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                                                                                      15th February 2007              Volume 1, Issue 1

First Women Group Meeting

             Reading Refugee Support Group

                                                        HAPPY NEW YEAR
        Happy new year!                                                     other friends involved in society, either as neighbours, or
                                                                            running voluntary sports and other groups. Each of us has a
        Happy new year! By the time you read this I expect that your
                                                                            role to play, and one we should seek out. Did you know
        memories of the great storm of January 2007 will have begun
                                                                            that 99% of residents of Berkshire arrived from elsewhere,
        to fade. The storm had quite an impact where I live, how
        about you? My neighbour’s house lost some roof tiles, and           seeking work, and slowly found their niche?
        unless he had, with my help, replaced them, the damp would          Reading Refugee Support Group, with the financial support
        have got in and started to ruin the house, even though the          of Reading Borough Council and other financial backers,
        evidence might take some time to appear…                            continues to seek to serve refugees and asylum seekers in
                                                                            Reading and the surrounding area. We conduct our advice
        I have friends in another country, set up on independence as
                                                                            work with the help of our case worker John, and outreach
        a democracy but the evidence suggests that it barely functions
                                                                            worker, Ellen, and a valuable contingent of volunteers. Jean,
        as a nation, it has so much political and business corruption.
                                                                            on the management committee, expects to continue to
        The euphoria of independence allowed a lot of self serving
                                                                            organise a diverse range of social events. 2007 is the 200th
        people to mask their personal greed. Things are now so bad
                                                                            anniversary of the parliamentary abolition of the slave trade
        that it seems impossible to get business, civil, criminal or
                                                                            in Britain, so you can expect to see some national events
        political dealings done with justice.                               marking that milestone. RRSG hope to organise some
        It is easy for us here in Britain to feel complacent when we        events to celebrate the role of refugees in the country, in
        hear about other countries, and to think that the problems          ‘Refugee week’ in June. Watch this space for more details!
        overseas could not happen here. And yet even here in Britain
                                                                            In the meanwhile, may I wish you a happy belated new year,
        there are things that need to be fixed, and if they are not
        fixed then we will start to ruin the things we value about our      and do keep in touch!
        country, ‘even though the evidence might take some time to          Ralph Hazell,
                                                                            Chair, RRSG
        It can be quite hard for someone like myself, who grew up in
        the country, to recognise our national faults, let alone do
        anything about them. And yet we must keep an eye on the
        house, and enlist the help of others in fixing problems as they
        occur. Each of us has a role to seek out, and to play. That’s
        how it should be, if we are to continue to live in relative
        peace and tranquillity in Britain’s multicultural society. I have
        a friend who is seeking to develop a political career. He does
        not know I don’t vote for his party, but I support his
        aspiration to serve the country as a politician. I have many
   Reading Refugee Support Group

                                        REFUGEE WOMEN’S FORUM
I am excited by the launch of our new newsletter and our       interested in being involved.
brand new website. On behalf of the Reading Refugee
                                                               The vision of this group would be to provide activities to
Support Group I wish all our supporters enjoy reading the
                                                               get women to socialise and mix with each other and share
newsletter and look through our new website.
                                                               their cultures. It is hoped that a whole range of activities
On the 14 November 2006 the Women’s Forum held their           will be offered including art workshops, culture-sharing
inaugural meeting at RISC. The women discussed what they       parties, talks on issues of relevance (such as parenting, first
would hope to do with this group. The key areas involved:      aid etc).
employment and training, sharing and leisure activities,
                                                               I hope this will be the first of many issues and that the
activities focussing on children and income generating
                                                               newsletter will prove to be a useful source of information
                                                               on current refugee matters.
A committee was set up during this meeting and five clients
volunteered to be committee members playing a key role in
                                                               Nuwa Serunjogi
running the whole group. The committee now has eight
members and is open to anyone else who would be                Manager

                                                WHATS NEW ??????

 The Dept. of Good ideas is a Reading based group for          voluntary work.
 young people interested in creating artwork and building
                                                               You do not have to have any special talents or skills, just
 educational devices with an environmental theme.
                                                               enthusiasm and imagination.
 The projects undertaken are fun, interactive and inspiring,
                                                               A free Mosaic Workshop for 16-24 years olds will
 and the finished work will be used in local community
                                                               be held on 17th Feb. 2007, 9am-1pm at RISC,
                                                               London Street. To book call 01189475049 or email:
 The group is run in conjunction with the Millennium  (limited spaces available).
 Volunteers Scheme, which provides funding to cover
 volunteer expenses and certificates in recognition of
                                Kids Activity Page

                              FUN WITH COLOURING             EEYORE
                                                                   Chicken and Vegetable Stir Fry


•      2 table spoons of oil

•      1 lb boneless, skinless chicken thighs

•      3 cups of different cut up vegetables (e.g. carrots, green pepper, mushrooms, zucchini etc…)

•      1 clove of minced garlic

•      1/2 a cup of stir fry sauce


•      Cut the chicken into small pieces and wash and prepare the vegetables.

