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									Volleyball Warm Ups
Just like coaching any other type of sports, volleyball coaching is
filled with challenges and excitement. But as with the other type of
sports coaching, this one also takes the heat. As the season for a game
goes on, coaching volleyball might not be filled with energy and vibrancy
anymore, especially if the game is a sight for sore eyes or the players
themselves don't feel enthusiastic about the game anymore. So what to do
to keep the fire of coaching volleyball alive? What does a coach need to
do in order to make the players bring home the bacon?
Heed these coaching tips, and get ready to fire the opponent away. One of
the challenges that a coach faces is getting the warm ups of each play
more exciting. There are some players out there who consider warm ups as
boring and dull, and as a coach, this should be unheard of. Warm ups are
indeed crucial to the victory of a game and to the defeat of the
opponent. Aside from that, when warm ups are taken into account, it
shouldn't all be running and stretching. There are different ways in
which to warm up the volleyball players that can consist of the most
favorite and common games, dodgeball and freeze tag.
In the game of freeze tag, assign one player to be the "it". The person
who is "it" will chase around the other players in the room until he
finds someone to tag. Once the "it" tags another player, the one tagged
should stay rooted to the spot with his legs wide apart. In order for him
to "unfreeze", another player must dive between his legs. If the "it"
player is able to tag and freeze everyone, then the "it" is considered
the winner. In this game, the coach can have as many "its" as he wants,
as long as the "its: don't outnumber the rest of the players. This game
is proven to be successful as a warm up activity since the players work
on their dives when they try to unfreeze someone.
Another activity that substitutes as a warm up exercise for volleyball
players is dodgeball. As a volleyball coach, divide the teams into two.
Have each team carry a ball with them and try to eliminate a person from
the other team by hitting them the ball. If, however, an opposing team
catches a ball, his teammate who was eliminated can come back. The
objective of the game is to get rid of all members of the opposing team.
This is a great exercise since it lets the players take the reigns on the
And then, get the mind of the players working. At the start of the
season, ask the players what goal they want to achieve for the season.
Have them list that down, along with some tips on how to achieve the
goal. This can be a team or an individual effort. By having all of these
goals set up, the players will be able to focus on this particular goal.
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