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Trips To The Orthodontist


									Trips to the Orthodontist
Posted by admin On November 20, 2009 7:10 AM

The end of elementary school and middle school is a hard time for many boys and girls because they must
battle the hardships of braces. Not only are braces painful, but they can also be embarrassing for whoever is
wearing them because they do stand out quite noticeably. Going to the orthodontist and hearing the dreaded
news that braces loom in the near future is a shock and disappointment for most who must wear them.

For many, the orthodontist is a scary person because they are the ones who are putting on the dreaded gear, taking x-rays, playing
with things inside your mouth, and causing lots of pain. Oftentimes after a visit to the orthodontist, the patient would be in pain for
days afterwards because they had to undergo their braces being tightened. It is no surprise that moving teeth around in someone?s
mouth from one position to another would be a bit painful.

However, the orthodontist does as much as she or he can in order to ensure that having braces is the least horrible and painful
experience possible. Many children and teens are given the option of picking their colors every time they get their braces tightened.
Braces would always be changing with the seasons, holidays, and events going on in their lives. This small service the orthodontist
offers can make a world of difference for a person who has braces. Just making it a little fun and exciting and changing the look
around can be a big deal to a child who hates their braces but gets to do something a little different, individual, and exciting with them.

This braces color changing phenomenon became such a trend with kids and teens that many often wanted to get braces just so they
could get to do this too. It became cool to have braces to an extent and lots of kids wished they could have them as well.

Obviously, the biggest highlight of going to the orthodontist and getting braces is the fact that you will not have crooked teeth after
your braces experience. People who have braces usually end up with very nice smiles and very straight teeth after they are finished
with braces and the orthodontist. In fact, the people who have had braces usually end up with much nicer teeth than the people who
have not had braces.

However, after having your braces the orthodontist will fit you for a retainer that you have to wear. If you do not wear this retainer you
will end up messing your teeth up again which will lead to a number of bad things. First of all, whoever paid for the braces and all the
orthodontist bills will not be happy at all because all of that money will have gone down the drain. Secondly, your orthodontist will not
be happy with you either!

Their job is to make sure they crooked teeth and if you waste all of their efforts by not wearing your retainer they will probably not be
too ecstatic. Thirdly, you will regret this decision because you are going to want to have straight teeth especially when you are an
adult and are dating. Having straight teeth is an important part of your physical appearance and the nicer your teeth are, the nice r
you will feel about yourself. So, after your braces make sure to follow through with your retainer so you end up with a pretty smile the
rest of your life.

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