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design my own bathroom

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									Divine Bathrooms with Candice Olson

Candice Olson is revealing all of her tricks of the trade in this one-hour bathroom
special that features the best of her spectacular Divine Design bathrooms. Designs,
budgets, timelines – Candice Olson shares it all to help you unleash your inner
designer. A mix of useful information and stunning bathrooms, this special is sure to
inspire you to successfully create your very own divine bathroom or just dream of
one for the future.

So grab a pencil and follow along with the show …
Here we go!

Your Divine Design

The people/person using my bathroom are (is) …

       One person                      Two people                      An entire family

In order to find the best trades people possible you should ask your friends who they have used in
the past. Get three estimates and go for the best. Remember, cheap doesn't always mean good so that
is where word of mouth comes in handy.

How much do you want to spend?                                                                  Total
$-               + 15%                                             =             $-

(Want to work out your entire bathroom budget? Please visit and
download the Bathroom Budget excel template.)
I like this style the most …




*** It also a good idea to collect tear sheets (pictures from magazines) to show the style that you
are drawn to so that the people that you will be working with understand your vision. And don’t be
too concerned with categorizing your taste. Eclectic is a good way of saying “I like a little bit of
If I wanted my bathroom to be bigger, where could I steal the space?

   Closet                   Other room                       Other


I could invest in ….                                      I could stretch my buck …

   Tub                                                       Accent Tile

   Custom Cabinetry                                          Vinyl Floor


   Other                                                     Other

_______________________________________                   _______________________________

_______________________________________                   ________________________________

_______________________________________                   ________________________________

I can make the most out of my space by using …

   Pocket Doors                                              Low Contrast Colour

   Mirror                                                    Steal Space from other room


Some of the “Jewellery” that I might be interested in …

   Tubs          _________________________________________________________________

   Showers       _________________________________________________________________

   Gadgets – televisions, sound systems etc. ______________________________________

   Sinks         _________________________________________________________________

   Toilets       _________________________________________________________________
** You can do more research on the type of bathroom you would like by looking at all
of my floor plans, elevations and supplier lists. You can find them at …

The wall covering(s) I like are …
  Painted                             Wallpaper            Stencil

What colour(s) are you most drawn to?


The type of floors I like the most are …
  Tile                                Vinyl                Other materials


The kind of lighting fixtures I would like to mix are …
  Sconces                               Potlights          Under Cabinet

   Chandelier                         Other


The type of ceilings I like the most are …
  Painted                             Other materials


Some of the finishing touches that I like are …

   Tall bottles for decoration



   Window coverings

   Other _________________________________________________________________


Make a floor plan of your existing bathroom. This is vital information that you will need to share with
your trades.
    1) Sketch out the shape of the room.
    2) Include the dimensions of each wall.
    3) Sketch the location of your existing toilet, sink, bath and/or bidet.
My Notes …

I hope I have pointed you in the right direction! Have fun creating your very own divine bathroom!

                                 Candice Olson

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