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bible crafts for kids


									    New                                                     These Are Friends of Jesus
                                                            Shirley Neitzel
    Let it Shine                                            The author introduces the friends of Jesus in a clever
    Three Favorite Spirituals                               repeated rhyming style. Children will hear about
    Ashley Bryan                                            shepherds, disciples, and friends from the Bible.
                                                            Ages 4–8.
    This award-winning author celebrates three favourite
    spirituals, “This Little Light of Mine,” “Oh, When      978-0-80665-119-4      $12.99
    the Saints Go Marching In,” and “He’s Got the
    Whole World in His Hands.” The power of these
    beloved songs emanates through Bryan’s joyous           Classics
    interpretations. Ages 4–8.
                                                            The Fall of Freddie the Leaf
    978-0-68984-732-5      $21.99
2                                                           A Story of Life for All Ages
                                                            Leo Buscaglia
    To Everything There Is a Season
    Jude Daly                                               This 20th anniversary edition of the beloved classic
                                                            has helped thousands of children and adults come
    The well-loved words of Ecclesiastes take on new        to grips with the delicate balance between life and
    life and meaning in the sun-baked rural setting of a    death.
    South African homestead. For all ages.
                                                            978-0-80507-195-5      $18.95
    978-0-80285-286-1      $19.95

                                                            The Quiltmaker’s Gift
    Noah & the Mighty Ark                                   Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken
    Rhonda Gowler Greene
                                                            When a generous quiltmaker finally agrees to make
    Children will love hearing how Noah comforts all the    a quilt for a greedy king, but only under certain
    animals on their journey, and parents will easily get   conditions, she causes him to undergo a change of
    into the rhyme and rhythm of this delightfully told     heart. Ages 4–8.
    Bible story. Ages 6 and under.
                                                            978-0-43930-910-3      $21.99
    978-0-31071-097-4      $13.99

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Because Nothing Looks Like God
Lawrence Kushner and Karen Kushner                                        Also by
                                                                       Douglas Wood
Mixing sparks of curiosity and spiritual imagination,
this wondrous book lights children’s creativity and
shows how God is with us every day, in every way.
Ages 4 and up.
978-1-58023-092-6      $22.95

The Three Questions
Based on a story by Leo Tolstoy
Jon J. Muth

This exquisitely illustrated book explores the meaning                                                3
                                                          978-0-43930-908-0       978-0-43932-109-9
of life as Nikolai asks his animal friends to help him                            $21.99
answer three important questions. Ages 4–8.
978-0-43919-996-4      $25.99

You Are Special
Max Lucado

Max Lucado’s children’s tale sends a vital message to
children everywhere: that regardless of how the world
evaluates them, God cherishes each of them just as
they are. Ages 4–8.
978-0-89107-931-6      $22.99
The Secret of Saying Thanks
Douglas Wood

An inspirational text that offers a spiritual homage to
nature and to the many ways we can say thanks for
the wonders we sometimes take for granted.
Ages 3–8.
978-0-68985-410-1      $23.50
    Adam & Eve’s First Sunset
    God’s New Day
    Sandy Eisenberg Sasso                                       Listen and Hear, Wonder and Respond
    What will Adam and Eve do when the sun begins to            Reading the Bible with Children
    set for the first time? This is a story of their first test   This new resource introduces parents and children to
    of trust and faith and how they learned to find hope         different types of writing in the Bible and provides
    and light—even in the dark. Ages 4 and up.                  examples and wondering questions to explore with
    978-1-58023-177-0       $27.95                              children.
                                                                1–9 copies $4.95 each; 10 or more copies $3.95 each
                                  Also by S
                                Eisenber                        Help Me Remember
4                                        g Sasso
                                                                Bible Stories for Children
                                                                Elaine Blanchard

                                                                A unique interactive resource that invites parents,
                                                                ministers, and Christian educators to share Bible
                                                                stories with young children. Includes scripture passages
                                                                and four CDs of the stories. Ages 4–8.
                                                                978-0-82981-600-6      $29.00
                                                                How the Children Became Stars
                                                                A Family Treasury of Stories, Prayers, and Blessings
                                                                from around the World
                                                                Aaron Zerah

                                                                Delight in 52 of the world’s tales of spiritual wisdom
                                                                to share with your family. Each story comes with
                                                                questions and activities plus a meal blessing and family
                                                                prayer that carry out the theme of the week.
                                                                978-1-89373-217-9      $21.95

    978-1-87904-526-2                 978-1-87904-586-6
    $25.95                            $25.95
Thank You for This...Series
Debbie Trafton O’Neal                                      Interfaith
Enjoy this collection of prayers, action verses, songs,    What Is God?
and rhymes to help families share faith and build          Etan Boritzer
prayer traditions together every day and at mealtimes.
                                                           If you want to talk about spirituality with children,
                                                           introduce them to philosophy or religion, or help
      Thank You for This Day                               them begin to centre themselves and their feelings,
      Action Prayers, Songs, and Blessings for Every Day
                                                           this book is a great place to start. Ages 6–12.
      978-0-80664-069-3        $8.50
                                                           978-0-92066-888-7      $6.95
      Thank You for This Food
      Action Prayers, Songs, and Blessings for Mealtime    What You Will See Inside
      978-0-80662-603-1        $8.50                       A new series of illustrated books designed to show
                                                           children houses of worship, liturgical celebrations, and   5
                                                           rituals of different world faiths. Ages 6–10.


