (on an issue) which reflects this prejudice.

Often the label has not been dusted off for years! It is frequently an opinion formed long ago, in the
mists of time, for reasons you have long forgotten. Possibly it is even a hand-me-down label from
your parents.

6.       Association. The sheep scramble over one another to adopt an opinion on an issue because
of the association which this issue has with other unrelated issues. For example, they might decide
that a new political party was a ‘bad thing’ because it “sounds like Nazism”, or whatever.

7.      Safe and Simple.        This is perhaps the most common reason for holding erroneous
opinions. People are lazy and stupid. They cannot be bothered to think about their opinions, and so
they go for an easy comic book viewpoint of life. They want instantly to decide who is the ‘good
guy’ and who is the ‘bad guy’, and they become upset, confused and angry if there are any grey
areas. The media know this, of course, and so they feed the sheep a diet of simple and easily digested
‘news bites’. People adore it when their views can be expressed in a single, snappy slogan.

        Safe and Simple ideas are easy. Easy to understand, easy to exdollar, and easy to regurgitate.

          Examples of Safe and Simple views would include believing that the Messiah is going to
come down to Earth and make everything all right again, or that one day you will meet Mr or Miss
‘right’, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Safe and Simple ideas are often expressed in slogans,
but language is complex. It is hard even to hold an opinion, let along wrestle with the subtleties of the
language which will transfer this tenuous idea across to another brain. This difficulty is overcome by
lazy people who take refuge in snappy slogans and by the media who deal in sound-bites.

8.      Vested Interest.        This is simply holding an opinion because you have a vested interest
in the outcome and not because you believe it to be true. For example, being pro-war because you
work in the defence industry, or believing that cars should be banned, because you always use public

        Wealthy people believe that large wage differentials are good, because they increase incentive
for managers to grow companies. Poor people believe that Social Security payments should be
higher, because they want more money!
9.      Experience.    This is where you hold particular views because they coincide with a
previous good/bad experience of yours.

        An example of this would be believing that all men should be castrated, because you were
raped last year; or that all door to door salesmen are crooks because one of them swindled you five
years ago.

         All of the above nine reasons for holding views and opinions are erroneous. This means
that they are largely worthless, incorrect, pointless and silly. This does not prevent the sheep from
trotting out opinions which are based on one or more of these reasons. This is whyInner Circle
members have so few opinions!

As an initiate, you will come to hold only logical and consistent views. If you were to remove the
views and opinions based upon the nine factors listed above, you would be left with very little to say.
This is the position of Inner Circle Initiate.


Most people think that their views and opinions stem from the moral beliefs!. This is completely
untrue. The sheep have a silly and naive ‘morality’ which they use to justify the responses they give
to various situations. These responses are based on the nine erroneous reasons for believing things,
listed above. But they don’t know this. The sheep never know their real reason for doing
anything, because they are stumbling blindly through their lives, as though through a dense fog.

       It is also true that most people are hopelessly confused, illogical, and inconsistent. Very, very
few people have ever sat down and thought through the questions of:-

1.       What they believe.
2.       Why they believe these things.
3.       Whether or not these beliefs are logical and consistent.

        Instead, their ‘moral’ behaviour consists merely of a set of random, illogical responses to any
given situation. They respond with snap judgements, trite cliches and moralistic viewpoints based on
the flimsiest of information concerning any particular issue. They will also profess to have certain
morals, and then blatantly and hypocritically ignore these morals when it suits them.

Core Beliefs

          When questioned on their ‘moral’ beliefs, it rapidly emerges that their entire system rests
upon some ill-defined, mysterious hunch or feeling. This hunch is a CORE BELIEF which is not
amenable to rational argument. This is hardly surprising, as the core-belief was not constructed
rationally by the believer. Instead, it is a ‘hand-me-down’ from previous generations or experiences.
It lies in the subconscious, unquestioned, unexamined and inviolate.
You cannot use rational argument to dislodge these fairy tales, because people have a strong and
vested interest in believing them. It is rather like trying to argue the non-existence of God. No
amount of rational discussion would convince the devout person that God did not exist. The religious
person has an inviolate, unarguable and illogical core belief that God exists. If pushed into a
corner, he will simply shrug, look blank and confused and say: “I know he exists; I can’t explain it, I
just know. I feel that it is true.”

        The reason that people hold such childish beliefs is because these beliefs are comforting (see
Safe and Simple, above), and the believers are lazy. It takes work, patience and commitment to
discover the truth that most or all of your beliefs are patently absurd.

         As I have said before, it is easier for the masses to swallow some half-baked version of
reality, no matter how fatuous, as long as it controls and dictates how they should behave. Yet
these same people would not support a scientific world-view which followed the same principles, as I
will now demonstrate. This is a good example of how people hold clashing and contradictory
viewpoints in their brains at the same time:

Flat Earth

          If, for example, I were to assert that the Earth was flat, and when pressed about the basis of
my beliefs, I were to blandly state: “I just know it to be so, my intuition tells me. I feel it strongly.
Don’t ask me to explain.” Further, if I maintain this belief despite overwhelming evidence
(photographs, films, etc.) that the Earth was round, what then? Would my ‘intuition’ or ‘core belief’
or ‘strong feeling’ lend my theory one scrap of weight? No. Would it alter the facts of reality by the
tiniest degree? Of course not. If I were to state that it had been ‘revealed unto me’ that the Earth was
flat, or to say that my faith alone will make the world flat, then you would consider me to be unhinged
and correctly, give me a wide berth.

        It doesn’t matter what ‘opinion’ you examine, when questioned, most people disintegrate into
a bland and vapid statement of a ‘core belief’. To remind you, this is because their so-called beliefs
have no substance. They do not have the underpinning of rationality, logic and coherence.

        Let’s play this game with something which you and I know to be wrong. Murder.

         When asked, for example, “Is murder wrong?”, most people will trot out the standard
response of, “Yes”. As already stated, they have not thought through their moral position on this,
or any other subject, and so they are able to trot out a childish answer. They may even feel smugly
satisfied at having answered so simple a question! But let us probe further and see if we can unearth
the core belief:

        “Why do you believe that murder is wrong?”
        “Because it is the destruction of another human life.”
        “And why is that wrong?”
        “Because human life is sacred and special.”
“And why do you believe that human life is sacred and special?”

