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                      A Treasure Trove of Great Deals & Delights Awaits Shoppers

NEW YORK, NY – Chinatown New York City brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “window
shopping,” and with its great selection of bakeries, electronic goods retailers, fashion boutiques, jewelry,
fresh produce and tea parlors, shoppers will be delighted with the variety of items to browse and buy.
Take a trip down to Chinatown and checkout some of the following shops:

Arts & Antiques – Quality artifacts, paintings and sculptures of Asian origin:

   Rose’s Gallery – 119 Baxter Street
   Sinotique Enterprises – 19-A Mott Street

Bakeries – Taste the freshly baked egg tarts, quench your thirst with a cup of hot tea brewed Hong Kong
style or bring home roast pork buns and red bean paste buns to savor:

   180 Broadway Café – 180 Broadway (212-608-1342)
   Bak Lian Chinese Bakery – 83 Canal Street (212-343-8077)
   Chin Sing Bakery, Inc. – 90 Bowery (212-965-1333)
   Fung Wong Bakery, Inc. – 41 Mott Street (212-267-4037)

Electronics – A wide variety of DVD players, the latest Hong Kong, Japanese and South Korean DVD
and video CD movie imports and karaoke machines for sale:

   DVD Asia Corp. – 157-B Hester Street
   Lai Ying Music – 89 Bowery
   NY Music – 151 Canal Street
   Rock City Music Corp. – 85 Bowery

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Fashion boutiques – Latest fashions from Asia and accessories at affordable prices:

   Fashion Beauty New York – 81 Mott Street, between Bayard and Canal Street
   Miao – 176 Hester Street between Mott and Mulberry Street
   My Collections – 55 A Bayard Street at Elizabeth Street

Fresh produce – Plentiful array of fresh seafood like crabs, fish, scallops, shrimp, meat, fruits and

   82 Seafood Corp. – 192 Elizabeth Street
   A-Fei Meat Market – 217 Grand Street
   Chew Fung Inc. – 128 A Mott Street
   Ho Chang Inc. – 81 Mulberry Street
   Grand Food Market, Inc. – 133 Grand Street
   Pan Orient & Seafood Corp. – 124 East Broadway
   W.K. Vegetable Co. – 124 -126 Mott Street

Gift-shops – Bring home traditional Chinese gifts made from silk, porcelain, jade and more:

   Aba Supergift – 26 Canal Street
   Canal Gift & Varieties – 261 Canal Street
   Orient Gift & Products – 96 Bayard Street
   Specialty of Jade & Fengshui – 234-238 Canal Street, Store #110

Jewelry shops – Superb selection of exquisitely designed jewelry, jade, gemstones and more:

   195 Dragon Jewelry – 195 Canal Street
   Chun Xin Jewelry – 167 A Canal Street
   Golden Pearl Jewelry, Inc. – 215 Canal Street
   Golden-Jade Jewelry Inc. – 189 Canal Street
   Jade Paradise Co. – 85 B Bayard Street

Martial arts supplies – Excellent sources for martial arts gear, books and videos

   BLT Supplies, Inc. – 77 Mulberry Street
   Bok Lei Po Trading, Inc. – 63 Mott Street

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Mini-Malls and General Stores – Shops that sell Asian cosmetics, clothes, comics, DVDs, imported video
games, stationery, toys and more all under one roof:

   Bowery Trading Corporation – 105 Bowery
   East Broadway Mall – 88 East Broadway
   Good Field Trading Co. – 74 Mott Street
   Elizabeth Center / “Elizabeth Street Mall” – 15 Elizabeth Street

Supermarkets - Expect to find a varied selection of items such as Asian hot sauces, oyster sauces, ready-
pack noodles and more:

   Dynasty Supermarket – 68 Elizabeth Street
   Fortune Supermarket, Inc. – 223 Grand Street
   Hong Kong Supermarket – 109 East Broadway
   Kam Man Market – 200 Canal Street

Tea houses – Stores that serve traditional and rare types of Chinese tea. Hip modern “tea-based” drinks
such as bubble tea also available:

   Green Tea Café - 45 Mott Street (212-693-2888)
   Silk Road Mocha – 30 Mott Street (212-566-3738)
   Ten Ren’s Tea – 75 & 79 Mott Street (212-349-2286)

About Chinatown New York City

Chinatown New York City, combines authentic Asian-American culture with the energy and influence of
the most exciting city in the world. With over 200 restaurants, numerous Asian bakeries and tea houses,
jewelry shops, arts and antique stores, an active nightlife and dozens of cultural attractions and landmarks,
Chinatown stands as a world within a city. Whether dining, shopping, or strolling down the charming,
narrow streets, visitors to Chinatown New York City, will find virtually limitless opportunities for new
experiences and added insight.

Located on the east side of Lower Manhattan, Chinatown New York City, is the largest in the United
States. The neighborhood has been growing steadily since the mid-1800s, and today stands as a vibrant
community offering the opportunity to enjoy and explore Asian-American culture. Chinatown New York
City is easily accessible via many New York City MTA subways and buses, as well as several convenient
area parking garages. For more information, visit

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membership-based non-profit dedicated to building New York City's economy and positive
image through tourism and convention development, major events and the marketing of the city
on a worldwide basis.

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