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									                   H I G H L I G H T S                                                                                                                      San Blas Islands

                         Panama Canal                                                                                          Colón                                 Rio Chepo

                         San Blas Islands                                                                                  Gatun Lake            ✪ Panamá City
                                                                                             Bocas del Toro                                       Panamá Canal
                        Chiriqui Rainforest                                               Chiriqui
                                                                                                                              La Chorrera              Contadora I.               La Palma
                           Hiking, birdwatching
                                                                                                                                                          Isla del Rey
                            Bocas del Toro                                                                        Santa                  Tabago I.
                                                                                                                                                      Islas Perla                National Park
                      Snorkeling, diving, eco-tou                                        David                             María
                                                                                                            Santiago                Chitré
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Panama Canal

              PA N A M A C I T Y                                                                                                                                                                                      Panama City

              S TA R T E R PA C K A G E                                                                                                                Gatun Locks

                                                                                                                                                                                               Pedro Miguel Locks            Balboa
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Miraflores Locks

              Start with any Panama City hotel for 2
              nights, and add on as many nights as
              you wish. Per person price includes:
                                                                                      PA N A M A C I T Y
            M   Airport greeting and round trip trans-                   COUNTRY INN & SUITES rtabpPu                                                MARRIOTT rtabpP
                fers between airport and hotel in                        Panama Canal I Moderate                                                     Panama City I Deluxe
                Panama City*                                                                  New hotel located at Fort                                                           Modern high rise building in
            M   Two nights accommodation at your                                              Amador, on the Boardwalk, in                                                        the heart of the city’s banking
                selected hotel in Panama City*                                                front of the entrance to the                                                        and financial district. Elegant
                                                                                              Panama Canal. Offers 98 rooms                                                       interior with 296 spacious
            M   Daily breakfast                                                               and suites, all with balconies,                                                     guest rooms.
                                                                                              and extensive range of recre-
            M   City tour and Panama Canal                                                    ational activities.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Two Nights        Extra Night
            M   Hotel tax and service charge                                                                  Two Nights           Extra Night                                                     Double            Double
              *Return transfer to airport is provided when                                                      Double               Double                             Standard Room from         $266                 $92
              your last night is booked by Avanti Destinations           Standard Room               from       $174                  $48

                                                                         EL PANAMA rbpaPtd                                                                            BEACH RESORTS
                                                                         Panama City I First Class
                                                                                              In the heart of the banking dis-                       Extension package from Panama City. Includes
                                                                                              trict, located on the principal                        flight from Panama City and transfers.
                      D a y To u r s
                                                                                              avenue of the city, within walking
                  from Panama City                                                            distance to many restaurants.
                                                                                                                                                     Contadora Island
                                                                                              The 330 rooms are spacious and                         Enjoy a tranquil vacation on the white sandy beach-
     M Partial    Canal Transit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $150                        newly renovated.                                       es of lovely Contadora Island, just a 15-minute
       Departs every Saturday                                                                                    Two Nights     Extra Night          flight from Panama City. One of the largest of the
                                                                                                                   Double         Double
                                                                                                                                                     Pearl Islands, Contadora offer miles of beaches
     M Full
          Canal Transit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $210                  Standard Room from           $239               $79            and a wide range of water activities, as well as a
       Departs one Saturday per month (check for dates)                                                                                              famous casino.
     M Soberania      National Park & Canal . . . . . . .        $87
       departs Monday, Wednesday & Friday                                CAESAR PARK rtabpP                                                          HOTEL PUNTA GALEON RESORT
     M El
                                                                         Panama City I Superior                                                      rtabpPu
            Valle Indian Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $105                                                                                 Contadora Island I Moderate
       Departs Sunday only                                                                       Located in front of the ATLAPA
                                                                                                 convention center, minutes                                                      Small beachfront resort offers
     M Historic Forts of Portobello. . . . . . . . . . . . . $113                                away from excellent shopping                                                    48 comfortable rooms with
       Departs Tuesday, Thursday & Friday                                                        areas and the banking district.                                                 Caribbean decor, balcony or
                                                                                                 400 rooms.                                                                      patio, and an oceanview. The
                                                                                                                                                                                 hotel is well-maintained with
                                                                                                                                                                                 lovely landscaped gardens. Offers
                                                                                                                                                                                 activities for adults and children.
                                                                                                                 Two Nights     Extra Night                                                      Two Nights        Extra Night
                                                                                                                   Double         Double                                                           Double            Double
24                                                                                    Standard Room from           $199               $65                               Standard Room from         $265                 $81
                                     ECO-TOUR PACKAGES                                                                                                  RVP
                                                   E X T E N S I O N S F R O M PA N A M A C I T Y                                                           o
                                                                                                                                                        valu mmen
                                                                                                                                                             e p    d
                                                                                                                                                                 ack ed

