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									A Hypnotizing Suggestion To Boost Sales
Every small business owner has, at one time or another, worried about an
employee’s performance.
Conversely, employees usually know – and are concerned – when they’re not
fulfilling job requirements. When this occurs, tension mounts in the
workplace: relationships are strained, deadlines, customers annoyed.
People become moody, presentations and follow through are poor, and sales
fall off.
Typically, the small business owners try to counter poor performance by
using traditional methods such as performance evaluation and feedback,
encouragement, a training seminar, changing the job description or when
all else fails, threats of termination. The owner may develop the
attitude that the employee “knows better”.
Although an employee may indeed “know better,” he or she may not be able
to change the troubling behavior. People consciously know that they need
to relax, follow through, listen, be consistent, be positive, take
action, exercise more, and eat less. However, many are unable to do it;
they need the help of a qualified Hypnotist to get back and stay on
What is Hypnosis?
For thousands of years, philosophers and intellectuals have known that
thoughts can control the body’s functions and behavior. Within us all
there exists the potential to uplift, heal and inspire others as well as
ourselves. Consequently, there is no such thing as a totally hopeless
situation or an insurmountable problem. Hypnosis is considered to be the
best tool to access, mobilize and actualize this potential.
All hypnosis – from the stage show to hypnotherapy – is self-hypnosis.
Hypnotism has played a significant role in the development of holistic,
drug-free solutions to very complex physical and psychological questions.
It is considered a potent and safe adjunct to medicine and an effective
procedure in psychotherapy. Hypnosis is defined as a phenomenon involving
intrapersonal communication. A systematic, specific process leads to a
desires state, allowing access to inner abilities and resources that may
not otherwise be readily available.
Hypnosis in the workplace differs from the clinical setting. In the
business setting, the hypnotist works for the mutual gain of the
individual and the organization. The criterion is performance or
productivity, not mental wellness. The company needs its employees to
perform; however, there are beneficial side effects, such as relaxation
and personal growth.
Hypnotism is known for achieving substantial benefits in short order. For
example, a hypnotist can teach a salesperson to get can rid of the fear
of “cold calling” or the fear of failure in two to four sessions. Most
experience a 15 to 30 percent increase in sales productivity.
How it Works
Suggestion is the core of a hypnotist job. Try this exercise; close your
eyes and sit up straight with your feet flat on the floor. Take a few
deep breaths and picture and imagine a lemon, think about the lemon...
the lemon’s bright yellow color; feel the waxy surface of the peel and
the firmness of the juicy pulp beneath. Imagine that you are holding the
lemon in one hand and a sharp paring knife in the other. When you pierce
the lemon with the tip of the knife, you feel a slight spray of liquid
that increases as you push the knife down under the peel and into the
lemon. You can see and feel the juice spurting put and running down your
hand. Quickly! Take out the knife, and put the lemon into your mouth and
begin sucking the juice. Yummy. Now, stop and observe what is happening.
Are you salivating? Is your mouth dry? Are you puckering or swallowing?
If you are, it is because of your imagination. Your body is a robot
taking directions from your mind and every thing you think, feel, see
hear, smell or taste has a chemical and physiological base in your brain.
Hence, what the mind believes, the body actualizes. With hypnosis, you
can accomplish whatever you set your mind to accomplish. By altering the
motivation, verbal representation, or the associated physiology, hypnosis
can permanently change the past negative recordings in your mind, removes
objections in the subconscious and replaces them with positive, self-
enhancing recordings.
Sales require constant self-motivation; it is the nature of the beast.
A hypnotist makes it possible to obtain preferred results consistently.
When I work with an individual I record every training meeting and by
consistent use of their personalized CD daily the results are multiplied.
If someone can not come in to see me personally I have available a pre-
recorded CD that will motivate them in a similar manner for unlimited
selling and prosperity consciousness. Once you consider yourself a
success and the subconscious mind believes it, then you are a success.
The learned techniques are lifelong skills.
Motivation is The Key
What employees want, in their personal relationships and on the job, are
important factors in motivation. But criteria and values may change over
time. A senior pharmaceutical sales executive, in charge of am
international product division that required frequent trips, began making
fewer trips. He seemed stressed and distanced at work. Neither the
executive nor management knew what was affecting his motivation sales
level. During hypnotic training sessions it was uncovered that his
domestic life had changed. He no longer wanted to travel as much. Through
hypnosis the executive was able to alter his attitude about his
responsibilities and travel. He was again highly motivated to make a
Many factors affect an employee’s motivation. Hypnosis is particularly
effective in getting results with motivational issues where typical
supervisory talks and training classes fail. With a hypnotist, the
employee can be assisted to clarify and refine desired outcomes, and to
align personal goals and values with the corporate culture and objectives
at hand.
Hypnosis deals with the blocks or real issues without digging up the past
which is why it differs from working with a mental health professional.
Those obstacles are replaced with positive messages, enabling individuals
to be successful and happy. The drug-free, natural adjustments lead to
the end result – a more financially productive, successful employee.
Karen Frank holds a Docotrate degree in Metaphysics and is the Founder
and President of Dr. Karen Frank's Center for Holistic Wellness and
Healing Hypno-Harmonics, a CD series for self hypnosis. She is a frequent
guest on Radio shows nationwide and teaches in the United States as well
as other countries. A published Author and accomplished NEXT Speaker and
trainer, Dr. Frank has more than 20 years of experience and research as a
Medical Hypnotist with a background in Nursing. Karen is also a certfied
F.I.R.E.walk Instructor and addresses hundreds of groups each year
teaching people in the areas of personal and professional growth. She has
helped thousands to discover their own full potential since she has
experienced welfare, food stamps and homelessness as a single parent of
an eight month old infant; to mention a few of the challenges she has
overcome. Her fantastic success ratio is attributed to her winning
abilities and in part her profound understanding of individuals'
readiness and acceptance toward healing themselves through her guidance.

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