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					                                 BAY MILLS NEWS
                                                                      “Serving the Bay Mills Indian Community”

  Vol. 8 No. 2                                                           GchiManidoo-giizis           Big Spirit Moon                                                January 15, 2004

Boys & Girls Club has something for all kids
    Getting cabin fever? Boys &          DAILY ACTIVITIES                          Monday, Jan. 26 —                  opportunity for those interested      Tribes Youth (MUTY) Basketball
Girls Club of Bay Mills has an           Monday - Thursday 3:30-4 is           Community Pride, Board Games;          in playing Michigan United            League to get in practice.
action-packed winter after school     free time and snacks.                    5-6: Sports; 6-7: Library, Skiing,
days Monday through Thursday
for Club members and special
                                         Monday -Thursday 4-5 is
                                      Power Hour.
                                                                               or Free Time
                                                                                   Tuesday, Jan. 27 — 4-5:
                                                                                                                        New activities just for teens!
field trips twice a month for teens      Monday - Thursday 7-7:30 is           Health or Cooking, 5-6:                    The Boys & Girls Club of          are located on Julie Hopper’s
on Friday nights.                     Free Time.                               Newspaper, Arts & Crafts, or           Bay Mills has exciting news for       office door as well as the permis-
    Regular Club programming             SCHEDULED ACTIVITIES                  Free Time, 6-7: Sports or              all teens ages 13-18. Teen night      sion slips. Permission slips must
such as Smart Kids and Power             In addition, the following            Beading                                at Boys & Girls Club is now           be signed in order to go. For
Hour are always offered. Smart        activities are offered at these spe-         Wednesday, Jan. 28 —               structured differently.               more information, please contact
Kids is is a national program to      cific times for the rest of January,     Leadership, Letter Writing; 5-6            We will be taking teens on        Julie Hopper at 248-3241, ext.
help prevent risky behavior in        “Winter Fun” month:                      Sports, 6-7: Special Projects,         two field trips per month. The        3133.
kids by providing them with              Thursday, Jan. 15 — 4-5:              Computers, or Free Time                Youth Center/gym will no longer          Boys & Girls Club offers a
knowledge, skills and self-           Current events or outside; 5-6:              Jan. 29 — 4-5: Current Events      be open every Friday evening.         homework lab/tutoring and
esteem. “SMART” stands for            Smart Kids, Club Pride or Free           or Outside; 5-6: Club Pride or         The field trips will vary but all     career exploration opportunities
“skills, mastery and resistance       Time; 6-7 Sports                         Free Time; 6-7: Sports                 expenses will be paid and will        on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and
training.” Some issues addressed         Monday, Jan. 18 — 4-5:                    TEEN NIGHT FIELD TRIP              take place on designated Fridays      Thursdays from 3:30-4:30. The
are avoidance of tobacco, alcohol     Board Games; or Play Station, 5-         (AGES 13-18)                           only. Please check the club cal-      lab will be located in the base-
or drug use, and postponement of      6: Sports, 6-7: Science,                     Friday, Jan. 16 — Movie at         endar monthly to find out about       ment of the college library. For
intimate relations. Power Hour is     Snowshoe or Free Time                    Varsity Cinema                         upcoming trips.                       more information, please contact
a national program to help with          Tuesday, Jan. 20 — 4-5:                   Friday, Jan. 23 — Laker                January’s Friday field trips      Aaron Tadgerson at 248-3241
homework, tutors and add educa-       Health or Cooking, 5-6:                  Hockey Game                            include viewing the movie “Lord       ext. 3161.
tional enhancement to help par-       Newspaper, arts and crafts or free           (Call or stop in for times and     of the Rings” at Varsity Cinemas         Every Wednesday from 8-9
ticipants excel in school.            time; 6-7 Sports or Beading              meeting arrangements.)                 on Jan. 16 and cheering the           p.m., the Boys and Girls Club
    Kids (or their parents) who are   Circle                                       TEEN BASKETBALL                    Lakers Hockey Team on against         offers an open gym for all teens
interested in joining the Boys &         Wednesday, Jan. 21 — 4-5:                 Every Wednesday from 8-9           Providence at the Norris Center       who want to get out of the cold
Girls Club of Bay Mills can call      Music or Free Gym; 5-6: Sports,          p.m., the Boys and Girls Club of       on Jan. 23. The sign up sheets        and play basketball.
906-248-3241, ext. 3116, email        6-7: Writing, Painting or Free           Bay Mills offers an open gym for, or stop in.
The club is located at the
                                      Time in the Youth Center.
                                         Thursday, Jan. 22 — Brimley
                                                                               all teens who want to get out of
                                                                               the cold and play basketball.
                                                                                                                          Snowplowing can cause
Waishkey Center.                      half day: 1-7:30 p.m.                        This would also be a great            hazard to drivers and plows
                                                                                                                         BAY MILLS — Personal               way must remain clear at all