BOCAS DEL TORO                                            PROVINCE OF CHIRIQUI                                      I M A G E S O F PA N A M A
                                                          Panama’s Switzerland                                      Panama is an exciting destination for eco-tourism.
The Best Kept Secret of                                   A nature lover’s paradise, the province of Chiriqui,      Located near the one million acre La Amistad
the Caribbean                                             only an hour flight from Panama City, is a region of      International Park (shared by both Panama and
                                                          mountains, waterfalls, and hot springs, with majes-       Costa Rica), and surrounded by Volcan Baru
Located on the tropical island of Colon, a
                                                          tic Baru Volcano, the highest peak in Panama, in          National Park, the 770 acre Los Quetzales Preserve
40 minute flight from Panama City, Bocas
                                                          the background. The resplendent quetzal nests in          has a unique location from which to introduce visi-
del Toro offers coral reefs, white sandy
                                                          this cloud forest habitat. Boquete is located in a        tors to the beauty of the Chiriqui highlands.
beaches and warm crystal-clear emerald
                                                          lovely agricultural area. Explore the area from one       Continue to Bocas del Toro with its mangroves,
waters. It is also a rich wildlife habitat.
                                                          of the charming small lodges in the region.               coral reefs and miles of white sandy beaches.
The culture of Bocas del Toro is Caribbean.
                                                                                                                    M 8 days/7 nights
M 3 days/2 nights                                         Boquette – Hotel Panamonte                                Departs daily
Departs daily from Panama City
                                                          M 3 days/2 nights                                         Includes:
Includes:                                                 Departs daily from Panama City, min. 2 passengers         Transfers, 7 nights accommodations, flights, meals,
Transfers, flights 2 nights accommodations,               Includes:                                                 tours and guides per itinerary, hotel tax and service
breakfast daily, tours and guides per itinerary,                                                                    charge.
                                                          Transfers, flights 2 nights accommodations, breakfast
hotel tax and service charge.
                                                          daily, tours and guides per itinerary, hotel tax and      Itinerary:
Itinerary:                                                service charge.
                                                                                                                    Day 1: Panama City: Arrival greeting and transfer
Day 1: Transfer to the airport for flight to the          Itinerary:                                                to Country Inn and Suites Panama Canal. Overnight.
island of Colon. Arrival greeting and transfer to
                                                          Day 1: Transfer to airport for the one hour flight to     Day 2: Panama City: Morning city tour including a
hotel for overnight.
                                                          David. Arrival greeting and transfer to Hotel             visit to the Panama Canal. Overnight. (B)
Day 2: Full-day boat tour to the Coral Caye               Panamonte in the picturesque town of Boquete. Visit
Marine National Park for snorkeling on the                                                                          Day 3: Panama City/Chiriqui: Transfer to airport
                                                          a coffee plantation along the way. Overnight.
coral reef. Overnight (B).                                                                                          for 50 minute flight to David . Arrival greeting and
                                                          Day 2: Full day in the Chiriqui Highlands, known as       transfer to Cerro Punta in the highlands, 4 miles
Day 3: Transfer to the airport for the return             the breadbasket of Panama. Visit Finca Lerida, one        north of Bambito. Overnight Hotel Los Quetzales.
flight to Panama City. Transfer to hotel (B).             of the largest coffee farms in the area, located near     Afternoon tour to Finca Dracula to visit the Orchid
                                                          Baru Volcano National Park. Overnight (B).                Sanctuary. Overnight. (B)
LAGUNA HOTEL rab                                          Day 3: Transfer to airport for flight to Panama City.     Day 4: Chiriqui: Morning birdwatching excursion to
Bocas del Toro I Moderate                                 Transfer to hotel (B).                                    El Sendero to look for the elusive resplendent quet-
                            In the center of Colon                                                                  zal, followed by hiking in La Amistad Park.
                            Island, near restaurants      PANAMONTE HOTEL rPb                                       Overnight. (B)
                                                          Boquete Valley I Moderate
                            and shops, this small                                                                   Day 5: Chiriqui/Bocas del Toro: Transfer to airport
                            hotel offers comfortable                                  Charming country hotel        for flight to Bocas del Toro. Afternoon at leisure.
                            rooms with air-condition-                                 decorated with European       Overnight Hotel Laguna. (B)
                            ing. 16 rooms.                                            furniture and colonial art.
                                                                                      The hotel features 16 cozy    Day 6: Bocas del Toro: Full day boat excursion to
                                                                                      rooms, and comfortable        Bastimentos Island National Marine Park to explore
                  ap c                                                                common areas. Their           the mangroves and to snorkel in the coral reefs.
Bocas del Toro I Moderate                                                             restaurant is considered      Overnight. (B)
                               Located on Cayo                                        one of the best in the        Day 7: Bocas del Toro/Panama City: Morning
                               Carenero, adjacent to                                  Boquete area.                 transfer to airport for return flight to Panama City.
                               the island of Colon.                    Rates are per person      Double    Single
                                                                                                                    Transfer to Country Inn and Suites Panama Canal for
                               The resort has 8                                                                     overnight. (B)
                                                                       Panamonte Hotel from         $417   $652
                               comfortable seaside                                                                  Day 8: Panama City: Transfer to airport for return
                               bungalows.                                                                           flight. (B)