         Now we have arrived at the core-belief, which will vary greatly from person to person.
One person might say, “Because God tells us in the bible that human life is special, and that we shalt
not murder.” In this case we have arrived at a core belief, and no further discussion is possible.
Another might say, “Because taking human life is just plain-old wrong.” Again, no further discussion
is possible, because they ‘know’ it to be wrong.

        It is worth noting here that people respond defensively and angrily to even the gentle
probing of their core-beliefs. This is because these beliefs rarely bear even the most cursory
examination without crumbling to dust. People do NOT like having their fundamental beliefs so
easily undermined!

        The point of the above discussion is to make you aware that people are not capable of
defending their ‘morals’, even in blatantly obvious cases like murder. They are utterly incapable of
discussing anything more subtle such as taxation, anti-pornography laws, abortion, personal drug use,
human rights and so on. This is because they have no coherent philosophy - that is, a view of life
which ‘hangs together’.

Tablets of Stone

        It is not the purpose ofInner Circle to invent a ‘tablets of stone’ morality, or set of beliefs.
(Thou shalt not A, B, C, D....). This would be completely against the main thrust of the circle, which
is to empower people to be FREE, WEALTHY and POWERFUL. This enables people to live a
joyful and happy life.

        Many people believe that there is some kind of ‘ultimate truth’, if only they could find it. In
the case of morals (‘right’ and ‘wrong’) if there IS any kind of ultimate truth, then we certainly have
not come anywhere near to finding it.

        The search for ‘ultimate truth’ is erroneous. There is no such thing. Conventional popular
morality is merely a function of your latitude and longitude, and the date currently showing on
your calendar.

Word of God

         Religious people claim that the ‘Word of God’ is the ultimate truth, but this is no more valid
than believing, for example, that we were placed on the Earth by a strange alien race who
programmed the concept of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ into our minds as an experiment. All such fantastic
beliefs fall into the category of ‘arbitrary’ - that is, beliefs with no supporting evidence and not based
on the facts of reality. This class of belief is not even worthy of discussion by an intelligent person.
Logical Moral Codes

         In the case of popular morals, we always come back to a ‘core’ belief which cannot be
proved, or disproved. If people are pushed into explaining why they believe something, they will
retreat into saying, “I just know it to be so.”

        The illogical nature of ‘tablets of stone’ type of morality does not prevent the sheep, in their
millions, from believing in these rules. The reason has been stated in point 7 above. It is the Safe and
Simple reason.

         No ‘tablets of stone’ morality stands up to even cursory examination. It simply crumbles into
dust in the hands of even the most unskilled protagonist. For example, the sheep would say that the
purpose of their ‘ten commandments’ type of morality was to ensure a fair and just society. But if
one takes an inviolate moral judgement such as ‘do not steal’, then if I am poor, and you are rich,
surely in the name of a fair and just society, it is morally right for me to steal from you? This is just
one example of many which could be used, but the sheep are not interested in rational discussion and
argument, because they are too lazy. They would far rather have a Safe and Simple morality than
have to apply the required effort to think through their position - EVEN THOUGH THIS MAKES

         Many people have tried to develop a simple ‘tablets of stone’ moral code, or guide for human
interactions. Some of the greatest thinkers in human history have applied their minds to this great task
- and all have failed.

The reason they fail, is because the affairs of men and women are so complex. Any attempt to apply a
simple set of ‘rules’ to these complex issues is doomed to failure. Suddenly you find that exceptions
have to be made to your ‘inviolate’ rules in order to cope with certain circumstances. There will
always be some situations which are not covered by your rules. There is only one way to
tackle this problem and that is through having a coherent set of principles rather than rules. An
example of a principle would be, “Man has a right to freedom.”

        We might well ask what is the point of morality anyway?

Law Of The Jungle

         All of nature, with the exception of man, survives using nature’s way. For example, animals
attempt to survive regardless of the cost to members of their own species, members of other species,
or the environment. This method works well, but causes enormous pain and suffering.

         Humans have invented moral codes with a view to surviving without the pain and suffering.
We place restrictions on ourselves voluntarily for the ‘greater good’; i.e. a peaceful and amicable
society. This results in a situation where vast amounts of propaganda, rules and regulations are
required to convince everyone that it is in their ‘own interests’ to STAY DOCILE. Those who decide
not to stay docile are quickly crushed by the system. It’s a continual battle between people’s desires
to do whatever they want, whenever they want to, and society’s desire to keep everyone firmly in
their place - for the greater good of society.

         Because morals are invented by us for our own benefit, they are always imperfect. So
clearly it would be foolish to let man-made morals become our masters. A moral code should be a
guide as to what we should, or shouldn’t do, and NOT a strict ‘tablets of stone’ set of rules which
should be rigorously obeyed.

         As moral codes are invented by man to allow us to live together with minimum pain, it is
trivially obvious that these morals should (and do) change with circumstances, (but they should
always be based on a rational set of principles). This is easily observable throughout history, where
morals have shifted and changed according to fashion and circumstance.

        It is pointless to intone, “Thou shalt not kill”, and then to be prepared to endorse the death
penalty, fight in wars, shoot an intruder who was lunging at you with an axe, vote for euthanasia, or
condone abortion!!

       Morality depends upon your level of enlightenment. A higher gradeInner Circle initiate
would have a completely different ‘morality’ to a lower grade student. It might not be considered
‘immoral’ for a Lion to rip your head off, but highly immoral for another man to do so. It depends on
where you are ‘coming from’.

Scales Of Justice

        Moral dilemmas involve balancing different actions in order to determine which is ‘worse’. It
is ‘worse’ to shoot someone through the head, or stand and watch that same man drowning without
throwing him the life belt you have to hand? Which is 'better', to not talk a man out of suicide and
watch him kill himself, or to administer poison to him if he begs you to end his life for him?

There are millions and millions of moral dilemmas resulting in extremely vague decisions about what
is ‘right’ in any given situation, and spawning equally vague laws, rules and regulations.

         The vagueness stems from the fact that you can never be sure how many ‘good’ points equal
one ‘bad’ point, and anyway, there is always information missing which prevents you from taking the
‘correct’ decision. This information is often associated with the ‘side effects’ of the situation.

