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vince carter desktop wallpaper


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									KTV Media combines big ideas with practical engineering and flawless
execution. For twelve years KTV Media has produced, directed, written and
concepted projects across old and new media, launching products, services
and brands with consistency, continuity and award-winning creative. With an
entrepreneurial approach to integrated media marketing and technology, KTV
builds a solid foundation for clients and propels their initiatives beyond set
goals. Strategically speaking, KTV adds value by anticipating problems and
developing the solutions that keep clients ahead of the curve both creatively
and technologically.
Josh Kimberg
Founding Partner / CEO

Josh is an award-winning creator who, for the past twelve years, has worked in
both old and new media, writing, directing, executive producing and concepting
projects. A compulsive entrepreneur, Josh is the founder of four web

In television, Josh is well known for developing the animated series Miss Muffy
for MTV and Kenny The Shark for Discovery Kids. Josh also earned two Emmy
nominations as the executive producer on The Rosie O’Donnell Show opens
which, also notably, were the first use of Flash Animation on television.

His online work includes interactive campaigns for Fortune 500 companies
such as J&J, Nike, Ford Motor Company, HBO, Fuji Film, AT&T, Sony Music,
IFC, VH1 and Showtime Networks. This year Josh received an Andy award and
was short-listed at the 2007 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for
his work on hiobie.com, an animated marketing campaign for O.B. Tampons.
He is most proud of his work in the world of online entertainment, creating and
licensing short-form animations for dozens of original properties developed at
Bullseye Art (link) one of the companies that he founded. Josh recently
launched Magic Butter, an online entertainment portal for the 15-35 male
demographic that features a new live action and animated variety show, a T-
shirt and ring tone store, contests, blogs and free MP3, desktop wallpaper and
icon downloads.


Paul Thomson
Founding Partner / Executive Producer

Paul is a new partner at KTV Media, with over seven years experience in
producing and directing films, videos, commercials and television shows. Paul
cut his teeth in the business working on the production side of the HBO hit The
Sopranos and the Academy-Award winning A Beautiful Mind. From there, he
went on to become the Senior Producer at Prime Films, overseeing promotional
films for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Pepsi, Lancôme, and Ralph Lauren, from
concept to completion.

KTV Media worked in close partnership with Lowe Worldwide to create the
Hiobie campaign for Johnson & Johnson.

A full spectrum media campaign from radio to the internet was launched,
opening the market of 8-15 year old girls to the OB tampon and related


For VH1’s new marketing campaign users are being asked to participate and
record their own experiences that relate to the different themes of VH1’s celeb-
reality TV line-up. KTV media created and is administering the kiosk booth’s
deployment at Vh1 special events around the U.S.

The user interface is a flash based module that captures live video of the
participants at the event using cameras and touch-screens. The video is then
uploaded to the internet for viewing and searching by all Vh1 users.

Logitech designs personal peripherals for the digital world, the “last inch”
between you and your computer or your console game, digital music or
home entertainment system. KTV partnered with Logitech’s worldwide
creative services division to manage the brand on a global basis. We are
delivering assets not only across many types of media, but localizing all
their assets for all their international regions.

Using 3D, after effects and flash based modules KTV has successfully
created and deployed over 30 products in 14 countries.


Internet Based Marketing Campaign:
3-4 minute dramatic stories

Nike assembled an extraordinary team of creative talent to build
Hooptown, an original, narrative-based campaign of short films. The stellar
team of collaborators includes Jimmy Palmiotti (story), Logan Hicks (street
art) and Swizz Beatz (music). Their vision of Hooptown is the Twilight Zone
in the hood, a place where there’s a lesson to be learned and balls to be
dunked. The first two episodes star Vince Carter and LeBron James.

KTV Media scoured the animation community for just the right artists to
work side-by-side with our in-house team of 3D and 2D animators and get
Hooptown’s stenciled graffiti style off the walls and into motion. The
campaign, combining groundbreaking animation with Escalade-ready
beats, is another exceptional chapter in one of the most successful brands
in history.


KTV media worked in close coordination with Ralph Laurens internal
marketing team to create the launch of the Explorer Fragrance, in addition to
several other well-known brand names.

Magic Butter

A creation of KTV founder Josh Kimberg, Magic Butter is an online
entertainment portal for the 15-35 male demographic. Guys will
find a live action and animated variety show, T-shirt and ring tone
store, contests, blogs and free MP3, desktop wallpaper and icon


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