Personal Responsibility Essay by blackderbyhat


									Prompt B

       , “It is not the responsibility of the government or the legal system to protect a citizen

from himself.“- Justice Percell. The lack of personal responsibility people are taking in today’s

world is astounding. The biggest issue I can see with this is that no one is willing to step forward

and take the blame for something they caused. In politics this happens all the time, like with the

housing crisis in which the blame for it was thrown everywhere. But why not accept that it was

possibly you who did it?

       In my generation this problem could become very dangerous if something like the

housing crisis were to happen again. As seen in my classes no one is willing to take the blame if

they missed an assignment or did not follow the rules. This is something as little as a homework

or test grade too. What happens when it gets up scaled to losing your house? Even worse is that

sometimes I have seen people in my grade even attempt to get their parents to take the blame, or

complain for them. My History teacher last year had tens of parents complain for whenever their

kids made bad grades in the class. Is it that hard to believe that you made a bad grade

because…you did not study? If it is a hard class so be it, but don’t blame the teacher for the

problems you brought on yourself. This is something that can even be applied trans- generational.

This economic crisis was not brought on solely by the government; it involved the people as

well. If you can’t afford a house, don’t buy it. If you aren’t able to pay off your credit cards,

don’t max them out. I have been raised to only spend the money I know is coming, and that I

know I will have. There should not have to be someone there to bail you out every time you

make a mistake, you should try to get out of it yourself. Hopefully with my generation we are

able to avoid the mistakes of the past generation. The only thing a bailout shows the government
Prompt B

is that we are not able to make the choices needed to sustain ourselves. I don’t want anyone

holding my hand throughout life; I would rather live it myself.

       Although it is not possible to entirely avoid making mistakes, it does happen. It is not the

end of the world to admit to yourself that you made a mistake. It just causes too much fighting

for whenever you blame someone else for what you did. We need to hold ourselves responsible

for our follies and not blame others for them first.

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