         For example, which is worse, to murder man A or man B? Conventionally morality says that
there is no difference. It is wrong to murder; full stop. It is evil. One life is the same as another. But
what if I now disclose that man A is Hitler, and man B is Mozart? Is there now any difference? I
merely ask the question!
The purpose of this discussion is to explain the dangers of having an ill-conceived moral system
(particularly a ‘tablets of stone’ set of rules); also, the near impossibility of applying such ‘rules’ no
matter how wisely considered, and carefully drafted.

Morals and Inner Circle Initiate

        Inner Circle Initiate bypasses conventional morality. He operates from his own internally
generated set of principles which may, or may not, agree with the morality of his time and place.

      Read the above sentence again. It has profound implications for you, if you are to remain a
member ofInner Circle.

         Whilst others pontificate noisily about ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’, Inner Circle member gets on
with doing something enjoyable, creative and life-enhancing. Inner Circle Initiate has a strong policy
of non-interference. If asked his opinion on a certain moral issue, he is likely to respond with, “I don’t
know,” or “It depends,” or “It’s up to you”. Not because he doesn’t know, but because he recognises
the futility of discussing such things with the sheep. The Initiate is never afraid to say, “I don’t
know.” In contrast, the sheep HAVE to have firm, inviolate opinions on every issue under the sun.
This is because they crave security.

        We shall see, in the following section, that most people are ‘fast asleep’. They are content to
spend most of their lives under the control of one, or more, of the six illusions. Every moment of
every day of their waking lives is structured for them, and they are told exactly what to do by their
bosses, their spouses, their ‘priests’ and their government. When they are not being directly
controlled, they allow themselves to be indirectly controlled by the routines of life.

         The vast majority of the sheep spend hardly any time at all being fully ‘awake’, i.e. FREE, IN
CONTROL, and THINKING CLEARLY. Because the Initiate is fully awake, his internal morals are
likely to be very different from the ‘normal’ morality of his time and place.

         For example, he might note that the gross overpopulation of the planet represented a huge
threat to himself, his species, other species, and ultimately to all life on the planet. Thus, if he hears
on T.V. that a million people have died in an earthquake, he may think to himself, “Good, that has
reduced the strain on the planet.” This would be a very different response from the sheep, who would
trot out an ‘off the shelf’ knee-jerk response based on one of the nine erroneous reasons given earlier.

I use this as an example of contrary thinking, and not to imply that allInner Circle initiates hold this
exact belief.

         Above all, the Initiate would be ruthlessly honest with himself about his feelings. If it were
his choice (which it wasn’t) then he would probably have preferred those people not to have suffered
and died. It would have been better if the population could have been reduced in some less dramatic

way. But it wasn’t his choice. He simply chose how to react, based on power, careful reasoning and
free thinking. This is one example of the Initiate’s morality differing from conventional morality as a
result of his wider vision.
        However, I would caution al lInner Circle members (and remember, you are Neophytes) to
only use this knowledge to FREE yourself from control, and not to use this philosophy to justify any
lawless schemes you might dream up!!

        You should also remember that the law of the land is there, whether you like it or not. It
doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the law. The law couldn’t care less. You wouldn’t
complain if you thrust your hand in the fire and came away with a bad burn; so don’t complain if you
flout the law and get caught. You will suffer the consequences. It might not be fair, you might
disagree with the law, but it will punish you nevertheless.

        Inner Circle Initiate doesn’t expect the law to be fair. But he respects it in exactly the same
way as he respects electricity or fire.

Tribal Law

        If I were to transport you back in time to a tribal village, where you knew that the penalty for
picking a Badoko plant was to be boiled alive in pig’s blood, then you would probably think, by
anyone’s standards that this law was ridiculous. However, you would not (I hope) be surprised to find
yourself in the pot if you flouted this ‘silly’, ‘ridiculous’ and ‘naive’ law - and were caught.
Similarly, you would not hesitate to commit a ‘crime’ and pick a Badoko plant for your collection - if
you thought you could get away with it!

       This somewhat silly example summarises the Initiate’s attitude towards whatever arbitrary,
temporary and unfair legal system the con-artists are currently operating for his comfort and

         This does not mean that Inner Circle Initiate goes through life murdering, raping and pillaging
in flagrant disregard for the law (you’ll be relieved to hear). But in contrast to the mass of sheep, he
has thought through his moral position on all crimes (from jumping a red light to murder) and all

        This concludes our discussion on morality - for the time being.

         I now want to look at one of the primary illusions which is used to control you. The Law,
the Government, and the Country. Understanding HOW you are controlled gives you the keys to
freedom from control. Let me tell you now, that it is simply knowledge which confers great power to
the Initiate. Knowledge of the six illusions and eight weapons.
                                       Illusion/Con-Trick #1
                                 The Law, Government and Country

       People admit they are controlled by ‘the law’, so we will deal with this first.

        Normal people believe, through centuries of training by the con-artists, that some control over
them is essential ‘for their own good’. This is called ‘sanction of the victim’ - you know, the sort of
thing which happens when kidnapped people start to identify with and even like their kidnappers.

         To become an Initiate, you must recognise that this is just successful conditioning by the con-
artists and accept very few external controls over your life. You must deal with the ‘sheep world’
based on a pure cause and effect level based on probability.

        Reread the above paragraph, because the implications are staggering.

         For example, the Initiate knows that if he puts his hand in a fire, it is highly probably that he
will get burned. If he drives down the motorway at 80 mph he knows that it is not very probable that
he will get caught. Possible, of course, but not probable.

        If he sticks a nail into an electric socket, it is probable that he will receive a shock. If he robs
a bank it is probable that he will get caught and imprisoned. His decision to do, or not do, any of
these acts is based purely on his assessment of the probabilities risks, and not necessarily because he
agrees, or disagrees, with the law in these matters.

His rational and coherent moral views may, or may not, coincide with the law of the land at any
given time or place.

