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Your Landlord And Property Maintenance


									Your Landlord and Property Maintenance
Posted by admin On November 17, 2009 11:23 AM

When you look to rent a new place there are many things you want to consider before you sign any sort of
lease. Even if you love a place and it is perfect and seems like it will meet all of your needs, there are other
things you need to take into consideration. The landlord you are working with needs to be a reliable person
who will meet all of your needs when it comes to any problems you may have with the place and stays true to
any promises they make to you. Property maintenance is an issue that your landlord is responsible for if you
are renting the place where you live. Make sure that before you sign a contract to lease a place you read
through the lease and make sure there is a clear statement that your landlord will take care of any property
maintenance issues. There are so many property maintenance things that can go wrong on a piece of
property and it is expensive and time consuming to have to deal with them. Remember that when you sign a
lease to rent, the place is not yours and you do not want to do any major property maintenance because if
something goes wrong it is your fault and your problem. Your landlord owns your piece of property and is
responsible for all property maintenance issues.

Unfortunately, many landlords find that dealing with property maintenance on their properties is not a top priority in their life. Everyone
gets caught up in the day to day issues they deal with, and many landlords do not make property maintenance a priority when they
lease out places because they are not directly affected by this dilemma. Because of this, it is important to try to find out what a
landlord is like and if they are responsible and reliable before you sign any sort of lease. If you can, talk to some of the landlord?s
other tenants and make sure that your landlord will follow through with all property maintenance issues and will be reliable about
everything else. Usually, if you want to live in a large complex with a number of tenants, you will not have as many issues with your
landlord because there are so many tenants to be attended to and so many different properties that the complex would lose money if
they didn?t have good service because nobody would want to live there. However, in individually owned apartments and houses it is
more difficult to find other people to talk to about the reliability and helpfulness of a landlord with property maintenance problems and
other things as well.

If you do sign a lease with a landlord who is poor at property maintenance, the first thing you should do is be persistent with them. If
they do not call you back the first time call them back again and continually keep calling and e-mailing until they respond to you. If
they do not come at the time when they say they will make sure to tell them that you are not okay with this sort of service. If things get
extremely bad, you can take them to court or threaten to break your lease because they did not live up to their end of the deal with
property maintenance and everything else. However, if you read through your lease carefully and talk to other tenants before signing,
you should not have a big problem with your landlord and property maintenance.

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