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									Fact Sheet                                                                                           September 2008

What Is Clean Cities?
Clean Cities is a government-industry partnership designed to reduce petroleum consumption in the
transportation sector by advancing the use of alternative fuels and vehicles, idle reduction technologies,
hybrid electric vehicles, fuel blends, and fuel economy measures.

   Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE)          have accepted the invitation to contribute to the
Vehicle Technologies Program (VTP), Clean Cities con-          partnership’s mission.
tributes to the energy, environmental, and economic               Clean Cities is instrumental in cultivating an
security of the United States by supporting local deci-        advanced transportation community in which people
sions to reduce our dependence on imported petroleum.          learn about a wide range of options and technologies. In
Established in 1993 in response to the Energy Policy           addition, Clean Cities helps create markets for alternative
Act (EPAct) of 1992, the partnership provides tools and        fuel vehicles (AFVs), hybrids, fuel blends, fuel economy,
resources for voluntary, community-centered programs to        and idle reduction. A Clean Cities coalition can provide
reduce consumption of petroleum-based fuels.                   a forum for members to leverage their resources, develop
   In almost 90 coalitions, government agencies and            joint projects, collaborate on public policy issues, and
private companies voluntarily come together under the          promote petroleum reduction and clean air technologies.
umbrella of Clean Cities. The partnership helps all parties       The partnership addresses the challenge of moving the
identify mutual interests and meet the objectives of           United States away from the infrastructure and practices
reducing the use of imported oil, developing regional          that contribute to dependence on imported petroleum
economic opportunities, and improving air quality.             and toward energy independence and security. In sup-
                                                               port of this challenge, Clean Cities assists the nation
                                                               in meeting its objectives for renewable and alternative
Which technologies are included?                               fuel use.
The portfolio provides a range of options and flexibility
to meet the petroleum reduction goals.                         What kind of assistance does Clean Cities offer?
   Clean Cities deploys technologies and practices devel-      Clean Cities provides coordinated strategies and
oped by VTP. These include truck stop electrification and
                                                               technical and funding resources.
onboard auxiliary power to reduce fuel used in idling
trucks, hybrid electric vehicles, the blending of non-            At the national level, Clean Cities provides original
petroleum based fuels (such as ethanol or biodiesel) with      equipment manufacturers, trade associations, and other
conventional fuels, higher efficiency vehicles and driving     federal agencies with coordinated strategies and resources
practices, and the cornerstone of the portfolio, alternative   they can leverage to obtain maximum petroleum reduc-
fuels. The alternative fuels, which are defined by EPAct       tion. Clean Cities also provides coalitions with access to
and supported by Clean Cities, include ethanol, biodiesel,     information and incentives from DOE and other federal
hydrogen, electricity, liquefied petroleum gas (propane),      agencies and industry partners that can help fund signifi-
and natural gas.                                               cant, high-impact projects.
                                                                  Additionally, Clean Cities provides a large collection
                                                               of technical data and information, including current
How does Clean Cities work?                                    data on fuels, vehicles, fueling station and truck-stop
The partnership mobilizes local stakeholders in                electrification locations, infrastructure development,
government and industry.                                       state and federal incentives and laws, technical and out-
                                                               reach publications, and industry resources—all available
   Clean Cities draws stakeholders from local, state, and      online. Finally, Clean Cities offers technical assistance to
federal agencies; public health and transportation depart-     coordinators as they work to develop infrastructure and
ments; commercial fleets; transit agencies; and other          market strategies.
government offices; as well as auto manufacturers, car
dealers, fuel and equipment suppliers, public utilities,
and nonprofit associations. More than 5,500 stakeholders                                                Continued on back page.
Contacts                                                                                  DOE Headquarters

Clean Cities staff members are available to assist you.                                   Dennis A. Smith                            Linda Bluestein
                                                                                          Technology Deployment Manager              Clean Cities Co-Director
                                                                                          and Clean Cities Director        
               Northwest                    North                                                 202-586-6116
                                            Central          Northeast                    202-586-1791