          There are, of course, those people who do not exceed the legal limit (to take that example) for
the sole reason that it is against the law, and not for any other reason or considered viewpoint.
Needless to say, if you fall into this category, you have a long way to go before you can become an

         Before I go on, I want to make it crystal clear that I am not stating anything at all about how
an Initiate should behave in any given situation. I am not saying that to be an Initiate, you must drive
at 100 mph! If you think that, then please reread this, and the last release because you are miles off

         I am simply using examples to illustrate the difference between an Initiate and a sheep. The
sheep do what they are told, and don’t ask questions. The Initiate does what he wants, consistent with
his own carefully reasoned ‘morality’ which may, or may not, conflict with the law of the land. Do
not be tempted at this point to ask, “Supposing everyone drove down the motorway at 80 mph?”.
The answer is that everyone won’t do this.

       This is not a trite answer. It is absolutely central to Inner Circle thinking. Possibly it is
the most important point for you to realise at this stage of your understanding. I am going to keep
hammering away at this point until you live and breathe it. I can summarise it in the following axiom:

Axiom 4: Very, very few people will choose the path of freedom and unlimited personal power
in their lives, therefore it is pointless to ask questions like, “What if we all went around
behaving like this?”.

         The majority of people are sheep who obey the letter of the law, thereby allowing the Initiate
to live his or her life with POWER and FREEDOM.

        Please reread the above paragraph, as it has profound implications for you as a initiate.

        This principle is central toInner Circle thinking. Very few people choose personal freedom
for themselves. This confers great power on those who do choose such freedom. Let me make this
perfectly plain.

        It is precisely the controlled, sheep-like behaviour of others, which allows the Initiate this
freedom. But note this very important point. The open Initiate is guilt-free in this, because he is not
doing the controlling; he merely refuses to be controlled himself.

         Furthermore, the Initiate doesn’t get involved in discussions of the ‘right’ or ‘wrongs’ of his
actions, or become tempted into silly and pointless arguments with the sheep concerning the overall
effects on society if everyone were blatantly to flout the law, for example by not paying taxes. This
will never happen. Most people will obey the law, pay their taxes, and live the life of a good, dutiful
citizen until they die poor, unfulfilled and thoroughly conned.

        The Initiate has his own internally coherent philosophy which may, or may not agree with the
externally imposed laws. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t.

        Reread the above paragraph.

        The Initiate knows that many laws are sensible, many are simply there to protect the status
quo or the vested interests of powerful people, and yet others are simply outdated, stupid or irrelevant.

        He recognises that the ‘law’ is little more than a rag-bag accretion of people’s whims,
fantasies and ideals, collected piecemeal over the centuries. He respects the law, in the sae way that
he respects electricity or fire, but he does not revere the law. In fact he believes that the law truly is
an ass! Why? Because the law is not based on any coherent principles. It is contradictory, non-
objective, confusing and hardly worthy of reading, let alone obeying!
The great mass of people obey the letter of the law because ‘it is the law and should be obeyed’.
Either that, or they are controlled by FEAR. Fear of being caught and imprisoned.

Fear is one of the eight weapons used by the con-artists to control the masses (weapon #2).

The other secret weapon in the armoury of this particular con-artist is SENSE OF FAIRNESS
(weapon #5), characterised by the phrase, “It’s for the good of society.” In this manner, certain
groups of people can get together and impose their will on the majority, and threaten them with severe
punishment if they disobey.

        The Lawmakers thereby extract value from the rest of society. The value they extract is
POWER (feeling that they have made a law which controls other people’s behaviour) and also a smug
sense of ‘goodness’ because they believe that the law they have made will make ‘society’ a better
place. Whether or not it actually does is not relevant, the point is that they get their payoff otherwise
they wouldn’t do it. Con-artists always get a payoff, secret or otherwise.

Servants Of The People

        The reason that they are con-artists is because they dishonestly masquerade under the
disguise of self-sacrificing, altruistic, humble servants of the people. If they came right out and
said that the reason they enjoyed getting involved in the lawmaking process was because they liked
the sense of power over people, the smug self-satisfied feeling and the money (where applicable), then
this would be true Initiate behaviour!

        There is no bar against an Initiate becoming a lawmaker or enforcer (although he would be
unlikely to become one). However, the open Initiate would always be completely up-front about his
motives for choosing this path.

        The lawmakers come in many disguises.

         There is the do-gooding member of the public with a bee in his or her bonnet; the MP who
successfully pursues a private member’s bill through parliament; or those involved in the fully-
fledged legislative process. All seek to control others as a result of their own personal beliefs.
The instrument of control is FORCE (weapon #1). If you disobey their will, and get caught, then you
will be severely punished. Small wonder that people enjoy this particular power-trip. Wouldn’t you?

         Here is the exact way in which these particular con-artists operate. Naming an evil is all that
is required to rend it powerless.

a)      They realise (usually subconsciously) that they are inadequate, or lacking in personal
b)     They seek to remedy this inadequacy, not through creating and producing values, but          by
manipulating and influencing other people.

c)      The method they choose is control of other people’s behaviour.

d)      They then select a just cause, or aspect of personal freedom which they believe other
        people should not enjoy.

e)      They then find a marketing angle whereby they can state that outlawing this particular
        activity would be for ‘the good of the majority’ - e.g. the mass of sheep.

f)      They then state their cause in such a way that anyone opposing it looks completely
        antisocial. Their pitch is often based upon one or more untested assumptions about how
the world would be if their new law wasn’t introduced.

g)      They pretend (even to themselves) that they are doing all this work for no reward, and
        purely for the greater good of the public at large.

        The illusion continues.............

h)      They then pursue their particular ‘cause’ with a fanatical zeal until they are successful
        in removing another freedom from the people.

i)      They then collect their secret payoff, which is unsuspected by most people, and often
        even unsuspected by the con-artist.

The Payoff

        The payoff is often the smug, self-satisfied feeling of power which comes from knowing that
they have been instrumental in removing people’s personal liberty and freedom.

       Let us now examine some real examples. These examples have been chosen completely at
random from thousands of possibilities, and do not represent particular ‘soap boxes’ of mine.

Example #1: The Julie Blackhouse anti-pornography campaign.

        In this example, we discuss a fictitious person called Julie Blackhouse, self-styled champion
of morality, and lifetime fighter for an increase in censorship.

