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Real Estate Cash Bonus


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									Real Estate Cash Bonus
Homebuyers have more rights than ever before and it is coming in the form
of money! That's right, 37 states allow you to get part of the commission
that the seller paid to your agent. How much money can you receive? Well
that is up to you and your broker.
So what are we taking about specifically here? Sellers pay buyer's agents
to bring them a buyer when they list their house through their local
Multiple Listing Service. The commissions range from hundreds to
thousands of dollars. So, the buyer pays nothing. As a result of the
internet, better search tools at the public's disposal and the amount of
homes that buyers are able to locate on the internet, many buyers are
questioning what is an agent for?
And, agents are seeing the opportunity to work with buyers less in the
taxicab driver capacity and simply hooking up with the buyer to show
houses after the buyer locates the houses that they are interested in.
Agents also have the opportunity to take the time they would have used
chauffeuring clients around to focus their efforts to become better
negotiators and more knowledgeable in contracts.
Real estate brokers and the agents who work for them are seeing that by
paying the buyer to do some of the time consuming work of finding a home
by driving by the homes with everyone in tow is saving the real estate
brokers plenty of time. So, some brokers have decided that it only makes
sense to pay the buyer for doing some of the searching. After all, this
searching on the buyer's part allows agents to make more deals with more
Buyers are earning their split of the agent's commission by doing some of
the work themselves. But most buyers report that they were searching the
internet, eliminating houses online and then driving by the homes before
telling the agent what they wanted to see anyway. The feeling was they
might as well get paid for the work they were already doing anyway. Most
companies who offer a buyer rebate or buyer cash bonus base the amount
that the buyer gets back after closing based on the amount of homes the
agent takes the buyer to view. So, check with the company of your choice
and make sure that you know how the homes will be tracked, if there is a
deadline, and how the pay out will be made.
Also, more importantly, interview the agent that you are hiring closely.
Because the agents are spending less time in the car means that they
should now be highly skilled and focused on contract preparation,
negotiation and representing you fully in the transaction. Experience
gives this kind of knowledge to the agent, and experience usually
translates into talent. And hopefully since these agents are working more
in concert with more clients, they are paying more attention.
If you are a seller of real estate, view more marketing tips on my
From Rhonda Duffy, Real Estate Broker and National Consumer Advocate The
Real Estate Powerhouse

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