Decorative Mirror - 6 Steps to Creating a Decorative Mirror With Tile

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					Decorative Mirror - 6 Steps to Creating a Decorative Mirror With Tile
Decorative mirrors can provide the best finishing touch in a bathroom -
providing both function and aesthetic, they are necessary for everyday
grooming as well as completing the look of your new or existing bathroom.
If you have spent some time searching, you know that attractive mirrors
are hard to find, and most are very expensive.
Here is a great way to create a mirror using a basic mirror from your
local retailer and tile.
1) Measure the area where you want to place the mirror. In this example,
we are working with a 48" vanity when referring to our measurements, so
you will want to adjust accordingly for your vanity size.
2) For our 48" vanity, we are going to choose a 36" rectangle mirror,
allowing 6" on each side for the tile decoration. For height, there are a
couple of options. We chose to have the mirror go all the way to ceiling,
however, if you cannot find a mirror that is the exact height of the
ceiling, you can place tile all the way around the mirror for a complete
3) Choose a small mosaic tile, no bigger than 2x2, for your mirror
border. Try to match your countertop color by bringing tile samples home
and placing them on the counter. Find tiles that mimic the tone/color of
your countertop without being completely matched up. A mosaic tile with
several color tones in it will give you the best look.
4) Place the mirror on the wall so it is centered horizontally and
vertically in the space. If you have a light fixture, you'll want to work
below it or remove it and leave the space open for re-installation.
5) Once you have attached the mirror to the wall with glue, you can begin
installing the tile around the perimeter of the mirror. (For instructions
on installing tile, please see your local home improvement or tile shop).
6) Re-attach the vanity lighting if you have taken it down. Clean the
mirror and tile, and enjoy!
Goto my site for pictures of a decorative mirror done with tile.
As a home builder and Interior Designer Rebeeca's passion for design
shows through in her creations. She has personally designed/staged over
$10 Million in real estate since 2005.
She shares her decorating ideas on her site.

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