        Just to remind you, censorship is where a tiny group of people ‘A’ club together and decide
what the vast majority of people ‘B’ may, or may not, see, read and listen to. Group ‘A’ do this out of
the goodness of their hearts in order to protect group ‘B’ from themselves.
Julie Blackhouse dedicated many years of her life to suppressing the exposure of material which she
considers indecent or offensive.

a)       Before her campaign, she was a ‘nobody’ - completely lacking in power.
b)       She sought to remedy this inadequacy.
c)       The method she chose was the CONTROL OF OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.
d)       She then selected a ‘just cause’ or aspect of personal freedom which she believed
         should not be enjoyed by others. In this case, she chose the right of an individual to   read
or view whatever material they chose to view or read.
e)       One of the marketing angles she chose was that the outlawing of pornography and
         violence on T.V. would be ‘good’ for the majority, and ‘good’ for society as a whole.    This
is an arbitrary and wholly untested guess.
f)       She stated her case in such a way that anyone opposing it looked like a potential
         rapist, child-molester, sexual deviant, or potential psychopath. The underlying (and
         untested) assumption is that ‘unless something is done’ then men will turn into violent
         rapists, and women will be at risk. As is common in these cases, this is at best a
         personal guess.
g)       She pretends, even to herself, that she is acting altruistically and purely for the good of
the public at large.

h)      She then pursues her cause with fanatical zeal.
i)      She then collects her secret payoff.

        The unsuspected payoff is POWER. Power over other people’s lives, power to go on chat-
shows and phone-ins. Power because she is the recognised ‘expert’ on these matters. Power because
she feels she is changing the world in accordance with her own will.

         Another secret payoff is a smug, self-satisfied feeling of having ‘done some good’ or having
left her mark on society.

        All these payoffs, and more, are the reward which the con-artist receives at your expense. In
this case, it is at the expense of your liberty and freedom. Make no mistake about it, regardless of
whether you agree or disagree with the con-artist, they will kick your door down and throw you in jail
if you act in a way contrary to the rules they have set out for you to follow. Never lose sight of this
fact. These are not your laws When did you last make a law? Do you know anyone who has made a
law? Do your friends and relations make laws? Of course not. A tiny, minuscule minority of other
human beings make these laws for the mass of people to obey. And they use FORCE AND
VIOLENCE if you disobey them.

        Please note that I am making no statement whatsoever about whether pornography (or
violence on television) is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or whether any law which resulted from campaigning of this
type would have a net ‘good’ or ‘bad’ effect on society. I have absolutely no opinions whatsoever on
the subject as far as other people are concerned.

        The Initiate does not have opinions and views about violence or pornography (to continue
with these examples) and other people. He does have an opinion on the place these things have in his
own life, and will act accordingly.

         If he believes that pornography has a net ‘bad’ effect on him, then he will avoid it. If he
thinks it has a net ‘good’ effect, then he will enjoy it.

       All I am trying to do here, is to point out the way that con-artists operate in an attempt to
make these choices on your behalf and then FORCE you to comply under threat of fine or

Example #2: The Illegality of Drugs.

         There exist a group of people who believe that it is their duty to make laws which prevent, by
force, the substances which other people might ingest.

a)      The people who bring in these, and other laws, are lacking in personal power.
b)      They seek to rectify this situation.
c)      The method they choose is to exercise power over other people’s lives.
d)      They choose to attempt to restrict a person’s freedom to consume any substance he or  she
wants to, in the privacy of their own homes.
e)      They market this ‘just cause’ under the banner ‘for the good of society’, or ‘for the sake
of our children’.
f)      They state their case in such a way that anyone opposing it appears to be drug-crazed,
        antisocial, and careless of the welfare of children. The underlying assumption is that
        unless ‘something is done’, then the world will be full of crazed and violent drug
        addicts raping and pillaging their way through society. As usual, this assumption is
        untested, and is simply a guess.
g)      They pretend, even to themselves, that they are introducing these laws ‘for the good of
        society’, and that they seek no personal reward.
h)      They then pursue their case with a fanatical zeal.
i)      They then collect their secret payoff. In this case, the payoff is more complex:

         i) In the case of the government, they have a vested interest in keeping as many
         tame, drug-free, consumer/producers in the system as possible. It would be
         very much against the interests of the government to have too many people
‘dropping out’ of the system. In any case, governments exist purely to stay in               power   and
there are no votes in any ‘legalise drugs’ campaign.
         ii) In the case of an MP, it represents a nice, safe, uncontroversial platform from
         which he or she can pretend to be a caring, decent, campaigning champion of
         clean living and wholesome righteousness.
iii) In the case of an individual with a bee in his or her bonnet, they get personal gratification through
recognition. In short, they started as a ‘nobody’ and are attempting to become a ‘somebody’. They
also get POWER if their campaigning eventually results in a changing of the law. They also get a
smug feeling of self-satisfaction in personally making the world a ‘better’ place.

        Please note that I am making no statement whatsoever about whether it is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’
for people to use drugs for their own purposes. However much you may be tempted to read the above
as a pro-drugs stance, I state unconditionally that it is no such thing. I am making no statement about
whether the world would be a ‘better’ or ‘worse’ place if more/less laws were introduced to control

        Inner Circle Initiate has no opinions on this matter concerning other people. He will have an
opinion concerning his own life, and will act in accordance with his own internal ‘morals’ on the
subject. All I am doing here is to point out how con-artists operate in an attempt to make these
choices on your behalf, and then forcing you to comply.

In case you are trying to ‘read between the lines’ and think that I am in favour of drugs, pornography,
violence and random lawbreaking, then think again! I restate that I have no opinions on these issues,
concerning other people. If you think that to become an Initiate you must drive at 100 mph, flagrantly
break the law, take drugs and own a cupboard full of porno mags, then please go back and reread
everything from the beginning, because you have not even started to understandInner Circle
philosophy. For me to say that any of these things were ‘bad’ or ‘good’ would be to try and hand you
a ‘tablets of stone’ philosophy or set of rules. As an Initiate, I will expect you to derive your own
stance on these and many other matters, and then act according to your own morals, regardless of how
they conflict with the morals of the sheep.

         The two examples I gave (drugs and pornography) should not really cause you too much
trouble. Most rational people would agree that if someone wants to own pornography for their own
use, or shoot heroin in their own home, then it is a bit ‘police state’ to prevent them. The reason is
that such laws are an attempt to restrict your personal freedom, even though your ‘criminal act’ has no
effect whatsoever on other people. In other words, they are both victimless ‘crimes’. Obviously if
your actions do have an adverse effect on others, then it could be considered a ‘crime’ in the normal

Secondary Laws

        Over one thousand years ago, we worked out all of the more obvious laws which gave people
protection. For the last thousand years we have been building our way towards an ultra-controlled,
super-safe society, where all citizens are protected from the slightest harm and consequences of their
own, and other people’s, actions.

