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Posted by admin On September 22, 2009 4:55 AM

If you want to have people read what you have to say about a certain subject you should join Twitter (TM). It
is a relatively new website which lets its users post blogs about their opinions on particular subjects which
others can then find when they search the website. It also allows its users to send out tweets which are
basically texts online that are up to 140 characters and are sent to all of a particular user?s followers.

It seems like Twitter (TM) is kind of a combination of updating your status on Facebook (TM) and blogging about whatever you have
on your mind. Your followers on Twitter (TM) are kind of like your friends on Facebook, (TM) but you also get more of an opportunity
to say what you think about topics and have people read them. Also, whenever you blog you never know who is going to read then. I
think people on Twitter (TM) will also try to promote certain websites they link to or their opinions on a particular subject.

I have not yet become a member of Twitter (TM) , but I know that as it gains more and more popularity and all of my friends join, I will
probably become convinced to join as well. I recently did some searches on Twitter (TM) and it is definitely a different experience from
the search results you would receive on a popular search engine such as Google (TM) . Instead of highly trafficked websites coming
up as your search results, you instead get blogs from random people. It is probably not nearly as factual as what you would find on
another search engine and instead is much more opinionated. But, if you want to know what random people are saying about
something then searching Twitter (TM) is the way to go. It is an interesting new way to find out information and search that I think is
going to become more and more popular.

Twitter (TM) began in 2006, which was only three years ago, but it is already one of the most popular websites worldwide. In fact, it
ranks in the top fifty of all websites in terms of hits and users. If it has gained this much popularity in only a matter of a few years, can
you imagine where it is going to be in a few more. Think about Facebook (TM) and how insanely worldwide it has become since 2004.
Today Facebook (TM) is the most used social network, followed by MySpace (TM) . I can guarantee that within a few more years, it
will be right up there with those two. Plus, Facebook (TM) and MySpace (TM) users will not have to pick Twitter (TM) over one or the
other because it is so unique and different from Facebook and MySpace (TM). When I joined Facebook (TM) , I also had a MySpace
(TM) account. However, after only a few months on Facebook (TM) , I decided that it did everything for me and more than MySpace
(TM) did, so I quit my MySpace (TM) account. With Twitter, this will not be the case because it offers very different services than
Facebook (TM ) and MySpace (TM).

I know that another reason I am hesitant to join is also because I am already online so much everyday and I know if I joined I would
be online even more. But, as it become more and more popular and everyone I know begins using it, I will give in to the temptation
and become yet another member of Twitter (TM) .

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