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					Spying Eyes Investigations Inc
P.O. Box 24304
Jacksonville, FL 32241
Phone 888-733-9212                                                                                           FL License A 2700041

                                  Investigative Reports Agreement



 Street Address:


Agreement dated            /       / 2007 between     name
hereinafter referred to as the Client, has retained the services of Spying Eyes Investigations Inc.,
hereinafter referred to as Agency, to conduct professional investigative services, and/or research of:

 Subjects Name:

 (Please check all reports to be purchased)

          Comprehensive Report (Best Value)             $115                Summary Background Report                               $65
          Locate Person Search                           $85                Pre-Employment Background (waiver req.)                 $80
          Florida Criminal Background Check              $60                Criminal Background Check State________                 $95
          Florida Drivers License Check                  $40                Reverse Phone Number Search                             $50
          Vehicle Registrations/Vehicle Tag              $35                Asset Search/Report                                     $70
          Pre-Nuptial Background Check                  $165                Other Report (Please Contact Office)                  $Call

Client agrees to pay Agency for all work undertaken or to be undertaken at the above listed rate for each report requested. Other
individuals or name similarities may be listed or provided in a report due to lack of sufficient information to accurately verify the
individual is the subject of the report. Client understands that information is gathered from, but not limited to public records, public
information, searches, nonproprietary services/sources, occasionally errors or omissions occur, Client agrees to waive Agency of
any liability from errors or omissions in connection to any reports both verbal or written provided by Agency, its officers, or

Client agrees to pay Agency for all services rendered regardless of outcome of said services. Client further agrees that all
outstanding bills and charges are due at the completion of services rendered. All reports, documents or any other evidentiary
material remain the property of the Agency until outstanding balance is paid in full. In the event the Client fails or refuses to pay
outstanding bill, Client shall be responsible for all costs incurred in the collection of the outstanding bill, including Agency’s time at
General Investigations hourly rate, all reasonable Attorney, Collections, or Court fees. It is understood that this contract shall be
interpreted by the laws of the State of Florida and the jurisdiction for any action herein shall be in Duval County, Florida unless
otherwise determined.

Agency warrants to Client that it is licensed to perform investigative services as required by law. In the process of investigations
and obtaining information, Agency will comply with all Federal, State, Local laws and regulations. Client acknowledges by entering
into this agreement that it has represented to Agency that all materials, documentation, or information shall be used for lawful
purposes only. All materials and findings furnished to Client by Agency are exclusively for Clients own use. Client agrees to restrict
the dissemination of said findings to third parties who have a legitimate need to know and are authorized by law. Client will hold
Agency harmless from any damages, losses, costs, incurred or suffered for which Client has failed to maintain investigative
findings, information confidential. Pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 493.6119 (1), Agency will keep and maintain all reports and
findings strictly confidential and that except when required by law, no information will be revealed to the Subject(s) investigated or
to any other persons or Clients Attorneys without the express written consent of the Client.

The Client by entering into this agreement represents that the services requested are for lawful use only and that the Client has
provided Agency with true and accurate information to the best of the Clients knowledge. Client understands that knowingly
supplying false or misleading information to Agency will result in termination of services and forfeiture of all retainers or payments
to Agency. Agency reserves rights to withdraw from or decline business without explanation.

The Client agrees that by entering into this agreement to indemnify and hold harmless Agency, its officers, employees, and any
companies in which Agency obtains information from all liabilities expenses, attorney fees, and costs arising from Clients use of
investigative findings and reports supplied by Agency.

In witness whereof the parties by their duly authorized representatives have signed and executed this
agreement as of the date listed above.

                   Client Signature

                        Print Name

      (Upon Completion return by U.S. Mail, Fax 888-733-9212, or email to

                                                 Spying Eyes Investigations Inc.
                                                         P.O. Box 24304
                                                 Jacksonville, Florida 32241-4304
                                                        Fax 888-733-9212

                             Please Contact us regarding any questions or for a Free Consultation
                                                   Toll Free 888-733-9212
Spying Eyes Investigations Inc
P.O. Box 24304
Jacksonville, FL 32241
Phone Toll Free 888-733-9212                                                                                         FL License A 2700041


    Company Name

    Last Name

    First Name

    Street Address


    Phone Number

    Work/Cell Number

    Email Address


            U.S. Priority Mail                $4.05              UPS 2 Day Air                   $10.50

            UPS Overnight                    $18.15              U.S. Postal Express Mail        $14.40


          Mastercard                  Visa                       American Exp               Discover                   PayPal

    Clients using PayPal must have valid email address and allow incoming email. Upon receipt and initial processing
    of your order, you will receive a secure link via an email to make payments on a Secure PayPal Website.


     Cardholder Name

     Billing Address


     Card Number

     Expiration Date        MONTH:                                                     YEAR:

    Client authorizes Spying Eyes Investigations Inc. to charge the above credit card for reports/services rendered including any fees,
    delivery charges, and taxes if applicable.

      Card Holder
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    Vehicle Make/Color


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    Known Associates

    Additional Info

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                                           To Order Mail /Fax/ Email Completed Forms to:

                                             Spying Eyes Investigations Inc.
                                                     P.O. Box 24304
                                             Jacksonville, Florida 32241-4304
                                                    Fax 888-733-9212
                           Please Contact us regarding any questions or for a Free Consultation
                                              Toll Free 888-733-9212