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Working Towards Becoming An


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									Working Towards Becoming an Attorney
Posted by admin On October 11, 2009 8:34 AM

An attorney, also known as a lawyer, acts as a legal advisor, counselor, supporter, and represents a party
who is involved in either a criminal or civil trial. Attorneys make a world of difference in the lives of people
worldwide and help fight for what is fair and right for their clients.

Everyone deserves a fair trial and to tell their side of the story along with presenting evidence and facts to help support their case. An
attorney takes on this role for their client because they know the rules, expectations, and standards with how to proceed in a court of
law. An attorney has a job to not get flustered or upset while presenting evidence and support for their client and will do everything in
their power to win a case.

If you are ever involved in a trial, you need to make sure you have an attorney to represent you. You will have a much more likely
chance to win your case if you have an attorney present who can help you sort through your evidence and present your case in the
most appealing way.

If you have plans to become an attorney, you need to make sure you are extremely dedicated to this dream. This job involves the
outcomes of people?s lives and there is a lot you will need to know and understand in order to be a successful and knowledgeable

Before going to law school you must first go to undergraduate school and receive your bachelors. This normally will take about four
years. You can get your undergrad in basically anything you would like, but there are obviously some majors that would be a better
choice than others if law school is in your future. There is not a set undergraduate program you need to enroll in if you do have plans
to go to law school in order to become an attorney.

However, enrolling in a rigorous program and doing well in it will increase your chances of getting into law school. Keep in mind
throughout your undergraduate studies that all law schools look into how well you did in your undergraduate, so maintaining a high
grade point average is extremely important. Also, becoming involved in extracurricular activities and spending time volunteering will
definitely help you in your plans to go to law school and become an attorney.

Getting into law school to become an attorney or lawyer is not easy. Before you apply for law school with the dream of becoming an
attorney, you will also need to take the LSAT and do well on it. When you do apply for law school they will look mostly at your LSAT
score and your GPA. Both of these are extremely important to focus on before applying to law school and both of them need to be
high in order to be accepted.

However, just these scores will not be your ticket in. The school will also look into what type of person you are and how involved you
are with your community and how much time you have volunteered because all of these things will affect how good of an attorney you
will be.

So, going to law school to become an attorney is no easy process. It is a dream that you must put into action at a young age and work
towards for a very long time. Also, keep in mind that law school is going to be extremely rigorous and a lot of hard work. If you are not
willing to commit to it, then choosing a different profession besides an attorney might be necessary.

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