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					Turn Everyday Conversation Into A Dirty Joke
Posted by admin On December 30, 2009 8:40 AM

I just love the moment when everyone in a crowded room says, Ooohhh. The response to a cleverly inserted
zinger or one liner is classic and can be some of the best humor. The great thing about a well played one
liner is that anyone can do it. In fact, the more quiet or reserved a person may be, the more impact a witty
zinger will have.

These are a few of the classic wit that has been making friends laugh until tears roll down their cheek and their gut hurts.

Mom Jokes

Mom jokes, or Your Momma jokes are classic dirty jokes that is sure to send your friends up in laughter. The more outrageous or
disrespectful a Mom joke is, the funnier it will seem ? just do not let your mother hear you telling them.

There are two kinds of Mom jokes. The classic one liner that pokes fun at another persons mom and then there is the zinger. The
zinger is simply inserting the phrase, Your Mom after something your friend says.

A few good examples of Your Momma jokes are: Your momma is so clumsy she got tangled up in a cordless phone, Your momma is
so poor she cant afford to pay attention, or Your mommas mouth is so big she speaks in surround sound.

Coming up with a unique and absurd Your Momma line is one of the greatest way to fly back at someone who starts making fun of or
taking a sarcastic tone to you. You can rest assured, they will not be so quick to harass you again and will probably enjoy your humor
all the more.

Not everyone may enjoy the humor behind your joke. Beware of the power in dirty jokes such as these. They can range from mildly
funny to raunchy humor that may provoke your buddy to clock you in the eye.

You do not have to recite a story and punch line to deliver a Your Mom joke. If you wait for the right moment in conversation, the
opportunity will present itself.

Thats What She Said

A Thats What She Said joke is very much like the second kind of Your Mom joke, in that the jokester delivers no story or punch line,
but waits for the opportune moment and simply says, Thats what she said. This one little phrase will turn every day comments into
dirty jokes .

The times when this is funniest are when the content has absolutely nothing to do with dirty jokes or innuendos. By inserting this
zinger in a totally unexpected place, your friends will be taken off guard and laugh out loud at your quick humor.

Here are a few examples of a Thats What She Said joke. One friend says to another, This tape measure is too short. You quickly
reply, Thats what she said.

Here is another everyday example. When you are trying to get into your hotel room and your friend says, Pull it out faster. You say,
Thats what she said. Immediately, your concentration has gone from the frustrating room key to something else entirely.

This form of humor is the most versatile joke in the world. Never underestimate the power of these fabulous dirty jokes and use them
in the most random places to keep your friends doubled over with laughter.

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