Hacksaw Health and Safety Sheet

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					Primary Design and Technology Risk Assessment Form

Elgar Technology College
People Affected Risk
(Possible Injury)

Year group(s): 8 onwards
Initial Risk Rating
(Likelihood x Consequences)

Control Measures

Final Risk Rating
(Likelihood x Consequences)

Sheet Ref. No.


Teachers Pupils TA’s

Cuts and slipping

4x2=8 Medium

~ where possible, the easier to hold plastic handled hacksaw should be used in preference to the traditional type with a loop shaped handle ~ a fine toothed (32 teeth per inch) blade should be used to give a more fluent cutting action ~ prior to classroom use, a trained adult must check the security of the blade in the frame ~ only trained adults should replace worn blades by holding the hacksaw in a holding device whilst compressing the frame ~ replacement blades must be replaced with the teeth pointing forwards ~ pupils must be made aware that the blade of the hacksaw is sharp and could cause cuts to the skin ~ where appropriate, work stations should be set up in the classroom for the use of hacksaws ~ pupils must be taught to ensure they have sufficient personal space to use the saw ~ pupils must be taught how to hold the hacksaw correctly ~ pupils must be taught to hold the material to be sawn securely in a suitable holding device ~ hacksaw blades with broken teeth must not be used

2x2=4 Low

(BS 4163:2007 reccomendation)

Date of assessment:

February 2009

Carried out by: Aled Wyn Ballard, Design and Technology teacher


Name and position of person carrying out assessment: Date of review: February 2010

(unless change of circumstances indicates earlier re-assessment)

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