Types Of Cancer And Possible Cures

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					Types of Cancer and Possible Cures
Posted by admin On February 8, 2009 8:30 AM

Malignant Neoplasm, commonly known as cancer, is a disease in which uncontrollable growth is shown by a
cluster of cells. The growth may be in the form of expansion, invasion or damage of adjoining tissues. At
times, cancer also spreads within the body as metastasis, reaching other parts of the body through the
means of blood or lymph. Mentioned three cancer properties were those which differentiate it from Benign

It is true that most of the cancers are found in the form of tumors but some of them like leukemia are exceptions. The medicinal study
of cancer is known as Oncology. It deals with the diagnosis, study, prevention and the treatment of the disease. A disease like cancer
can affect the people at all ages, i.e. from fetuses to an aged person. The cancer cells can be classified on the basis of their
resemblance with the tumor cells.

The cancer at any stage of life can be generally classified into the given categories:

    1. Carcinoma: These are the malignant tumors generally extracted from epithelial cells. This is the most common form of cancer.
       The very common examples of this cancer are lung, colon, breast and prostate.
    2. Sarcoma: The malignant tumors generally resulting due to Mesenchymal or connective cells is known as Sarcoma Tumor.
    3. Mesothelioma: The Mesothelial cell lining found in the Peritoneum and Pleura in the form of tumors is one of the very relevant
       examples of Mesothelioma tumors.
    4. Germ Cell Tumors: Germ Cell Tumors are usually found in testicles and ovary and are common forms of tumor resulting from
       germ cells.
    5. Glioma: It is another very complicated form of tumor which is found in the brain cells.
    6. Leukemia and Lymphoma: The malignant cells or tumors usually found in the bone marrow cells. At times, it is also observed
       in blood cells.

The causes of cancer may be small, such as excessive consumption of tobacco, lack of physical activity, genetic problems,
environmental factors such as high exposure to asbestos, benzene, unprotected or unsafe sexual contacts and high exposure to the
UV rays of the sun. So, it is obvious that some of the causes of cancer are avoidable while others are unavoidable. All we can do is
avoid the avoidable causes and still if cancer hits you then opt for immediate medical help.

Cancer is although a deadly disease but it is not impossible to fight against it if diagnosed at an early stage. If the symptoms are
recognized at an early stage then the cancer can easily be diagnosed. Some possible treatment for cancer patients available are
surgery, immunotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The density of disease, grade and
location of tumor and its stage is the factor which determines the suitable treatment. By considering all these factors, any particular
type of cancer can be easily treated.

Treatment is also based on the condition which the patient is going through. These treatments are highly useful for a cancer patient,
but a number of other treatments are still under progress. The treatments which are under development are such which might not
cause damage to any other body part of the patient during the treatment. In the existing treatments like chemotherapy and radiation
therapy, there are numerous drawbacks which include disruption and toxicity of normal body tissues.

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