                                                                                          DOE Regional Managers
                                                                                          Mike Scarpino                              Neil Kirschner
                                                                                          Northeast Region                           South Central Region
                                                                                          412-386-4726                               412-386-5793
West                                                                                      Kay Kelly                                  Ernie Oakes
                                                                    Southeast             North Central Region                       Northwest Region
    Alaska - Northwest                                                                    304-285-4535                               303-275-4817
    Hawaii - West                           South                                         Steven Richardson                          Mike Bednarz
                                            Central                                       Southeast Region                           West Region
                                                                                          304-285-4185                               412-386-4862
Clean Cities Coordinators

AR-Arkansas                      CA-San Francisco                  CT-Norwich                        IL-Chicago                        ME-Maine Clean Communities
Tommy Foltz                      Rick Ruvolo                       Peter Polubiatko                  Samantha Bingham                  Steven Linnell
501-773-3370                     415-753-1136                      860-887-6964                      312-744-8096                      207-774-9891
AZ-Valley of the Sun (Phoenix)   CA-San Joaquin Valley             efficiency-cleancities.html       IN-Central Indiana Clean          and_Land_Use/Maine_Clean_
Corey Woods                      (Bakersfield)                                                                                         Communities.php
602-258-7505, x17                Linda Urata                       DC-Washington                     Cities Alliance               661-835-8665                      George L. Nichols                 Kellie Walsh                      MI-Ann Arbor
                                                                   202-962-3355                      317-985-4380                      Sean Reed
AZ-Tucson                        CA-Silicon Valley (San Jose)                                                   888-818-0987
Colleen Crowninshield            Margo Sidener                     DE-State of Delaware
                                                                   Suzanne Sebastian                                         
520-792-1093, x426               408-998-5865                                                        IN-South Shore (Gary)                                           302-735-3480                      Carl Lisek                        MI-Detroit
EnvironmentalPlanning/           CA-Southern California Assn.                                        219-365-4289                      Dan Radomski
                                                                   FL-Gold Coast (Miami/Fort
CleanFuels/tabid/180/Default.    of Governments (Diamond Bar)                                   313-833-0100, x150
                                                                   Lauderdale/West Palm Beach)
aspx                             JoAnn Armenta                                                                               
                                                                   Larry Allen                       KS/MO-Kansas City
                                 909-396-5757                      954-985-4416                                                        industrygroups/clean_cities.asp
CA-Antelope Valley (Lancaster)                                            Bob Housh
Bret Banks                                                         816-531-7283                      MI-Greater Lansing
661-723-8070                                                       FL-Space Coast (Orlando)          Maggie Striz Calnin
                                 CA-Western Riverside County       Bill Young                        transportation.html               517-290-2298
CA-Central Coast
(San Luis Obispo)                Barbara Spoonhour                 321-638-1443                                              
                                 951-955-8313                                                        KY-Commonwealth Clean Cities
Melissa Guise                                                          Partnership (State of KY)         MN-Twin Cities
                                                                   GA-Atlanta                        Melissa Howell                    Lisa Thurstin                      CO-Denver                                                           502-452-9152                      651-223-9568
                                                                   Wendy Morgan
CA-East Bay (Oakland)            Natalia Swalnick                  678-858-5338, x174      
Chris Ferrara                    303-847-0271
                                                          LA-Baton Rouge                   MO-St. Louis
                                                                   GA-Middle Georgia                  Tammy Morgan                     Kevin Herdler
CA-Long Beach                                                      Charise Stephens                   225-389-5491                     314-822-5831
Vivian Ozuna                     CO-Northern Colorado              478-803-2506                      
562-570-5405                     Robin Newbrey                      LA-SE Louisiana Clean Fuels       NC-Centralina Council of
CA-Los Angeles                                                     HI-Honolulu                       Rebecca Otte                      Governments (Charlotte)
Heloise Froelich                                                   Robert Primiano                   504-568-6622                      Jason Wager
213-978-0854                     CO-Southern Colorado              808-768-3500                  704-348-2707            Alicia Archibald                                      
EADWEb-AQD/LACleanCity.htm       719-322-6279
                                                                                                     David Rand                        NC-Triangle Coalition (Raleigh,
                                                                   IA-State of Iowa
CA-Palm Springs                  CT-Capital Clean Cities                                             617-626-7338                      Durham, Chapel Hill)
                                                                   Brian Crowe
Richard Cromwell III             (Manchester)                      515-725-2066
                                                                                                            Kathy Boyer
760-329-6462                     Craig Peters                     MD-State of Maryland              919-558-9400
                                 800-255-2631                                                        Chris Rice              
CA-Sacramento                                                      index.html
Jill Egbert                      CT-Southwestern Area                                                410-260-7207                      ND-Red River Valley (Grand
                                                                   ID-Treasure Valley (Boise)
530-757-5235                     (Fairfield)                                                      Forks/Winnipeg, MB, Canada)
                                 Ed Boman                          Beth Baird                                                          Valerie Kummer                                                                        incentives/transportation/
                                 203-256-3010                      208-384-3984                                                        800-252-6325
CA-San Diego Region                                                                                  cleancities/index.asp
Greg Newhouse                    CT-New Haven
                                 Lee Grannis                                                                                           rrv.cfm
619-388-7673                  203-627-3715