        This never-ending process of legislation and control has resulted in the introduction of
thousands of what I call ‘secondary laws’. Through these laws, the government is extending their
insidious control over people’s lives.
Secondary laws are laws which make it illegal to behave in a certain way just in case a crime is
committed as a result.

         Here are some examples, chosen at random. Again, at the risk of sounding like a broken
record, let me assert that these are genuine random examples, and I have no opinions on these matters.

1.       It is illegal not to wear a seat belt. The logic behind this law is that you might have an
accident and hurt yourself. It is also argued that the cost to society (money) would be more than if
you wore a seat belt. This may, or may not, be true, but if one is to pursue this logic, then it should
also be illegal to smoke or drink alcohol.

2.      To revert to our pornography example, it is illegal to own extreme pornography just in case
someone might have been exploited in the making of these items, or the owner of the pornography
might go out and commit a crime as a direct result of watching this pornography. It is interesting to
note that women’s pressure groups seek to ban all pornography on the grounds of an unproven link
between pornography and rape. In other words, they seek to make it illegal to sell or own
pornography in case someone reading it goes out and commits a crime.

        The end result of this logic would be to ban car chase movies in case someone drives at 100
mph as a result of watching this movie and kills someone. You should also ban documentary movies
about (say) the holocaust, because the people shown in the movie were the victims of crime and you
are exploiting them. You should also ban crime novels in case someone emulates one of the crimes.

3.       It is illegal to use drugs. The logic for this is never quite clear, but one presumes that they are
illegal because, under the influence, you might injure someone or cause an accident.

4.       It is a crime to incite race hatred. In other words, you are not allowed to get up on a soap box
and say what you think about certain races, or publish your crackpot views on the matter. Why?
Because people might actually listen to you and believe you, and then go out and beat up members of
an ethnic minority! Along similar lines was the (now lifted) law banning direct interviews with the
IRA. Regardless of your views on the IRA or raving white supremacists, it is a basic human freedom
to be allowed to speak on the subject of your beliefs, no matter how crazy or erroneous these beliefs
might seem in the eyes of some people.

         To deny people these rights is surely to admit that you are scared in case people actually start
to hear a different point of view to the ‘politically correct’ viewpoint of the time.

5.      A really good example is the law against publishing certain information. For example, you
cannot publish a book entitled “How to Burgle People’s Houses”. Why? Because it might incite
people to go out and commit crime!

        If we are to follow this logic, then surely we should:-
a)      Ban James Bond movies because they incite people to drive too fast, and encourage a
        poor view of women, which could lead to rape or car accidents.
b)      Make gambling completely illegal because you might lose all your money, and then
        commit a crime in order to get more.
c)      Make drinking alcohol illegal because you might get into a fight, or drive whilst under    the
d)      Make the screening of any film depicting murder illegal. People might decide to kill
        someone they didn’t like, as a result.
e)      Make it illegal to own a dog in case it bites someone, or runs in front of a car and
                causes an accident.
f)      Make it illegal to publish a fictional book or film depicting any crime, in case
        someone goes out and commits that crime.

        Doubtless most people would think that a law based on any one of the above list would be
somewhat crackpot, and yet they swallow wholesale the secondary laws which make it a criminal
offence to:-

a)       Own strong pornography in case someone has been exploited, or in case you commit          a
b)       Take drugs in case you harm someone else.
c)       Not wear a seat belt in case you harm yourself.
d)       Publish your views on various issues in case someone else reading them goes and
         commits a crime, OR IS OFFENDED!!!
e)       Go out equipped to burgle in case you actually do burgle someone’s house.
f)       Carry a knife or gun in case you kill or injure someone.
g)       Plot a crime in case you actually commit that crime.
h)       Write a book about any kind of extremist beliefs, in case someone reading that book       acts
upon it.
i)       Write a book which says damaging things about God!
j)       Drive whilst under the influence of drink in case you injure someone.

        Again, I make the point that I have no opinions on these matters concerning other people. I
am merely pointing out that the legislators and controllers long ago ran out of sensible laws to make
and so they are concentrating their efforts on ever more obscure and insidious laws which do not
follow the absolute basic principle behind good law which should be:


Nowadays the rule is: Think about a crime, fantasise about a crime, act in a way which might harm
yourself, act a a way which statistically might result in harm to other people (but hasn’t actually), do
things which other people find offensive, speak write or publish what you believe to be the ‘truth’ and
you will be punished.
Ultimate Safety

         There are many examples of laws which control our behaviour ‘just in case’ that behaviour
leads to a primary crime being committed.

        It is greatly to the advantage of the Initiate that the sheep are willing to follow such crazy
laws, but I wish to point out an inexorable trend of society towards total control and safety. The
sheep CRAVE ultimate safety and security because they are timid and afraid.

The Illusion of Power

        Normal people cling desperately to the structure of the legal system as though it were a life
belt and they were drowning. They will endlessly debate the rights and wrongs of particular laws,
judgements and penalties. Particularly those aspects of the law which have absolutely no relevance
or effect on their lives whatsoever.

        They do this because it confers the illusion of personal power, although the truth is that they
have little or no personal power at all.

        Such people will be heard heatedly debating the leniency of a particular rape sentence, for
example. Even though they have never been raped, they have never had a daughter, girlfriend, or
wife, raped, and have never met or known a single person who has been raped. On the basis of three
paragraphs read that morning in their favourite tabloid newspaper, they will consider themselves
armed with more facts and knowledge than the original trial judge, and jury. They will then
pronounce and pontificate about what the sentence should have been, and might even declare, “They
should all be hanged/castrated anyway.”.

           We are increasingly being treated to large numbers of ‘trial by non-involved’! What happens
is this:

       A particular case goes to court. This is usually an emotive case concerning a rape, or a child
murder. The trial goes on for weeks, with thousands of words being given in evidence. The media
hacks hang around on good days for a few juicy titbits - actual graphic details of the rape which they
can publish for the titillation of their male readers, or exactly how the child was killed, and so on.
Then the verdict comes from the jury (who have sat through the entire trial and heard all the
evidence). The judge passes sentence.

