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We develop websites for businesses and or-
ganizations by providing (but not limited to):

♦   Site design &
♦   Site mainte-
♦   Search engine
    optimization &
♦   Accessible web
    site design
♦   Consulting & training
♦   Hosting & domain registration

We specialize in online business development                                             Web Development
and growth, and can also work with a net-                                              Accessible Web Design
work of specialists to fulfill even the largest                                      Search Engine Optimization
and most complex projects as required.                                                 Consulting & Training

Website Options
♦   Calendar
♦   Forum /message board
♦   Graphic design
♦   Submission forms
♦   Newsletter list
♦   Databases
♦   Website updates / main-
                                                  Kalidust® Internet Advertising

♦   Image / picture scan-                                                          Kalidust® Internet Advertising
    ning                                                                                    200 Maple Dr
                                                  Lafayette, LA 70506

♦   Internet Video Overlay (IVO)                                                         Lafayette, LA 70506
♦   Live chat                                                                         Telephone: 337-988-2377
♦   Copywriting & editing
                                                  200 Maple Dr

                                                                                          Fax: 337-706-7076
♦   Lots more ...                                                                    Email:
Prices quoted on a per item basis. Features
are not limited to the list above.
    Affordable Web Design                                      What is Involved                              Already Have a Website?
Affordable web design solutions for small          Developing a website is similar to building a house.     Can anybody find it?
businesses from an experienced, profes-            The website owner and the developer work together        At Kalidust®, we build professional business
sional web design company since 1999.              on the project, with both having certain responsibili-   websites that are very search
                                                   ties to it.                                              engine friendly… meaning
Take your business to the next level with our                                                               we build cost-effective sites
internet advertising solutions that                A website requires an ad-                                with today's search engine
won’t break the bank.                              dress (domain name), prop-                               protocols in mind. We’ve
                                                   erty to build on (web host-                              gotten very good at it, too.
                                                   ing) and a contractor for
Having a professionally designed
                                                   construction (website de-                                What does this mean for your website?
website is essential if you want
                                                   veloper).     The website                                It means that visitors using search engines will
your business to compete online.
                                                   owner chooses what is to                                 have an easier time finding your site, enhanc-
                                                   be in their website — from                               ing its traffic value.
   ♦   It represents your com-                     colors to sizes to features,
       pany’s image                                and generally supplies the developer with content,       Need a tune-up or re-design of an exist-
                                                   text, and photos/graphics via electronic format when
   ♦   Provides local flavor to global exposure                                                             ing website?
                                                   possible to ensure accuracy of production.               Most website structure, links, code, etc. de-
   ♦   Lends credibility, establishes you as a                                                              grades over time for several reasons. We can
       real, “we mean business” company            Upon project completion, the only continued
                                                                                                            provide regular touch-ups or complete re-
                                                   charges are to maintain the domain name and web
                                                                                                            design, and offer our clients Prepaid annual
Web Design That Fits Your Budget                   hosting to keep the site alive and available. Addi-
                                                                                                            maintenance plans that benefit your web work
                                                   tional fess usually apply for consulting, re-design,
Kalidust® Internet Advertising specializes in                                                               budget year after year.
                                                   updates or changes.
affordable web design and development of high
                       quality, professional
                                                   Considering the current economic climate, we have
                       business websites. Our
                                                   developed a series of Prepaid service plans for our
                       sites are better built
                                                   clients. These are quite important when your web-
                                                                                                                      Website Prices
                       from scratch, using
                                                   site requires updates, maintenance, or other devel-      As with building a house, prices vary accord-
                       compliant coding tech-
                                                   opmental work online. Business consultations, re-        ing to size and amount of pages, number of
                       niques that get your site
                                                   design or changes as needed are done at discounted       graphics or images, layout,
                       noticed by today’s ma-
                                                   rates according to the plan selected. Only from          and features/options re-
                       jor search engines.
                                                   Kalidust® Internet Advertising!                          quired for the project.
At Kalidust® we pay attention to the details –
incorporating basic search engine friendliness,                                                             We evaluate the Kalidust®
                                                           Contact Kalidust® TODAY                          Cost Analysis Question-
maintaining your brand identity, using inviting
colors and images, and making your site easy for              at 337-988-2377 or                            naire for formal quote of
your visitors to use.                                                           project design and devel-
                                                                                                            opment, and schedule a free 30 minute tele-
                                                                  for a quote!
                                                                                                            phone consultation with one of our local ex-
Kalidust® – Getting your business online                                                                    perts. Please visit our site for details.
is easy – and affordable.                                 “Local Flavor, Global Exposure”

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