September 2008
                                                Geographical Coverage of Clean Cities Coalitions
                             Puget Sound

                                                                         Red River Valley
                                                                                                                                           Capital District
                                                                                                                                    Central New York            Vermont
                                                                                          Twin Cities                            Genesee Region                    Granite State
                                                        Yellowstone-Teton                                                                                          Massachusetts
              Rogue Valley      Treasure Valley                                                                            Western New York
                                                                                                           Wisconsin Lansing                                            Ocean State
                                                                                                            SE Area                Detroit            New             Connecticut*
                                                                                                                                        NE Ohio      Jersey       Long Island
                     Eastern Sierra                                                            Iowa          Chicago           Ann
                                                                                                                                           Pittsburgh          New York City and
       Sacramento       Regional                           Northern Colorado                                                  Arbor                            Lower Hudson Valley
                                                                                                              South Shore
     East Bay                                                                                                                                                   Philadelphia
                 San Joaquin               Utah             Denver                                         Central Indiana                                     Delaware
San Francisco                                                                                Kansas                               Clean
  Silicon Valley    Valley                                                                    City                             Fuels Ohio      West VA        State of Maryland
                                                         Southern Colorado                                       St. Louis                                   Washington DC
                                    Las Vegas                                                                                     Commonwealth              Hampton Roads
  Central Coast                                                                                                                    CC Partnership
      Antelope Valley        SCAG                                                                                 Middle                              Triangle
       Los Angeles             Western Riverside County                       Central            Tulsa          Tennessee                        Centralina
         Long Beach                                                          Oklahoma                                            Tennessee
                              Palm          Valley of                                                        Central                             Palmetto
     San Diego Region                       the Sun         Land of                                         Arkansas       Atlanta
                             Springs                                                                                                               State
                                                Tucson                                                                                     Middle
                                                                          Dallas/Ft. Worth        East Texas

                   Honolulu                                                                                       Baton Rouge
                                                                          Central Texas               SE Texas
      *Connecticut Clean                                                                                                Southeast                    Space Coast
                                                                         Alamo Area                                     Louisiana
       Cities Include:                                                                         Houston/
       – Norwich                                                                               Galveston
       – New Haven                                                        Laredo
       – Connecticut Southwestern Area                                                                                                                        Gold Coast
       – Capitol Clean Cities of Connecticut

