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pelumas dan chemical khusus industri


PT. TRI MARGA DHARMA SEJAHTERA adalah Agen Beberapa Merk Pelumas dan Grease berkualitas khusus untuk Industri dan Otomotif, juga mensuplai Chemicals khusus untuk Industri & HOREKA. Jenis Pelumas untuk Industri : - Hydraulic oils - Compressor Oils - Multi Purpose Gear Oils - Soluble cutting Oils ( Dromus ) - Neat Cutting Oils - Machine Way ( Slide Way ) - Bright Quenching Oils - No rust Oils - EDM Oils - Transformer Oils - Power generator Oil Series - Food Grade Oils - Dan lain-lain Jenis Greases : - Open Gear Grease - Grease HighTemperatur.EP - Grease High Temperatur - Grease EP - Food Grade Greases - Dan lain-lain Untuk Automotive : - Engine Oils - Super Engine Oil Additive - Engine Flush and Automatic Engine Decarbonising System - ATF Dexron-III - Carburator Injection Fuel System Cleaner - Penetrating and Cleaning Oil - Chain Lube - Radiator Coolent & Radiator Coolent Additive - Dan lain-lain Jenis Chemicals untuk Industri : - Cleaning Chemicals ; Acid, Alkalie, Neutral Cleaners for all Industrial Requirement - Sanitizing Chemicals ; Chlorine, QAC, lodine, PAA, Oxygen based specialty for Food Industrial and Horeka - Treatment Chemicals ; Water treatment; Boiler Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor, Cooling Tower Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor Track Treatment ; Water based Chain Conveyor Lubricant Specialty for Food Industry Metal Treatment ; Zinc Phosphatizing, Degreaser, Deruster Refiner, Conditioner, Etc - Maintenance Chemicals : Metal Working Fluid ; Cutting Oils, Neat Cutting Oils, Drawing Oils, Penetrating Oils, EDM Oil, Knittting Oil, Rust Prepentive Oil , Etc. Industrial Maintenance ; Solvent Based & Water Based Degre aser, Radiator Coolent, Carbon Cleaner, Paint Remover, Oil Spill Dispersant - Proses Chemicals : Polymer and other Chemical for Paper & Pulp Industrial Proces , Waste Water Decolorizing Agent, Demoafer, Etc.

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