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For example, MBA - Master of Business Administration in all types of specialties has
become very popular among postgraduate programmes in India. So many people either
study on an MBA programme or at least know a dozen people who have an MBA
degree. There are more than fourty MBA schools in Gujarat, India, but only a couple
of them give out internationally recognized awards. UGC recognized degree is a great
option for those dreaming of a career in India, but working abroad requires a worldwide
known and recognized degree.

The most common MBA programmes in Gujarat and India, usually offer a specialized
degrees in finance, marketing, human resources management and information systems.
Due to the popularity of MBA programmes, the number of MBA degree holders has
gone so high and as a direct consequence of the supply exceeding the demand, the
wages of MBA graduates are dropping radically. So what is the solution to this
problem? Can one still make a successful career in management? How to stand out from
the crowd?

Perhaps pursuing an international MBA degree or studying abroad could help, but
then again, many Indians go abroad to study already. After returning, they come across
an unexpected obstacle – being told that they are certainly good at theory and might
have International work experience, but they do not know anything about business in
India. And on the contrary, other people who have done their MBA in India have no
idea how business is done elsewhere in the world.

Now there is a way out of this dilemma – twinning programmes. OIBT - Om Institute of
Business & Technology is the first institute in Gujarat, offering MBA programmes for
students to combine theoretical knowledge and experience in both India and abroad.
Thus, the first part of learning will be conducted in India and the second part of studies
can be done in several well-known universities and colleges all over the world. In India as
well, the students get to choose the place of studies and timings. OIBT’s flexible MBA
programmes mak eit possible for its students to work during their studies, which gives
a competitive advantage for students. Of course, want to hire people who have the up-
to-date education combined with experience – something impossible for fresh graduates.

Students who wish to stand out, should think seriously about pathway programmes
because this concept only provides benefits: international theory and practice for a fair
price as well as being able to create an international network of business partners which
one can only achieve while living in a multi-cultural environment - something that can
not be bought.