Snaring rabbits for food and fur
                                                                                                                      trucks plowing snow across roads      times. Additionally, no snow is to
                                                                                                                      have been causing a hazard or         be pushed at or near residences.
                                                                                                                      damage to tribal snowplows and           Citations could be issued to
    From the Bay Mills History                                                                                        drivers. Numerous complaints          those not following these require-
Department                                                                                                            have been made to Bay Mills           ments.
    Long ago when snow covered                                                                                        Construction and the tribe. Bay
Mother Earth, the Anishnaabeg                                                                                         Mills Law Enforcement and Bay            A SPECIAL REMINDER TO
had already moved to their winter                                                                                     Mills Construction reminds            PARENTS: kids must remain
homes. Food was scarcer then.                                                                                         everyone that:                        clear of snowplows — playing
Snaring rabbits was one of the                                                                                           — Proper warning lights are        around plows is a dangerous
ways of supplying not only food                                                                                       required on trucks plowing across     game. Bay Mills Construction
but the needed furs as well. It                                                                                       roads.                                staff asks that kids be kept away
could mean survival during hard                                                                                          — No snow or debris can be         from snowbanks while plows are
times.                                                                                                                pushed onto the road — the road-      at work.
    Snaring rabbits is usually the
first step into hunting and trap-                                                                                        Bay Mills Health Center has
ping for many of the young boys.
Snaring took place between                                                                                                limited supply of FluMist
freeze up time and break up time.
                                                                                                                         BAY MILLS — The FluMist                Bay Mills Health staff is also
Wiigab (basswood fiber) would
                                                                                                                      vaccine has arrived! This is a        trying to obtain 10 or 20 doses of
have been used to make the
                                                                                                                      live, but weakened intranasal vac-    the inactivated flu vaccine for
snares. Today, picture wire is a
                                                                                                                      cine to be given to healthy people    their high risk patients only. They
                                                                                                                      ages 5–49 years of age. The Bay       are waiting to hear if they will be
    Rabbit fur was the first cloth
                                                                                                                      Mills Health Center is asking         able to receive any. This vaccine
used for the baby in his cradle-
                                                                                                                      anyone who is interested in get-      is in very short supply and the
board. It was also used for the
                                                                                                                      ting this vaccine to call to let us   state has allocated a limited sup-
baby’s diaper along with moss for
                                                                                                                      know. Staff will set aside            ply to each local health depart-
absorbency. The Anishnaabeg
                                                                                                                      Tuesday, Jan. 20, for giving this     ment. They then have to request
used it in their moccasins for
                                                                                                                      vaccine. Please call 248-5527 to      some from our Chippewa County
warmth in the wintertime. Rabbit
                                                                                                                      schedule an appointment for           Health Dept., which has been
skin blankets were a favorite as
                                                                             Photo Courtesy Bay Mills History Dept.   Tuesday afternoon.                    done.
well. It took 60 to 70 rabbit skins
to make one.                             Above, Bobby Parrish as a young boy holds up two rab-
    All parts of the rabbit were      bits. The son of Clarence and June Parish, Bobby’s last
used. Here is an old recipe you       name appeared on his birth certificate with two Rs, and he
may want to try:                      never had it changed — that’s why they are the only Parish
    Rabbit Soup                       family with two Rs.
    (Waabooz Naboob)                  with flour and water. Leave the
    To the water in which rab-        paste lumpy so as to make lit-
bits are boiled is added a            tle dumpling floating in the
piece of salt pork. Great care        soup. (Squash blossoms and
is taken, however, while dress-       corn silkens may be added for                                                          49735
                                                                                                                           Gaylord, MI
ing rabbits to save all the           flavoring and thickening.)                                                         Permit No. 226
blood, as it is excellent for the                                                                                            PAID                                 Brimley MI 49715
soup. After boiling about an
                                                                                                                          U.S. Postage                            12140 W. Lakeshore Dr.
                                      Right, is a depiction of a tradi-                                                   PRSRT STD                               Bay Mills News
hour the soup is thickened            tional rabbit snare.

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