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									Panic Attacks Symptoms - Need Help In Overcoming Shyness?
By Paris D. Lee

Shyness is a trait that can really pose a big problem, especially if it is already too much. You have to learn
how to overcome the trait before it can become a burden on various aspects of your life. If the root of
your shyness is your panic attack disorder, it will help if you are going to focus on panic attacks
symptoms. If you are aware of what's bound to happen as a result of the disorder, you will be more
prepared on what to do and how to act at such instances.

Common Symptoms

It is vital to note that not everybody experiences the same panic attacks symptoms. People have biological
differences and react differently even when the stimuli are the same. The most common symptoms
include excessive sweating, the feeling that you have lump on your throat, rapid beating of the heart, chest
pain and shortness of breath. It is also common for someone with this disorder to feel nauseous at times.
At severe cases, you will likely feel as if you are going crazy and you get too paranoid even at simplest

Do Not Panic

Before you can focus on how to overcome your shyness, you must first be able to get yourself in control
or seek medical help if needed. If you are suffering from many of the symptoms that were mentioned
above, this doesn't necessarily mean that your case is at its worst. You have to clear your mind and think
about the roots of your problems. What are the causes of the attacks? It is vital to note that there are
people with anxiety disorders who never suffer from these symptoms.

Overcoming Shyness

When it is already clear how you can control and limit the times that you experience panic attacks
symptoms, you can now focus your attention on what to do with your shyness. Here are the basic steps on
what to do in order to improve your case and to become more open and confident about who you are.

You need to pinpoint the usual causes of your shyness. You need to counter the negative emotions by
asserting yourself that you are good, you are valuable and you can be better once you have gotten rid of
this shyness.

It is vital that you convince yourself that you are confident. If this is quite hard to accomplish, you can
start by assessing your talents, achievements, possessions and everything else that surrounds you. You
have to build up your confidence, and this can only be achieved if you are really certain of your
capabilities and what you can offer to the world.

This is the right time to be with friends who will support you in achieving this goal. First, you have to
open up to them about what you are going through and share with them your goal to overcome your
shyness. This way, they can think about what they can do to guide and help you along the way.

After feeling more confident when you are out in public or when you are in the company of strangers, you
will be surprised that your panic attacks symptoms will also lessen. You may even be able to get rid of all
these as you become more assertive and positive.

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