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cheap weekend getaway trips


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									Weekend Getaways from Bangalore
Experiences and travel tips for safe and memorable journeys
                                                              Day Trips
                                      Table of Content

1.0   Family’s Day Out: Trips and Weekend stays around Bangalore                   5

2.0   Family Weekend Specials                                                      22

3.0   In the woods, along the river: Weekend getaways for the young and restless   44

4.0   Chilli Travel Tips                                                           60
                             Family’s Day Out 1.0
    Trips and Weekend stays around Bangalore
                                         1. Nrityagra m: The Dance Village and
                                         Taj K uteera m: A “cottage/boutique” Hotel
    Nrityagram is open from 10 a.m.
    to 5 p.m. Closed on Mondays.         Our family loves this place. It is a cultural experience and
    The Address:                         boutique hotel situated in the beautiful countryside of
    Nrityagram Dance Village             Karnataka.
    Bangalore Rural District - 560088    Nrityagram is directly across the street from the Taj Kuteeram
    Tel: 080-8466313-14                  Hotel located at the dead end of a country road. Most of the
                                         property surrounding this location is government agricultural
    Taj Kuteeram
    Hessarghatta                         land. It is clean, sprawling, and inviting for long hikes through
    Bangalore                            farms, open grass land, and country roads. On each of our
    Rural District                       visits we have taken different hikes.
    Karnataka 560 088
    Tel: (94 - 80) 28466326/329/332      One of our favorite hikes was around the Hessarghatta
    Email: westend.bangalore@            Reservoir. A ten minute drive from Nrityagram. (Ask any
                                         local how to reach the levy.) We hiked along the huge levy,
    http://www.tajhotels.com             watched the village women wash their clothes and their
                                         sheep. After about 2 kilometers we reached the end of
                                         the levy where we discovered the old run down Bangalore
                                         Yacht Club. We peered into the windows and could read the
                                         records on the Yacht Club Racing Boards. Recorded were races
                                         from the early 1900’s to about 1970’s. Before we knew it a
                                         Watchman appeared and opened up the old rotting doors to
      Contributor:                       the Yacht club. My husband and I both commented that it
                       Joanna Budelman

                             Family’s Day Out 1.0
    Trips and Weekend stays around Bangalore
                                      was a “frozen in time” experience. The room was dusty, the
                                      chairs were scattered around the table, we could recognize
                                      what once was the wooden bar, where men had drinks and
                                      looked out the small pained glass windows that faced the
                                      Hessarghatta Lake.

                                      Why is Nrityagra m & Taj K uteera m a good
                                      day trip or weekend getaway?
                                              One and a half hour drive from downtown
      Taking a rest on a granite
                                               Bangalore. There are also some beautiful country
      bench. We hiked the entire               roads if you like to poke around.
      length of the Hessaraghatta
      Levy to reach the Yacht Club.
                                              A delicious lunch or dinner buffet awaits you at the
                                               Taj Kuteeram open air restaurant. If you are a large
                                               family or a group, you should call in advance and let
                                               them know you are coming.

                                              The Nrityagram Dance Village is a treat to the eye!
                                               It has a village ambience with mud buildings all built
                                               in a unique design using local materials and Indian
                                               village architecture. The grounds are green with
                                               shady trees and vegetable gardens to stroll through.

                             Family’s Day Out 1.0
    Trips and Weekend stays around Bangalore
                                       The Dance Village is a cultural treat. For a small
                                        fee you can tour the grounds and observe all the
                                        different styles of classical Indian dance. The
                                        dancers are professionals and extremely interesting
                                        to see how they study their art form and live in

                                       Since most of us would visit on Sundays, the Dance
                                        Village holds special Sunday classes for the local
                                        village boys and girls. We have enjoyed observing
                                        beginners and advanced students all being taught by
                                        the Nrityagram professional dancers.

                                       As you read above, the hiking is fantastic. After
     The ethnic architecture is a       being in a city, the fresh air and 99% trash free
     treat to the eye.                  surroundings is something we enjoy.

                                       Taj Kuteeram staff will give you a tour of their nine
                                        boutique cottages which make up the hotel. Each
                                        one is unique in structure and interior design. Visit
                                        Taj Kuteeram’s website to read about their holiday
                                        special that includes one night stay with breakfast,
                                        lunch and dinner. If you want to stay overnight it is
                                        a great place to bring your bikes and go for a family
                                        ride. (You can also use the hotel’s bikes, not sure
                                        how many they have.)

                             Family’s Day Out 1.0
    Trips and Weekend stays around Bangalore
                                              2. The Bannerghatta National Park and
                                              Surrounding Area
    Bannerghatta National Park
    Phone: 78-28425                           Going to the Bangalore Bannerghatta Zoo is an interesting
    Zoo website: www.kstdc.nic.com            outing. The zoo is located 25 minutes south of Bangalore. Your
                                              driver or taxi will know the best route for you.

                                              If you ask our daughter what she likes best about the zoo, she
                                              will quickly skip over the zoo and begin to describe the hikes
                                              and the picnic on the big granite hills which surround the
                                              Bannerghatta National Park area. I couldn’t agree with her
                                              more. The picnic spots we have found have fantastic views…
                                              not to mention the tinge of fear that keeps us on our toes,
                                              since at any moment a wild elephant might stomp past us.
       The elephants are a highlight as       Other highlights include climbing up the Bannerghatta
       they usually have their baby calf
       with them.                             National Park watch towers where you can experience even
                                              more fantastic views. Bring your binoculars, and look for an
                                              elephant. If you are a bird watcher, this is a great place to
                                              trek through at sunrise or sunset.

                            Joanna Budelman

                             Family’s Day Out 1.0
    Trips and Weekend stays around Bangalore
                                            How to reach the picnic spot
    Chilli tips                             Drive past the zoo entrance and follow the paved road about
                                            2 kilometers until you reach iron gates that now close off the
       The safari is a disappointment
        because you travel in a crammed
                                            remaining road. Recently this gate has been locked closed.
        mini bus. The only solace is        We park the car/taxi there and hike up or trek with our
        you get to see a white tiger for    picnic, blanket and kite till we find the perfect spot. You can
        peanuts! Don’t think its possible
        anywhere but in India. Carry
                                            see from the photos that it really is beautiful.
        your own drinking water when
        you visit zoos and parks            The Zoo also offers what they call a “Safari” to see lions and
                                            tigers in large open surroundings. I remember the safari more
                                            like a wild roller coaster ride to the gates of the safari park.
                                            Sitting in the front seat probably added to that wild ride

          Let’s go fly a kite!
          ...... Notice the view.

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