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					       UK Cabinet Office selects Active Navigation for data discovery
                   ~ Government department cleans up its information ~

Southampton, 8 September 2008 – Active Navigation, the data discovery company, has
been selected by the Cabinet Office to de-duplicate and classify the electronic information
held across the department. Active Navigation was chosen after an extensive review of
software products and manual alternatives, and following a pilot project in one unit of the
Cabinet Office.

The software will be used to analyse, categorise and organise the information currently
residing in the Cabinet Office’s Microsoft NTFS (New Technology File System) prior to its
transfer to the department’s new records management system. In its role as the “head
office of government”, the Cabinet Office has a duty not only to support the Prime Minister
and the Cabinet, but to ensure the effective organisation of the civil service. As such, it
handles a vast amount of data in an array of forms, ranging from documents and images to
emails and sound files.

The need to “clean up” this data became apparent when the Cabinet Office took the
decision to implement a records management solution with the objective of establishing
clear audit trails and a high level of security for its electronic information.

“There was no point in buying a new system and filling it with obsolete, irrelevant or
unwanted data’ commented Bryan Cherry, project manager at the Cabinet Office. “We had
to find out exactly what it was we had, decide what to keep, and then organise it. Of
course we could have tried to do the job manually but this was an unrealistic option. It
would have taken forever to clean up the data, look back at old documents, compare
versions and decide where to place each document. The beauty of Active Navigation is that
it automates all that. It has saved us an inestimable amount of time.”

Even when the Cabinet Office has migrated all of its data to the new system, it is likely to
continue in its use of Active Navigation, not only to continue with the housekeeping of its
own information, but to cope with any influxes from elsewhere. “With the fluidity of
government departments, it won’t be long before we have new units moving in with us,
along with all of their files and documents, needing to integrate with ours,” continued
Bryan Cherry. “I can see that we’re going to need Active Navigation when that happens.”

“We are very pleased to be supporting the Cabinet Office in this initiative,” commented
Peter Baumann, CEO of Active Navigation. “When an organisation is faced with a growing
amount of unstructured information, it faces not only the difficulty of finding documents,
but also of spiralling storage costs. As a result of this process, the Cabinet Office will be
able to demonstrate that it is on top of and in control of its information, rather than sinking
beneath its weight.”

About Active Navigation:

Active Navigation is a privately held company with offices in the United Kingdom and
United States of America.

Active Navigation’s customers include the Royal Air Force, the US Department of Defense,
the US Department of Homeland Security, Halcrow Group, Greater Manchester Fire and
Rescue Service, London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority, Jane’s Information Group and
Lloyd’s of London.

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