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									Are Men Really From Mars and Women From Venus?
I have a feeling the answer to that question is, "Duh?"
There is this story about a woman who wrote a book titled, "What men know
about women" and all 128 pages of the book were blank! The book sold
several thousands of copies as a lot of women bought several copies to
distribute to their friends.
I really don't know if that story is true or fictitious but one thing
that is certain is that most men know very little about women.
There is another saying that, 'if you know one man you know them all but
you may know all women and understand none'.
Hear this, a friend told me recently that he never knew that women also
enjoyed sex. He said he thought women only gave men sex as a form of
reward for a favour granted. Now, that probably explains why men just
want to go in and come out within five minutes when the woman is just
about getting ready, which probably explains why women have a different
attitude to sex. The truth of the matter is that women have been
described as an electric cooker while men are like a gas burner. When you
switch on an electric cooker it takes time to heat up but a gas burner is
on fire the moment you switch on the gas and ignite.
It is sometimes hard to believe that there is no other gender between the
male and the female gender.
Mind you, it's not only men who have misconceptions about women. It's
actually vice-versa. Personally, the one that really shocks me is when a
woman finds it difficult to believe that a man can have sex with a woman
he can't even stand. Yes he can and enjoy it. Why do men reject
pregnancies? It's not only because of the cost of taking care of the baby
it's because they can't stand to have anything permanent to do with the
I was reading a quotation the other day, part of the quotation says a
woman should not be with a man who does not kiss her on the forehead and
show her off in public. True talk. No man has any excuse not to be able
to kiss her woman on the forehead in public and show her off to his
Men however have more misconceptions about women than women have about
men. The problem with women is that they over generalise about men like
the quote above about knowing one man and knowing all. Not all men are
bastards, maybe just 99%.
Okay, just kidding. The truth really is, there are several men who are
exceptions to the general rule.
In conclusion, I believe most men have a lot to learn about women.
Kay Shawn is the owner of, a blog on
relationships, which seeks to answer one of the most elusive questions in
the world, 'what do women want?' Kay-Shawn also believes that you must
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