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					    •    Free Web Space
    •   ZeroCatch
        One of the best free Web hosters that we've seen yet, ZeroCatch offers you 100 megs of space.
        This banner-ad supported hoster has speedy, reliable servers. Features here include FTP support,
        site promotion and more. If you're looking for an added draw for your site, check out their
        "partnership" program, which lets you become a free Web space provider yourself.

Would you like to publish on the Web, but don't want the hassle of having to set up a Web site?
Then you should explore Blogger, a free online tool that lets you post content on the Web
instantly. Blogger, a popular service owned by the search engine Google, lets you quickly and
easily set up a custom "blog" (short for "Web log").

    •   Tripod
        The second largest free Web page service (after Yahoo! GeoCities), Tripod gives its
        members a choice between pop-up ads and embedded ads. You get 20 megabytes of
        space for your site at this service, which now has over 4 million members and which is
        owned by search portal Lycos. Here, you have two options: if you're a beginner, you can
        use the "Quickpage" option if you want Tripod to write your page's coding. If you know
        HTML coding, you can do it yourself through the "Custom" option.
            o Tripod offers support for Microsoft FrontPage extensions, which means that if
                you own this commercial Web authoring package, you have more flexibility in
                what you can do with your site, (such as the ability to easily add text searches).
                However, we've had a number of complaints that Tripod's FrontPage server is
                slow and buggy.

    •            Yahoo! GeoCities
        A part of search portal Yahoo's empire, GeoCities is the Web's largest free space
        provider, with over 5 million "Homesteaders." An ad-supported service, GeoCities offers
        you 15 megabytes of space and 3 gigabytes of data transfer (bandwidth) per month. You
        start out by staking your claim in a GeoCities "neighborhood" that offers pages with
        similar themes to yours. You submit an application and are given a password for use in
        creating your Web site. You may then use the "Yahoo! PageBuilder" utility here to create
        your home page.
            o Like many Web hosters, Yahoo! GeoCities is heavily promoting its premium
                 commercial services these days. However, free hosting is still available here (just
                 look for the "get started with a free GeoCities home page" text link).
            o GeoCities has eliminated the problem of its once-cumbersome, lengthy URLs via
                 an improved naming scheme, which means that you can have a shorter URL,
                 such as
            o Some of our visitors report periodic access woes here. A number of complaints
                 have also been posted on Yahoo! GeoCities' message boards lately about
                 vanishing pages. We've also had complaints that support is difficult to obtain.
                 However, other visitors report that assistance is readily available through the
                 service's "Community Leaders," who may be reached via E-mail or ICQ.

A major free Web space provider that is owned by search portal Lycos, Angelfire offers 20
megabytes of space and supports FrontPage extensions. You may advertise your business here,
but you may not have paid advertising banners on your page. Angelfire offers lots of helpful
advice for getting you up and running with your own Web site, even if you're new to Web site

        A solid free Web space provider, offers you 150 megabytes of space, unlimited
        bandwidth, and free subdomains. Here, you upload your files using FTP, or via their online
        EasyUpload utility. also offers a number of free enhancements for your site, such
        as a guestbook and a message board.

        This free Web hosting service offers you 100 megs of space, a choice of domains, and unlimited
        traffic. This service offers several free enhancements for your site, including a guestbook, detailed
        site stats, a message board and online forms, full FTP access, and a big selection of subdomains to
        choose from.
             o offers advanced site creation software with its free hosting
                   accounts, which you can use to create professional-looking pages, Flash enabled sites,
             o Here, you can get a free "catch all" E-mail service (which means you can choose a variety
                   of wild card E-mail addresses such as anything@your.domain, that all go to one

        This is a solid, free Web hosting service that includes a lot of helpful features. An ad-supported
        service, gives you 150 megs of space and your own subdomain. Other features
        include direct FTP access, a guestbook, a message board, form mail and lots more.

        Here's a free, banner-supported Web hosting service that offers you 100 megs of space, along with
        FTP support, site promotion, and speedy servers.

        A free Web hosting service that offers lots of nice features, including full FTP access and PHP
        support. Here, you get 150 megs of storage space, MySQL support, a free guestbook and more.
        You can also host your blog here.

    •          ProHosting
        This free Web space provider offers a generous package. Here, you get 50 megs of Web space, an
        FTP account and CGI access. ProHosting also offers an online site creation utility and customer
        support via E-mail.

        At this site, you can sign up for a free Web hosting account that offers 250 megs of space. Here,
        no ads are placed on your pages and you can access your account either via FTP or your browser.
        Accounts are available instantly with no registration required.

        Here's a versatile free Web hoster that features domain and subdomain hosting. This service offers
        "unlimited" Web space and bandwidth and high-traffic sites are eligible for a free domain. Here,
        you get free FTP access, PHP/MySQL support and more.

        This is a free Web hosting service that offers you 5 gigs of bandwidth, and a free subdomain.
        Features here include FTP and cPanel access and PHP/CGI support. Accounts include a message
        board and guestbook.

        A fast-growing free Web hosting service that offers a generous 250 megs of space, as well as top-
        notch tech support. features an easy-to-use Web-based account manager, as well as
        FTP access. This service is MSN TV-friendly.

        Are you looking for free Web space? This regularly-updated directory lists over 800 free hosting
        services on the Web. offers reviews, ratings and a searchable database.

        This helpful directory offers a nice roundup of free hosting services on the Web. Here, you'll also
        find listings for commercial hosters, as well as other hosting-related services, such as free domain
        names and URL hosting services.

        A speedy, solid free hosting service which offers 20 megabytes of Web space for your personal or
        commercial Web site. lets you use your own domain name or you may choose
        from among 12 virtual domains. Here, you get full FTP access, as well as an easy-to-use Web-
        based file manager. Other features include unlimited E-mail addresses, a guestbook, counter,
        templates and more. Excellent tech support is provided via E-mail.

        A reliable free Web hosting service that offers 100 megs of storage and 5,000 megs of bandwidth
        per month. features PHP and MySQL support, FTP access, and more.

A free image hosting service, ImageUploads is easy to use and allows hotlinking. This service is
handy for posting pictures on Web sites, forums, eBay auctions, etc. Supported image formats
include GIF, JPG and SWF.
Free Image Hosting
This versatile image hosting site (which is available in a free version) lets you share photos and
other images with your friends and family, as well as host images for online auctions.
lets you create image portfolios, auction galleries, slide shows, and more.

       Free My Image
This free image hosting service offers an online photo album that lets you share photos with your
friends and family. Here, you get a control panel that lets you easily manage your images. You
can also password-protect your images, if you want.

        File Den
A free file hosting service that is easy to use and offers a generous 500 megabytes of space.
Individual files here can be up to 50 megs in size. Registration (which is free) is recommended,
but not required.
This new site offers free file storage and image hosting. Here, you get 25 megabytes of space,
and you may upload individual files of up to 2 megs in size. The service is handy for storing many
types of files, including documents, music, video, Flash files, and more.

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