NH-Granite State (State of NH)       NY-Long Island                       OR-Columbia-Willamette                 TN-Middle Tennessee                 UT- Utah (Salt Lake City)
Barbara Bernstein                    Rita Ebert                           (Salem)                                (Nashville)                         Robin Erickson
603-271-6751                         631-969-3700 x25                     Rick Wallace                           Dave Pelton                         801-535-7736                       503-378-3265                           615-482-4849              
NJ-New Jersey                        NY-New York City                   
                                                                                                                                                     VA-Hampton Roads (Virginia)
Ray Willer                           Lou Calcagno                         OR-Rogue Valley (Medford)              TX-Alamo Area (San Antonio)         Chelsea Jenkins
908-380-1109                         212-487-6820                         Sue Kupillas                           Andrew Hudgins                      757-233-8982
NM-Land of Enchantment               NY-Western New York (Buffalo)        541-245-0770                           210-362-5228              
(Albuquerque)                        Bill Pauly                           PA-Philadelphia              
                                                                                                                 default.asp                         VT-State of Vermont
Frank Burcham                        716-435-5261                         Dennis Winters                                                             Karen Glitman
505-856-8585                       215-790-1894                           TX-Central Texas (Austin)           802-656-8868
NV-Las Vegas                         OH-Clean Fuels Ohio                      Stacy Neef                
Dan Hyde                             (Columbus)                           PA-Pittsburgh                          512-482-5343
                                                                                                           WA-Puget Sound (Seattle)
702-229-6971                         Sam Spofforth                        Ryan Walsh          614-884-7336                                                                                                    Mark Brady
                                                                          412-241-9323                           TX-Dallas/Fort Worth                206-689-4055
NV-Eastern Sierra Regional               Mindy Mize                
(Reno)                               OH-Northeast Ohio (Cleveland)        RI-Ocean State (State of RI)           817-608-2346
James Brandmueller                   John McGovern                                                              WI-Southeast Area
                                                                          Wendy Lucht
775-323-5879                         216-281-6468 x223                                                           cities                              (Milwaukee)
                                                                                                          Francis X. Vogel
NY-Capital District (Albany)                                       TX-East Texas (Kilgore)
                                     cleanfuels/                                                                                                     414-221-4958
Deborah Stacey                                                            osccc.html                      Rick McKnight
518-458-2161                  OK-Central Oklahoma                                                                                          
                                                                          SC-Palmetto State (State of SC) 903-984-8641 (Oklahoma City)                                                                      WV-State of West Virginia
                                                                          Erika Hartwig
NY-Central New York           Yvonne Anderson                                                                                                        Kelly Bragg
                                                                          803-737-7951                           TX-Houston-Galveston
(Syracuse)                    405-234-2264                                                                                                           800-982-3386, x2004
                                                                             Christine M.B. Smith
Joseph Barry                                                                                                
                                                                          TN-East Tennessee (Knoxville)          832-681-2556
315-498-2548                  OK-Tulsa                                                                          WY-Yellowstone-Teton
                                                                          Jonathan G. Overly
NY-Genesee Region (Rochester) Nancy Graham                                865-974-3625                           TX-South East Texas                 Sandy Shuptrine
David Keefe                   918-584-7526                                                                                                           307-733-6371
585-301-2433                                                                                                       www.yellowstonetetonclean
                                                                                                                 Bob Dickinson                                                                                                      409-899-8444 x251         

For the most current list of Clean Cities coordinators, visit

                                                                                                                                                                     September 2008
                                                                           Clean Cities