             Rates are per person    Double     Single
                                                          SAN BLAS ISLANDS                                          LOS QUETZALES rPb
             Laguna Hotel from     $345         $450                                                                Chiriqui I Moderate
                                                          The San Blas Islands are a string of 365 beautiful                            Located along a river in the agri-
             Buccaneer Resort from $419         $583      tropical islands along Panama’s Caribbean coast-                              cultural town of Guadalupe, an
                                                          line, an hour by air from Panama City. Forty-nine                             hour and a half from David. The
                                                          of these islands are inhabited by the self-governing                          Los Quetzales Preserve is a 30
                                                          Kuna Indians, descendents of the Caribe ethnic                                minute hike from town, or 17
                                                                                                                                        minutes by 4 wheel drive.
                                                          group, and known for their untouched culture and                              Special features of the hotel
                                                          beautiful artwork.                                                            include a private riverside health
                                                          M 2 days/1 night
                                                                                                                                        spa; and a restaurant that serves
                                                                                                                    produce from their own organic garden. 11 rooms.
                                                          Departs daily from Panama City
                                                                                                                    Los Quetzales packages can be booked separately.
                                                                                                                    Please call for prices.
                                                          Transfers, flight (approximately one hour), one night
                                                          Kwadule Eco-Lodge, guided tour to a Kuna village,                      Rates are per person       Double   Single
                                                          breakfast, lunch and dinner, hotel tax and service                     Images of Panama from      $1156    $1580
                                                                       Rates are per person    Double      Single
                                                                       San Blas Islands from   $284        $367
                                                                       Extra nights may be added.


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