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									           Getting a student visa to Europe – Suggestions and main steps

Which are the opportunities for Indian people to get a student visa to Europe? Which is the
best country where to study? What other obstacles must be overcome in order to get a student
visa? Is studying in Europe the only way towards professional development?

First of all, it must be said that entering the European Union means something different from
having a Schengen visa. In fact, 28 countries have signed an agreement for free boundaries
crossing, but not all of them are EU members and the other way around (for example UK).
What is more, there are different degrees of involvement depending on the participation
moment and speed of adjustment. So getting a student visa can involve some complications.

The Schengen agreement was signed on the 14th June 1985 by Belgium, France, Germany,
Luxembourg and the Netherlands because of commercial reasons, but also for the easy
travelling of people. This is, of course, the basis for shared knowledge and the development of
economy and people. Since 20 years the number of co-operation projects between countries
has increased and people are encouraged to go study and work abroad. For the same reason,
many companies have started to offer support services for getting student visas to Europe.

The number of study programmes in Europe is constantly increasing. Besides, the types of
programmes are widely differentiated, considering market requests, personal interests and
professional ambitions of students. In addition to that, not all education certifications are
accepted by all European institutions and companies. Before applying for a student visa to
Europe one must find out the best fitting composition of a desirable destination country and a
study programme. Therefore, students often need a professional’s assistance to guide them
through all the opportunities and rules.

How can, then, Indian people understand what country to choose? How should they decide
which company to trust when it comes to applying for a student visa? Here are some basic
criterias to follow in order to find out the best agency for students’ visa procedures.

   -   Think at local level: agencies must be able to understand difficulties that people have to
       face in relation to adjusting to a new cultural environment which varies from country to
       country . From this perspective a global brand might not be able to give the needed

   -   Act at global level: on the other side, having an international overview of laws,
       procedures and trends is the basic requirement that any student should ask for when it
       comes to visa procedures.

Taking into account the Gujarat region’s specifics, there are many companies which operate in
the field of visa services, but Om International is one of the best choices. Due to being in the
visa business for 10 years, Om International has developed the expertise in understanding the
students’ problems connected to living abroad. From these premises OIBT (Om Institute of
Business & Technology) has been born in July 2009 with a new range of educational packages
as an expansion of the formerly offered student visa services.
OIBT is, in fact, connected with high quality institutes and universities in UK, Malaysia and
Sweden to provide the quality education needed so that Indian promising youngsters could
compete better in the European working market. Students can start postgraduate courses,
for example MBA, in India and then initiate the student visa procedures to continue studies
in a foreign country or if they prefer, get an international degree in India itself by choosing
between the increasing number of OIBT campuses for the whole duration of their study

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