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									Cargo Nets Provide the Best Truck Cargo Nets

Many times when truck loaded with stuff are on the move then there is a high risk of the
boxes or stuff to fall out of the vehicle. There is the need for securing the things in the truck
before moving them on the road. This is a problem for many truck drivers. The truck
Cargo Nets have the solution to all your problems. Core net manufactures these cargo
nets that can be used for trucks for securing the load while you are on the move. There are
many open trucks that have their loads piled up and not secured. They should keep a track
of it. If not done so the load may fly on the road it may also cause serious injury to any
driver if it falls or comes on their way. The truckers should not drive without securing their
load properly because the load is likely to fly out. A tough and durable cargo net from Core
Nets is perfect to use in trucks.

These cargo nets for trucks can be purchased online from Core Nets website. Their best
selling among the nets is truck bed cargo nets of full size. The net is durable and is a
complete system to hold back all the load of the truck. The net can withstand heavy weight
of the load in the truck. These cargo nets arte made especially for trucks. The net is made
of polyester webbing which is two inches wide and UV protected. The polyester used in the
manufacturing has high strength and do not tear easily. The net is double sewn with a
special polyester thread which is used only for industrial purpose.

The net has four corners which have corner straps that are adjustable with the length and
breadth of the load. The cargo nets have a buckle made of nylon that keeps the net tight.
Steel hooks which are very strong are attached to the end of each corner of the strap.
Special care has been taken to for your truck so that its finish is not destroyed. The steel
hooks are wrapped with polyester so that they do not scratch the surface of the truck’s
body. The hooks attached to the nets can be attached anywhere according to convenience.
They can be hooked to stake pockets of the truck, anchor points or even inside the truck

The grip of the net is very good which keeps holding the load throughout the journey. Even
at high speeds on the highway the load will not fly off. They will stay in place because of the
cargo nets. Truck cargo nets can be purchased at a low price of $85 directly from the
official website of Core Nets. The truck nets are black in color. On every purchase of cargo
nets for trucks you get a carrying case for the net absolutely free. This carrying case is
durable and strong enough to carry the load of the Cargo Nets.

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