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									Wooing the Self Storage Customer
Posted by admin On December 10, 2009 3:22 AM

A large number of people have begun to use self storage facilities as their medium of secondary storage. And
so it has created a tremendous business prospect for the owners of self storage facilities. With the shortage
of adequate space for storing items more and more individuals are opting for self storage units as the most
ideal solution for storing their personal and business goods. Moreover, this method is cost-effective too. Most
students prefer this option as it reduces their cost of storing their minimal goods during the summer months.
But this boom has led to a tremendous increase in the competition among the self storage owners and the
movers. The relocation and storage industry are trying to make their business more money-spinning and
more cost-effective to stay ahead in the business. But for this they need to plan their business strategically.

The best way to woo consumers is to offer them exclusive facilities so that they get attracted to rent your self storage unit than other
storage providers. You have to provide the customer with matchless services and thus earn your profit.

The storage business can be made profitable by introducing certain features to these storage units. The customer base can be
increased by improving the security measures. Customer always looks for a secured storage facility while storing their valuable
goods. Each self storage customer comes from a different background and each of them has different requirements. It becomes very
essential for the storage provider to give them an environment which is safe and secure. Having security guards throughout the day
may not be sufficient enough. The self storage providers should offer extra security measures such as close circuit TVs, alarms, and
mechanisms to control access to the units to the customer . Biometrics is a new technology used by the storage providers in which
the fingerprint of the customer is used to gain access to the unit. These advanced security technologies can surely attract the

The storage owners can provide climate controlled units to the customer in which a constant temperature can be maintained and the
humidity level can be kept low for keeping the goods in proper condition.

This can help reduce the growth of mildew, mold and pests. It is also safe to store perishable items in such storage units. The owner
can also provide the consumer with facilities for storing wine and a dust free and dry environment to store musical instruments and
electronic goods.

Self storage providers can offer various value-added services to the self storage customer such as packing and moving service during
relocation. This service greatly benefits the consumer. They can also provide the customer with free insurance for the goods that are
stored in the storage units. A few storage facilities provide mail-box facility to their consumers for receiving their personal as well as
official letters.

These are just few instances of improving the self storage business. The self storage facilities have to introduce and prepare more
such facilities to draw the consumer towards them. The storage owners need to make strategies according to the present condition of
the market because a strategy that may be successful for a storage company may not prove to be gainful for another. So it is up to
the storage owner to do a thorough market research and introduce special services accordingly to pull the customer .

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