         Let’s say that the verdict is guilty, but that the sentence is lenient - say one year for a rape.
The judge sums up for over an hour, during which he condemns the crime of rape in no uncertain
terms, but then goes on to outline why he considers that leniency is called for in this particular case.
He might say something like, “In my opinion, the defendant who, let us remember, was no more than
sixteen and living in a children’s home when the offence was committed, saw his actions as more of a
lark than a serious crime.”.
Out of the millions of words spoken at the trial, the pressure groups and media seize upon this one
sentence and immediately call for the resignation of this judge who ‘thinks rape is a bit of a lark’.

        The morning papers scream out in 76pt headlines:

                             MAD JUDGE SAYS “RAPE IS A LARK”

         Women’s groups demand an ‘enquiry’, an apology and full explanation. This, despite the fact
that they know nothing about the trial, the circumstances, the evidence, the defendant, the victim, or
anything else.

          So the non-involved pontificate and air their views and opinions about trials which they know
little or nothing about. They rarely, if ever, complain that sentences were too heavy. They do not
really care if innocent men and women are imprisoned - preferably for long periods. They want
draconian judgements handed down to people who commit crimes.

        There is a very good reason why they behave like this.

DIY Prisons

         Those who allow others to ‘imprison’ them with rules and regulations, are very fussy that the
rules are correct, fair and evenly applied. They construct their own ‘prisons’ and insist that the walls
be painted a particular colour, and that there are five, not four or six, bars across the window! The
payoff for allowing yourself to be controlled in this way is security. You know where you are. If
you transgress, then you will be punished in this exact and particular manner. You then don’t have to
worry or think or decide how you should behave. You can leave that all to the wise controlling artists
who are looking after society.

        The con-artists are then free to extract value from you at their leisure, under the heavy
disguise of ‘cleaning up society’ or ‘making the world a better place’.

        They can extract such values (payoffs) as:

POWER:           The POWER of sentencing someone to life-imprisonment (done extremely reluctantly
of course!) the POWER of being lenient if the mood takes them, the POWER that a word from them
can make, or ruin another’s life.

PRESTIGE: Judges and Magistrates are highly esteemed members of society. Police are also
respected by most people. The feeling that others respect and revere you is a very common payoff. A
stronger payoff is the feeling that others fear you.

MONEY:           Judges are paid extremely well, the police are reasonably well paid, lawyers do well
and solicitors are comfortable.
If you doubt this, ask yourself how many people would want to become judges, policemen,
magistrates or lawyers, if they were universally despised, the job had no power whatsoever, and
the pay was that of an ordinary clerk of the court?

         Furthermore, if a judge, policeman or magistrate has any misgivings about the job (not very
likely, otherwise they wouldn’t have been attracted to it in the first place), then they can claim to be
merely instruments of the people. They can claim that they don’t make the laws, they are just
carrying out orders! In this way, they can completely remove any responsibility for their own actions;
indeed, the very act of (say) signing up for the police force, means that you must exchange all of your
ideas, opinions and morals for those provided by ‘society’.

        As a policeman, you might have to arrest someone (say) for breaking a law which you may,
or may not, agree with. If you become a judge or magistrate you might have to sentence someone for
breaking a law which you may, or may not, agree with. Furthermore, the severity of the sentence will
have to conform to fairly strict guidelines. You can’t hang someone for a parking offence, or give a
$25 fine for murder.

        Inner Circle Initiate knows that true altruism is rarer than hen’s teeth. He expects to stumble
upon it once, perhaps twice in a lifetime. As a result, he can safely apply the rule that no one ever
acts out of a sense of altruism, regardless of what they claim. There is always a secret payoff, if
only that of feeling like a ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’.

Axiom #5:       True altruism does exist, but is so rate that it can be ignored to all intents and

        By true altruism, I mean an act which is entirely selfless with absolutely no payoff of any
description, hidden or overt.

I wish to make an important point here.

A Note On Altruism

        Inner Circle is concerned with unmasking con-tricks and illusions.

        This does not mean that the world is full of nothing but con-tricks and illusions - far from it.
If you criticise me for concentrating purely on con-tricks, then you are effectively criticising a book
on bicycles for its lack of information concerning car repairs!

          Although true altruism hardly exists, this does not mean that ‘altruistic’ acts where the payoff
is that of feeling good, have no benefit to mankind. In fact this is a contradiction in terms. An
‘altruistic’ act is one with no benefit to you. If you undertake an act because you expect to feel good
about it, then this is a selfish act. Inner Circle philosophy holds that selfishness is good, morally
correct and coherent. In contrast, so-called ‘selfless’ acts represent erroneous thinking at best, or
pure evil at worst. Millions of people devote their lives, more or less selflessly, to helping their
fellow human beings and reducing their suffering. They do this for poor pay, under terrible
conditions, but their payoff is that of ‘doing good’ and so these are actually selfish acts (thank
goodness). None of this work comes in the scope of these releases, because the flow of values if
FROM the carer TO the needy person, and the needy person is rarely CONNING this value out of the

         The weapon of altruism, as used by a con-artist, is one whereby the con-artist exploits your
natural and normal human desire to assist others. He turns this desire to his benefit by getting you to
sacrifice your time, money and talents to him by pretending (false pretences) to be ‘needy’. Either
that, or he will pretend to be acting altruistically himself, whilst really obtaining a secret payoff.

        To summarise.

        I make a distinction between true altruism (where there is absolutely no payoff; very rare - a
symptom of a mentally disturbed person) and normal ‘altruism’ (actually selfish behaviour) where the
payoff is that of feeling like a good boy or girl. The former category is, to all intents and purposes,
non existent. The latter category is very common and may, or may not, result in a net benefit to

         Con-artists use the weapon of altruism either to pretend to be acting altruistically whilst
collecting a secret payoff, or by getting others to act altruistically (sacrificing) so that the con-artists
might benefit and receive the payoff.

        To continue our discussion of the legal system.

        The Initiate knows that 99.99% of people involved in the legislative process are there because
they are extracting some sort of value from their position - namely money, power, prestige,
approval or respect.

        They certainly are not doing their jobs out of altruism!

