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									Middle School Volleyball Drills
Players of all Skill Levels are Welcome
By the time they reach middle school, some kids are beginning to get
serious about their team sports, especially volleyball. However in order
to incorporate players of all skill levels, try selecting drills that
place their emphasis on fun and teamwork instead of rewarding the skilled
and punishing or humiliating those players with less-developed skill
sets. The following middle school volleyball drills are an excellent way
for players of all skill levels to improve and work together towards
helping others progress as well.
The Importance of a Good Serve
While serving is one of the most important skills in volleyball, drills
that practice and improve your players’ serving skills are often left
until the end of the practice. But when you think of it in terms that
serving is the only time when a player has complete control over the
ball, you’ll think twice before shoving serving practice until the last
minutes of your practice.
The aspect of serving that most players have trouble with is accuracy.
Therefore try including some drills that highlight serving accuracy at
your next volleyball practice, and watch the points rake in at your next
game as your players learn to serve with pin-point accuracy to the holes
in the other team’s defense.
When showing these middle school volleyball drills to your team, make
sure to run them at half speed first to give players a chance to practice
the movements before implementing them in the drill. Also encourage
players to ask questions on anything they are unsure of before proceeding
to avoid injury and embarrassment.
To set up this serving drill, place a chair on either side of the net in
Area 1. Divide your team into 2 groups that stand on either side of the
net. One player from each group sits in the opposing team’s chair,
opposite from their team mates. The play begins as the first player from
each team attempts to serve the ball with enough precision that the
player sitting in the chair can catch it easily.
If the player misses their serve, the ball goes to the next player in
line. If the serve is successfully caught, the player who served the ball
changes places with the person in the chair, and the new player moves the
chair to Area 2. Continue play until each player has made a few serves
and gotten to sit in the chair or until the chair has made a few rounds
around the court. To up the competitive spirit of the game enforce a rule
where if a player serves out of bounds or into the net all members of
their team must run and touch the 10 foot line, the end line, and the
center line before returning to their positions.
Get your Players in Tip Top Shape
The next of the middle school volleyball drills starts off by having 6
players on either side of the net. The coach throws a ball in from the
side, and the players must play the ball like usual except that they may
only tip the ball. Each time they tip the ball to the other side, they
rotate one position.
Make sure they successfully execute 2 tips before tipping the ball over
to the other side. This drill is a fast-paced way to get players moving,
which means it is a great warm-up drill before games.
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