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									Remember, Everyone Can Use Tips Or Occasional Reminders For That Perfect
Tennis Game
It is often said, in not only tennis but also other sports, that you have
to ―think it‖ -- but what does that mean? In other words – follow the
technique in your mind or aloud, step by step. Concentrate on the muscles
you will use and the placement of each movement.
1. ―Nothing but the Ball‖:
a) Remember that phrase ―nothing but the ball‖ or ―only the ball‖—this
conscious mantra of sorts can really improve your game. This phrase
(whichever you choose) can solve many of the problems you may be having
with your game.
b) When you miss a shot that you know you should have not missed because
you forgot to keep full concentration on the game, remember these tennis
tips. Do not brood. Remember to use the phrase: ―only the ball‖ or
―nothing but the ball.‖ In addition, tell yourself that you will not do
that again—and tell yourself with confidence!
2. Versatility:
a) Have more than on playing style. Perhaps you may always prefer one
particular style, but if it is not working during the game—you need to
try a different approach.
b) You have less confidence when you have less technique. So practice,
practice, practice are always the most common and you will not have to be
disappointed when everything you try seems to fail. Many tennis players
in this situation will, more often than not, lose the game because at
least a part of them secretly gives up. All of this can be avoided
though, when you know two or more tennis techniques
3. Look energetic, smile, and show no worry on the court:
a) When you follow our tennis tips, and decide to look and act confident
your attitude will become more confident in yourself, it can make you
more relaxed, happy, and full of energy.
b) Your opponent will not be encouraged by the apparent confidence in
you. As if you already know you are going to win the match.
4. Power in your forehands:
In the forth of my five tennis tips I recommend ding isometric exercises.
These will help you develop the muscles of your forehands, which will
produce in you the ability to unveil the speed you really want for your
5. Self speech, find the rhythm of the game:
a) Often, as you will notice, a tennis match develops a certain rhythm.
To keep the beat in your head, (sort of like a dancer would) will improve
your chances to win.
b) Your opponent will toss the ball. So you are thinking: ―baaaall‖ then
he or she will hit it, think: ―swack‖ followed by ―bounce‖ on your return
swing. The rhythm becomes established. The ―baaall‖ method has been
proven to be one of the very best tennis tips for many people.
c) Just be warned, that the tennis tips of this type of self-speech does
not always work for a tennis player. So you will want to practice doing
it first.
Remember, any sport is also a mental competition. Confidence plays a huge
role in your tennis tips—it is never all about technique and skill no
matter what sport you play. If you are a serious tennis player,
concentrate on form, technique and any other physical tennis tips you can
get. However, mental preparation is truly a part of your most essential
tennis tips.
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