If you doubt this, ask yourself the following questions:-

        “Would this particular law maker/enforcer act this way if he/she received no payment
whatsoever, and was forced to remain completely anonymous with no recognition at all for their

       This would eliminate almost all people except for those whose secret payoff was a sense of
smug self-satisfaction; the feeling that they know what they’ve ‘achieved’, even if no-one else does.
The only reason that these people are labelled ‘con-artists’ is because they are not ‘up-front’ about
their motives. Instead, they extract value under false pretences, whilst masquerading as altruistic,
self-sacrificing servants of the people.

          The open initiate, in contrast, is always totally honest about his motives because he always
takes full responsibility for his actions. Also, remember that the Initiate has no interest whatsoever in
interfering with other people through some misguided sense of ‘improving’ the world!


         Inner Circle Initiate is not on any sort of crusade. This is the strategy of weak and powerless
people who are scrambling to grab a little bit of personal power for themselves. Crusades are carried
out by weak and insecure people who pour their life-energies into some (usually) misguided scheme,
whilst labouring under the illusion that they are ‘improving’ the world, or ‘doing good’. The Initiate
does not act this way because:

a)      He realises that he does not have sufficient knowledge to assess the overall net ‘good’ or
‘bad’ effects of any of his actions.

b)      He is not arrogant enough to believe that even if he were to devote himself tirelessly to some
‘cause’ or other, he would have the slightest effect on the vast mass of bleating sheep.

Killing Hitler

        Point a) can be somewhat crudely illustrated by the ‘murdering Hitler’ thought game. This is
the one where you find yourself back in Nazi Germany in 1939, armed with a telescopic rifle and you
just happen to have Adolf Hitler in your sights. Do you pull the trigger?

        Anyone who gives this problem more than ten seconds thought will quickly realise that the
answer is far from obvious, and poses a moral dilemma which mere mortals are incapable of
answering. Why? Because we are not omnipresent and omnipotent gods who can see the end result
of every action we take in the present. So we blunder along blindly, taking decisions on what we call
‘moral’ grounds, without really having the slightest inkling of whether our ‘good’ actions will
eventually cause great evil, or whether our ‘evil’ actions (e.g. murder, in the case of killing Hitler)
might save untold misery of countless millions. I don’t want to spend too much time on this, but if
you had killed Hitler, who’s to say that Himmler, Von Ribbentrop and Goering would not have seized
power and perpetrated a ten-times worse nightmare than the one which eventually followed? These

things are far from certain. This is why, as an Inner Circle Initiate, you must operate from your own
set of morals which may, or may not, coincide with the (ever changing) moral opinions of your time
and location.

        Do Initiates flout the law?
        This is the sort of question asked by a non-initiate! And the answer is always that the Initiate
has his own set of internally generated moral principles which may, or may not, coincide with the law
at any one time!

Axiom #6:     Inner Circle Initiates live by their own set of rational, coherent and internally
generated morals. They take absolute and full responsibility for acting in accordance with these

           He or she follows these morals and accepts full and total responsibility for his/her every
action. He/she also accepts the consequences on a strict cause and effect basis, if these actions happen
to conflict with the ‘law of the land’ at a particular time, and in a particular place.

Example:        If he drives at 100 mph, he accepts fully the consequences of his actions and the
penalty which the law imposes should he be caught even though no victim makes a claim against him.
Unlike other people, he would not have an opinion on the ‘fairness’ of the law which sentenced him,
just as he would not have an opinion on the ‘fairness’ of the fire which burnt his hand.

Example:         If he were in a foreign country where the known penalty for smuggling drugs was
death, then he would not be surprised at the penalty imposed if he were caught smuggling drugs. He
has no opinion on the ‘fairness’ of that particular law, since he knows that all laws are more or less
arbitrary and ‘unfair’.


         He recognises that the law is a constantly changing thing and is rarely, if ever, ‘fair’. He does
not question this, in the same way that he does not question the ‘fairness’ of the electricity which
gives him a shock if he touches a live wire. He does not expect the law to be fair. In an ideal world,
it would be so, but in the corrupt, incoherent society he lives in, he holds no such expectations
Normal people actually expect the law to be fair! This is amazing, but true. The Initiate would laugh
at the very thought! Throughout history the law never has been fair. One could argue that it is
‘fairer’ nowadays, but this is purely a relative thing.

Axiom #7:       The world is, and always has been, a very unfair place.

         The Initiate knows this, and does not find it surprising. He does not squander his life energies
in an attempt to change this situation.

The statement, “It’s not fair!” comes only from the mouth of a non-initiate who is controlled by the
law, but is whining because the control (rules) are not tight enough. Someone has slipped through the
net, and the non-initiate wants the net closed.

       Normal people are always checking up on the law to make sure that no-one escapes penalty.
Most people want tough sentences and little mercy. Most people think, for example, that prison is
some kind of ‘soft option’. They want criminals flung into dark cells and whipped twice a day!
          Throughout history innocent men and women have been imprisoned, tortured, beaten up and
killed by the state under various disguises - and it is still happening today. Is it fair? No. Is the law
fair? No. Does the Initiate expect it to be fair? No. Do the sheep expect it to be fair? YES! Weird,
isn’t it?

        You have been given a lot of vitally important information in this release. You might have
found yourself disagreeing with me on certain things. I urge you to reread this release at least twice
more before next month. As you go through the grades, the material tends to become more
‘shocking’, but never lose sight of what we are trying to achieve here.

        This is not some prissy debating society where we can chew the fat on various issues and
come away thinking we have had a really interesting little chat. Inner Circle is about blowing away
all the preconceived ideas you might have. It is about seizing personal power. This means power
FOR YOU, not someone else. It is about grabbing freedom - YOUR freedom; the freedom that is
yours by right.

        Above all, I want you to never, ever, forget that these ‘laws’ and ‘rules’ and ‘morals’ have
been invented by other human beings who desire to control your behaviour, often ‘for your own
good’. YOU don’t make these laws. YOU don’t devise penalties. YOU don’t lock people away who
disagree with you. A TINY, MINUTE and POWERFUL group of people do this TO YOU, without
your permission and they often EXTRACT VALUE (power, prestige, money, etc.) as they bustle
about their ‘good’ works.

        More next module......................!

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