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					Supplement Your Income With Adsense

People change, I guess. I never thought I'd go back to using AdSense
again after I just about lost my shirt a couple of years ago spending too
much money trying to generate traffic to my first website filled with
AdSense and affiliates . Well, I am kind of eating my words now. I am
going to give Adsense another shot . And I've learned a few things over
the past couple of years building up a successful product based online
business .

My basic plan to build the online business is not very complicated :
Every week for at least one year, I will research and find a minimum of
one domain name with an exact phrase that is typed into Google at least
ten thousand times per month . From there, I will write a five hundred to
seven hundred word article about the subject and build a one page website
using the exact phrase domain name .

There is a definite advantage to having the .com, .net or .org exact
phrase for the search engine term you want to move up in . I did not
discover that until I had already built some domains . I worked hard on
domains that were not exact phrase until I finally got frustrated and
decided to change my system . Every website I build now is well-
researched before I even purchase the domain . That doesn't mean that I
will never end upacquinga dud domain name, but it definitely increases my
chances of success .

As far as moving up in search engine rankings through link building is
concerned; I have many different ways . I started the whole process just
by marketing with articles . What I would do is write a whole bunch of
articles and give them away for free with back links to my websites
included in my signature . I had great success with that method. I don't
know why I drifted into other venues for link building. I guess it just
happened . There is so much information out there on the many ways of
gaining links, and the best ways to broadenyour link building. I guess I
just read so much on the topic, I just started to believe it . You name
it and I did it for link building. I did blogging, forum posts, and even
hiring some companies to build links for me. All of the methods worked,
but they did not yield the results that I had received from writing
articles and giving them away . I still get surges in traffic from
articles that I gave away more than two years ago getting posted on high
authority websites . There is not another type of link building that help
you that much .

But let's get back to talking about the plan ........

The plan is that I will write at least one five hundred word article
every and give it away with backlinks to one or two of my websites . As I
build the one website per week, each of the websites will need backlinks
to move up in the search engine rankings . That is where my free articles
come in. I will put backlinks in my signature to the websites that need
the most help in rankings .
By building one website per week, and even missing a couple of weeks, I
should have fifty websites at the end of the year . With a reasonable
goal of averaging five dollars per day per website income through
AdSense, I would end up earning two hundred and sixty dollars per day
without having to do any more work besides an article per day to help the
websites out that are lower in the search engine rankings .

That is my plan and I'm sticking to it.
I'll do my best to keep you posted

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