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									                                         String Theory?

          It all started with Albert Einstein’s quest for a theory to unify all of the forces that

act in this world, a theory of everything. String theory is the closest “theory” we have

today to explain how the forces interact. However, the huge underlying problem with

String Theory is that its name is a misnomer. It really isn’t a theory at all.

          String Theory is basically an extension of Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

String Theory is often toted as the “Theory of Everything,” because in a single theory it

manages to combine all four of the forces that act on our world in a single theory. A

common question is “Why would you need a single theory to explain everything?” Well

the answer is clear; our current theories regarding physics don’t work together. When

scientists try to look at black holes usin g either the Theory of Relativity, or the Theory of

Quantum Mechanics, both fall short of being able to explain how a black hole works.

String theory is able to show why.

          Now the huge shift it brings to theoretical physics is instead of using little spheres

to describe the way our world works, it uses strings. Now this may not seem like such a

big deal. “Oh he’s just using strings instead of spheres, what’s the difference?” But String

Theory completely revolutionizes modern day physics. In order for String Theory to

work, it proposes up to 26 different dimensions for it to work. Each of these dimensions

would not even act in regard to our laws of physics. Anything can happen in them. Even

though how bizarre this might sound, this isn’t even the largest problem with string

        The huge problem with String Theory is in its name. String Theory is not really a

theory. It isn’t even “real science.” The main requirement for a theory to become a

scientific theory is it needs to be testable. Currently, there is no way to test String Theory.

Even with the opening of the Large Hadron Collider, String theory is untestable. No

scientist has even come up with a way that testing could be possible given our current

technology. This makes String Theory more of a philosophy rather than a scientific

theory. If String Theory is just a philosophy, it does not belong in the same category as

other theoretical physics theories, because it isn’t science.

        Now although string theory may sound nice..in theory. The underlying fault with

it is that it does not belong in the realm of science, because it isn’t science. If scientists

one day manage to find out a way to be able to test String Theory, it will be a valid

scientific theory, however at this moment in time, String theory is a dud.

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