                                                                            A Synagogue


                                                           A Hindu Temple                   A Mosque
                                                           978-2-89507-674-2                978-2-89507-398-7
                                                           $16.95                           $16.95
    Activities and                                         Give-It-Away Crafts for Kids
                                                           Here are 52 crafts that can be made with everyday
    Crafts                                                 supplies in just 15 minutes or less. Scripture and Bible
    Hands-On Bible Explorations                            point indexes help you find the right craft for the
                                                           right moment.
    52 Fun Activities for Christian Learning
    Janice VanCleave                                       978-0-76442-768-8      $22.99

    Includes favourite stories and parables from the old
    and new Testaments, chapters on important Christian    The Humongous Book of Bible Skits
    values, and fun projects that make the lessons of      For Children’s Ministry
    the Bible entertaining and easy to understand.
    Ages 6–12.                                             Connect kids with the Bible as they act out skits in
                                                           fun ways they won’t forget. Skits are 3 minutes or less,
6   978-0-47147-201-8      $18.99                          and can be reproduced. Includes a CD with sound
                                                           effects, background music, and more to bring the
    More Bible Time with Kids                              stories to life.
    200+ Bible-Based Activities to Use with Children       978-0-76443-083-1      $30.99
    Cindy Dingwall

    Overflows with ideas that will help teachers inspire
    kids to learn and remember Bible stories. Weekly
    lessons are reinforced as children participate in
    activities and crafts related to the program themes.
    Ages 4–10.
    978-0-68749-230-5      $26.99

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Worship                                                 Bible Stories for All Ages
                                                        With Activities for the Very Young
Worship for All Ages                                    Compiled by Margaret Kyle
Services for Special Sundays                            The first of a series, these Bible stories are chosen from
This resource will help keep children involved with     The Whole People of God and Seasons of the Spirit.
creative and inspiring worship service outlines for     Covering Lectionary Year A, they provide a tool to
special Sundays.                                        tell complex Bible stories in a positive, clear, and
                                                        uncomplicated manner. Contains reproducible
978-1-55145-514-3        $24.95                         activity sheets. Ages 3 and up.

                                                        978-1-55145-546-4      $37.00
Come Worship with Me
A Journey through the Church Year
Ruth Boling                                                                                                         7
In this colourful children’s book, the seasons of the                         Also
Christian year come alive as friendly mice invite                           Available
children of all ages to experience the holidays and
seasons of the church.
978-0-66450-045-0        $24.00

Children Worship!
MaryJane Pierce Norton

This 13-session education resource helps
congregations incorporate young children into
worship and includes a planning guide, individual                    978-0-66450-015-3
session plans, bulletin inserts, parent letters, and                 $14.00
activity sheets. Ages 5–8.
978-0-88177-223-4        $19.99
    United Church                                                            In the Name of Love
                                                                             Baptism Activities for Children
    In the Name of Love
                                                                             Through colouring, finishing a dot-to-dot picture,
    A Baptism Resource for Congregations                                     reading a poem, and doing a word search, children
    This print and DVD-ROM package contains                                  learn why people are baptized, how baptism started,
    background materials and resources to support                            and the meaning of the water, candle, and vows.
    those who are baptized, an outline for a baptism                         CH10254
    preparation session, and the video In the Name                           1–9 copies $4.95 each; 10 or more copies $3.95 each
    of Love.
    CH10196     $20.95                                                       In the Name of Love
                                                                             A Communion Resource for Congregations
                                                                             Bethe Benjamin-Cameron
8    In the Name of Love
    A Baptism Resource for Parents                                           This booklet helps congregations and parents teach
                                                                             and talk to children about communion. It contains
    This DVD-ROM is a perfect gift for parents. It includes
                                                                             worship ideas and activities, program ideas for
    a short, engaging video, In the Name of Love;
                                                                             ministers and leaders, and materials that explain the
    interviews about the meaning of baptism; text files
                                                                             communion service.
    for parents, including ideas for spiritual practices in
    the home; and documents the family can adopt to                          CH10276
    commemorate their own experience.                                        1–9 copies $4.95 each; 10 or more copies $3.95 each

    Single $4.95; 5-pack $19.95; 20-pack $59.95

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