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Your Average Heroes by blogroyaltyuniverse


									Your average Heroes
Posted by admin On December 6, 2008 9:02 AM

When a new superhero movie hits the movie theater, I am usually there front row center. Well, the front row is
usually way to close, so I sit more in the middle back. But, I am every much into how special these characters
are and what they could do take care the people they are serving.

Some of these characters have powers to read minds and help people or some characters are able to fly. Now I wouldn?t mind
having the ability to fly because that will definitely save me on my gas bill. I am sure that people would be slightly scared if they saw
me flying through the air. Let?s just say that I am not as light as a feather.

The great thing is that most of the superhero characters try to be average people when they are not fighting evil or trying to make the
world a better place. The question I always ask myself is what makes these people that have these special powers any different than
you or me. They might have powers that will allow them to do extra ordinary things, but we have abilities as well. The ones we have
yet to uncover.

As for me, I am part of a self storage salesforce that can take care of all your storage needs with one or two clicks of a mouse. No, I
don?t wear tights or a cape, believe me I would not be a real superhero just for that reason, but I do help people when they are in
need. Being part of the self storage salesforce allows me to pick up the phone and listen to your crisis, then solve it. Your belongings
might be one hour from being on the street where you can lose them, but I and my team can find a home for them for a while.

Now we can?t stop time or stop a speeding locomotive, but you can think of us as able to save you from the stresses of self storage.
We are just your average heroes.

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