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									You Better Have Auto Insurance!
Posted by admin On September 28, 2009 1:27 PM

Could you imagine getting into an accident without having the necessary auto insurance to cover the
damages you caused? I guarantee that would be one of the worst feelings ever. I know that auto insurance is
expensive and all (everything is these days!) but it is so much more expensive to cause damage to property
that you cannot afford to pay for. If you cannot afford to pay the insurance then don?t drive! First off, it?s
illegal, and secondly, it is just too risky not to have auto insurance for yourself and everyone around you.

I started thinking about how expensive accidents can be and how important auto insurance is a couple months ago. I was driving from
St. Louis to Columbia, and I was actually really enjoying my drive. Sometimes, I am anxious and bored on that drive because I have
to do it so often, but that day it was nice out, and I was in a peaceful state of mind. I was at mile marker 186 and I could not find
anything I liked on the radio, so I bent down to reach for my Spice Girls CD. I took my eyes off the road for a fraction of a second, but
as soon as l looked up, I realized all the cars in front of me had come to a dead stop. I slammed on my brakes as quickly as I could
and sighed in relief when my car came within an inch of the car in front of me, but did not touch it. I knew if I got into an accident I
would be covered because I have auto insurance, but it?s still scary to be at fault for an accident. Plus, your auto insurance rates are
raised if you are responsible for an accident. Anyways, back to my story.

I was lucky I did not hit the car in front of me; the guy behind me, however, had been tailing me and hit me full on a moment later. My
heart fell when I heard the sickening crunch. One of the first thoughts that sailed through my head was, he better have auto
insurance! The second thing I thought about was how badly my car was messed up. We pulled over and when I got out to see how
bad it was, I was mortified. My trunk was all mashed in and my bumper was half off. This was the brand new car my parents had
bought me for a graduation present, and it was destroyed. Of course, I burst into tears as the twenty-something year-old dude who
had hit me stood there awkwardly. Through my sobs, I managed to ask him if he had auto insurance to cover the accident.

Fortunately for him, he did have auto insurance. The damage to my car ended up being over $6,000. And that was just my car getting
rear ended! I could never fathom paying $6,000 for an accident that was caused by me simply following too closely. Obviously, it is so
much better to pay the $150 or so a month than indebting yourself thousands of dollars for something that could have been easily
avoided by having auto insurance. Especially if you are a poor college student, like myself. So, if you don?t have auto insurance, go
get it! You will most likely end up regretting it at some point in your life if you do not.

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