What has Clean Cities accomplished?                                                Where can I find more information?
Since 1993, Clean Cities and its stakeholders                                        Visit the following DOE Web sites to find program-
have reduced petroleum consumption by                                              matic information and technical data.
2 billion gallons.                                                                 • Clean Cities: This site features program background
                                                                                     and accomplishments, an online newsletter, and a
    Clean Cities is integral to many success stories. It has                         toolbox (
spurred significant gains in the nation’s AFV popula-
tion and associated fueling infrastructure. Clean Cities                           • Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data
tracks the activities and accomplishments of its coali-                              Center (AFDC): This comprehensive site provides
tions, translating them into petroleum reduction. Clean                              detailed information on Clean Cities’ five portfolio
Cities stakeholders annually submit data regarding alter-                            areas and has searchable databases of more than 3,000
native fuel-blend sales, AFV and hybrid electric vehicle                             documents and incentives and laws (
deployment, idle reduction initiatives, and fuel economy                             gov/afdc). Also available on the AFDC:
measures. Clean Cities then analyzes the data to iden-                                 - Vehicle Make/Model Search—Look up specs on
tify equivalent petroleum fuel reduction impacts. This                                   alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles
tracking represents only a small percentage of the actual                                and trucks and buses (
impact of Clean Cities. The program lays the groundwork                                  vehicles_search.php).
for local and regional partnerships to increase the use                                - Alternative Fueling Station Locator—Find fueling
of alternative and advanced vehicles and fuels, which                                    sites offering alternative fuels across the country
ripples out from the coalitions.                                                         (
    Through local and national events, special emphasis
is focused on educating fleet managers and interested                              • This site compares gas mileage,
stakeholders about Clean Cities technologies. In addition,                           emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety data for new
Clean Cities has created many funding opportunities                                  and used vehicles.
through a variety of financial support programs, making                            • EERE Information Center: This service provides
available millions of dollars and leveraging millions more                           assistance on energy efficiency and renewable energy
in categories such as fuel infrastructure, AFV incremental                           topics. Inquiries requiring more technical expertise are
cost buy-downs, and idle reduction education.                                        forwarded to Clean Cities specialists (877-337-3463).

                             Cumulative Petroleum Fuel Equivalents Reduced                           2007 Petroleum Reduction by Technology Type
                      2.0                                                                                                       AFVs, 83.88%
                                                                                                                                Hybrid Electric Vehicles, 5.68%
                                                                                                                                Blends, 6.65%
                      1.6                                                                                                       Fuel Economy (Coalitions), 1.74%
                                                                                                                                Truckstop Electrification, 0.63%
                                 15 TH ANNIVERSARY                                                                              Onboard Idle Reduction, 0.84%
Billions of Gallons

                      1.2                                                                                                       Other Idle Reduction, 0.58%
                      1.0                                                                                 AFVs
                                                                                                                                LNG, 3.56%
                       .8                                                                                                           Propane, 12.36%
                       .6                                                                     E85, 15.02%                             NEV, 0.61%
                                                                                                                                       Electricity, 2.21%
                       .4                                                                                                               H2, 0.05%
                       .2                                                                 CNG, 41.14%                                   B20, 18.42%
                       0                                                                                                           B100, 6.64%
                              94 995 996 997 998 999 000 001 002 003 004 005 006 007
                            19   1   1   1   1   1   2   2   2   2   2   2   2 2
                                                                                                 Breakdown of AFV Petroleum Reduction by Vehicle Type

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy                                        A Strong Energy Portfolio for a Strong America
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy                                            Energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy will mean a stronger economy, a
Vehicle Technologies Program                                                      cleaner environment, and greater energy independence for America. Working
                                                                                  with a wide array of state, community, industry, and university partners, the
For more information contact: EERE Information Center
                                                                                  U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
                              1-877-EERE-INF (1-877-337-3463)
                                                                                  invests in a diverse portfolio of energy technologies.
                                                                                  DOE/GO-102008-2659 • September 2008
Prepared by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
NREL is a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory                           Printed with a renewable-source ink on paper containing at least 50% wastepaper,
Operated by Midwest Research Institute • Battelle                                 including 10% postconsumer waste.

                                       For more information about Clean Cities visit

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