•      Heat 1 table spoon of oil in a pan

•      Add chicken and stir fry for 3 min until the chicken is cooked

•      Remove the chicken then oil the pan with the remaining oil and add garlic and stir fry for 30 seconds.

•      Add vegetables and continue to stir fry for 3 min until they are crisp tender

•      Add cooked chicken and stir fry sauce to the pan and stir fry for 2 or 3 min. until it is hot and bubbly.

•      Serve over hot cooked rice.

This can serve 4 people.

                                  EASY FAST NO COOK DESSERT (CHEESECAKE)

Preparation time 15 min.                                            Preparation

Ingredient                                                          •    In a bowl beat the cream cheese until it is
                                                                         smooth and fluffy.
•      8 oz pkg. Softened cream cheese
                                                                    •    Add lemon juice and sweetened condensed
•      3 tablespoons lemon juice
•      14 oz can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated)
                                                                    •    Mix very well until it is well combined
•      1 9” gram cracker crust
                                                                    •    Pour the mixture into the graham cracker crust
    These recipes are from
                                                                         and chill.

    From Linda Larsen.                                              This can make 8 servings.
Casework is the core component of the advisory service that we         Where necessary we contact external agencies on behalf of
provide to asylum seekers and refugees. It encompasses a whole         the client and speak for them. Here we are acting as
range of key activities undertaken to help address a client’s need/    representatives of the client advancing their interests. This is
problem. These include advice, advocacy and referrals.                 advocacy.     Advocacy is extremely important when you
                                                                       consider the fact that some refugees and asylum seekers do
Casework by definition as it relates to the work of RRSG involves
                                                                       not speak English. Yet their basic needs are as real as
receiving clients into the office, welcoming them either with a cup
                                                                       anybody’s. Therefore RRSG acts as an interface between the
of tea, coffee, water or other form of refreshment. Then talking
                                                                       asylum seeker and refugee and the service provider.
with them about their query (need or problem) and then finding
the best or most practical way to meet the need or resolve the         Where necessary, casework will also involve identifying the
problem.                                                               relevant agencies that will address the needs/problems of
                                                                       client most effectively. This is referral. We don’t just refer
In terms of advice, we listen to the client (but interactively) nar-
                                                                       the client. There is an element of, what I would call “after-
rate his or her problem. We then probe and ask questions in or-
                                                                       advice care” where we do follow up on cases referred on.
der to understand the problem or need better. We then draw
from our experience and knowledge practical suggestions on how         The above brings us to the first part of Casework. More
to address this need or problem.                                       to follow.
If you vision of voluntary work is rattling a tin outside your local supermarket on a cold
Saturday afternoon, or digging wells in the dessert. Your view may also be tainted, as was
mine by high profile organizations from T.V and papers.

Besides the high profile of organizations, there are a wealth of local organizations dedi-
cated to helping local people ranging from the Reading Refugee Support Group, Citizens
Advice Bureau (C.A.B) through to the Guide Dogs for the Blind, also their are a multi-
tudes of self help groups. All are reliant on voluntary help for their day to day running and
special needs that are not catered for by the local authorities.

I had much the same views until I started voluntary work, since then I have found interest-
ing projects and met new friends. They are all welcoming and you can get a cup of tea and
some have biscuits while doing something rewarding and different.
Reading Refugee Support Group
                                                   March 2007-Event Calendar
1st floor                                              Sun       Mon       Tue       Wed       Thu        Fri        Sat

RISC                                                                                       1         2          3

35-39 London street
                                                   4         5         6         7         8         9          10
RG1 4PS                                            11        12        13        14        15        16         17

Telephone: 0118-950 5356                           18        19        20        21        22        23         24

Fax: 0118-9585406
                                                   25        26        27        28        29        30         31

                                     March 26th
•    Quilt making day for Refugee Women Cultural Day


Last year, during autumn half-term, children attended a two-day
drama workshop which was run by the Progress Theatre. The
workshop actually took place on the stage in theatre auditorium. It
was very exciting to be on stage in-front of the audience seats and
for the children to be able to imagine performing to a full house.

Thirteen children, between the ages of five and twelve years old,
took part. They all joined in very well and had great fun. The
activities included warm-up games (helping everyone to get to
know each other) and splitting into groups making up mini-plays,
with and without given themes. The children then got to actually
                                                                             Children enjoying a drama workshop
get dressed up and use theatre props to perform the plays on the
stage to the rest of the group.
                                                                       for various age groups (age 9-18yrs) and which each meet
Feedback comments from the children included the following:            once a week. Others can also get involved in a variety of
                                                                       roles (backstage, costume etc). The Progress Theatre is
“It was really enjoyable and fun. If I had a chance to go back I
                                                                       situated off Christchurch Road. If you are interested please
would love to”
                                                                       get in touch with anyone at Reading Refugee Support
“It was really cool. Nobody told you what to do and it was great       Group to discuss possibilities.
fun dressing up to do the play”.

The Progress Theatre runs several youth theatre groups classes

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