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									Physical illnesses are the symptoms of a
greater imbalance that may or may not                                               EnergyTouch Healing
have a root cause in the physical.
                                                                                helps you achieve a
                                                                                         state of well being.
EnergyTouch Healing addresses all parts
of the individual, not just the physical
                                                                                     The EnergyTouch work is unique
aspect of a person where manifested ill-                                        among energy healing modalities
nesses are most apparent. We can assist                                         because it accesses levels of very high
                                                                                and fine vibration. It is effective in
in the healing and well being of:                                               conditions that are extremely challeng-
                                                                                ing to the medical world. In some cases,
Pregnancy                                                                       life-threatening diseases, severe injuries
                                                                                and birth defects have been treated
                                                                                and reversed using the EnergyTouch
                                                                                Healing work. EnergyTouch Healing
                                                                                works outside of the usual time-space
Pelvic Pain                                                                     continuum and affects cellular function.
Breast Disease                                                                  Some conditions may be reversed that
PMS                                                                             were previously thought to be incurable.
Thyroid Diseases
Depression and Anxiety
Fatigue Disorders
Graves Disease                                 EnergyTouch Healing work
Endometriosis                                    is used successfully in the
Fibrocystic Disease
Sexual Function                                      treatment of many
Infertility                                       conditions, illnesses and
Migraines and Headaches                         dysfunctions. WomanCare
Urinary Issues                                 offers sessions with Certified       “It is my great honor and pleasure to
Sinus Problems                                                                  have been taught EnergyTouch Healing
Hair Loss                                          EnergyTouch Healers.         work and to be able to integrate it with
Spinal Cord Injury                                                              Western medicine. We are living in an
Multiple Sclerosis                                                              exciting time when we can take a leap for-
                                                                                ward in our ability to help those in need.”
Flu and Viral Illnesses
Asthma                                                  – Marilyn Mitchell, M.D., WomanCare
                                                                                             Director of Integrated Healing
Rheumatoid Arthritis
                                                                                          Director of Medical Integration—
Fibrocystic Breasts
                                              847.221.4800                          The Energy School of Advanced Healing
                                                                                                                                                                                        Holistic Healing Team
Infertility                                                 Breast Issues                                               Surgery                                                       Trained and Certified in EnergyTouch Advanced Healing

                                                                                                                                                                                               Marilyn Mitchell, M.D.
  EnergyTouch Healing work has been used suc-                  EnergyTouch Healing work has been used successful-          EnergyTouch Healing work has been used success-              WomanCare – Director of Integrated Healing
cessfully in the treatment of infertility to help couples   ly in the treatment of fibrocystic conditions and breast    fully to complement the surgical process. Healing in
achieve pregnancy. WomanCare offers sessions with           cancer to help reverse these conditions. This therapy is    conjunction with surgery has been seen to promote                        Karen Hanson, R.N.
certified EnergyTouch healers to patients who are           most commonly used in conjunction with traditional          faster healing, reduce pain, and reduce complications.       WomanCare – WHNP – Holistic Nurse Practitioner
experiencing infertility.                                   therapies. WomanCare offers sessions with Certified         Recovery times are improved. Many people are able to
                                                            EnergyTouch Healers to patients who have been diag-         have a more meaningful healing through the surgical                         Tricia Eldridge
                                                            nosed with breast cancer and other breast issues.           process, by understanding the emotional and spiritual                    Founder and Director –
Pregnancy                                                                                                               components of their issue. WomanCare offers sessions           The EnergyTouch School of Advanced Healing
                                                            Depression/Anxiety                                          with Certified EnergyTouch Healers to patients who are
   EnergyTouch Healing work has been used suc-                                                                          to undergo surgery. These sessions are appropriate pre
cessfully in pregnancy to alleviate symptoms, to               EnergyTouch Healing work has been used successful-       and/or post operative. Some of our EnergyTouch
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Gail Corse
maintain healthy functioning, to reverse medical con-       ly in the treatment of depression, anxiety and other emo-   Healers are available to do energy healing in the operat-
ditions and to form a closer bond between the devel-        tional and psychological issues. This therapy has been      ing room concurrent with surgery. If you are interested                      Roberta Leenhouts, R.N.
oping infant and the family. WomanCare offers ses-          used alone or in conjunction with traditional therapies.    in exploring this healing modality, call the numbers list-
sions with Certified EnergyTouch Healers to patients        WomanCare offers sessions with Certified EnergyTouch        ed below. (For intra-operative healing, prior arrange-                         Susan Panitch, LCPC
who are pregnant.                                           Healers to patients who are suffering with depression or    ments with the healer and surgeon are necessary.)
                                                            emotional disorders.                                                                                                                         Audrey Weitzman

Congenital Anomalies                                                                                                    What are energy sessions like?
                                                                  Also offered by our Holistic Team:
   EnergyTouch Healing has been used successfully                                                                          The sessions are approximately one hour in length.
to help reverse congenital defects during pregnancy.                          Hypnosis                                  They are performed in a quiet room with the client fully
WomanCare’s EnergyTouch Healers offer sessions to                           Aromatherapy                                clothed and the lights low. The healer may talk or med-
selected patients who are pregnant and whose baby                                                                       itate with the client and lightly touch the body and sur-
has been diagnosed with a congenital defect. If you                       Natural Hormones                              rounding energy field, including the energy centers
wish to be considered for this healing work, give                            Supplements                                (chakras). The client may feel sensations of heat, cold,
your name to one of our Receptionists.                                                                                  energy waves through the body or may simply feel a
                                                                                                                        sense of relaxation. Clients may experience a sense of
                                                                                                                        well-being or insight. Results may become apparent
                                                                                                                        over time. More than one session may be advisable.

                                                                                        “ It helped me more than I could have ever imagined.
                                                                                            I have struggled so long with multiple medical
                                                                                         issues. After I received my healing these issues were
                                                                        totally resolved.” —Brenda S.

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