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									November 2007

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— The Daily Yomiuri - Osaka,Japan — The university has conducted research on laughter from different perspectives, and offers lectures on laughter for both
undergraduate and graduate students…

Just one piece of the jigsaw
— Times Online - UK — In our research, we found that the positive emotions and moods associated with “mirthful laughter”, which is not bitter or sarcastic...

Watching Funny Shows Helps Children Tolerate Pain for Longer Periods
— Newswise (press release) - USA — Although there are many programs that bring humor into pediatric hospitals, little research had been done on the utility of humor...

The education revolution
— Mail & Guardian Online - Johannesburg,South Africa — Laughter is contagious and the more teachers laugh, the more open our brains are to learning. Laughter
creates the necessary neurotransmitters...

Watching Funny Shows Helps Children Tolerate Pain Longer, Study Finds
— Science Daily (press release) – USA — Laughter has long been viewed as good medicine, and although there are many programs that bring humor into pediatric
hospitals, little research has been...

         MEMBERS in the NEWS:

Patch Adams to appear at workshop
— Urbana/Champaign News-Gazette - Champaign,IL,USA — Some of the subjects will include Adams' Gesundheit hospital project, redesigning medical school
admissions, design-ing a humor-health kit, eliminating rank...

Laughter is the best medicine!
— Liverpool Echo - UK — Stephanie Davies, 28, has been invited to speak at the Health Care and Humour conference in Chicago this week on using laughter and
humour to improve...

Harvest of Hope offers more than just information -- occasion ...
— Gainesville Times - Gainesville, GA, USA — She has worked with Patch Adams, a physician who has promoted the health benefits of humor, and with Norman
Cousins, the author who wrote about his attempt...

Making Noise
— Carnegie Mellon Today - Pittsburgh, PA, USA — Throughout the year, he says he will research what he calls the "healing power of laughter." To do so, he expects to
create plenty of laughter along the way...

Patch Adams: Heal with love
— Binghamton University Pipe Dream - NY, USA — “Humor is a context in which to do good medicine,” Adams said. “If you want people to come to a meeting, make it
funny, and they will come...

         HUMOR in the NEWS:
Counselors: Laughter, it's good for you — PARKERSBURG — Laughter and a sense of humor can affect health and wellness, mental health counselors say...

Integrative Way: Go ahead and laugh – it's good for you
— Sacramento Bee - CA, USA — There have been a number of studies in the recent past looking at health outcomes with laughter therapy...

Wallace beats breast cancer with laughter
— Mount Vernon News - Mount Vernon, OH, USA — Her first experience with breast health was in her 20s, a lump caused by a fibroid cystic condition. The physician
urged her to have a lumpectomy...

Humorous hands-on style could win teacher top honor
— Minneapolis Star Tribune (subscription) - Minneapolis, MN, USA — Plus, he brings humor to the classroom. He understands how to use humor without it getting away
from him. Beyond that, he has a passion for kids...

The Power of Play
— Metapsychology - Oakdale, NY, USA — According to the author, one should make time for the family and, whilst doing so, engage in good humor. In the section on
schools, Elkind gives us a...

Laughter Is Good Medicine; It Helps Relieve Pain for Kids Having ...
— Associated Content - Denver, CO, USA — Their research reveals that laughter can also dull the pain associated with many medical procedures. The UCLA Jonsson
Comprehensive Cancer Center worked in...

Your Dog May Look Like You, But Does He Have Your Sense Of Humor?
— Inventorspot – USA — Now it's time to find out if your human also shares your sense of humor.... Research has already shown that humans who own purebred dogs
tend to chose dogs...

Laughter Is The Best Medicine
— CBS News - New York, NY, USA — She said that laughter, and the well of happiness it's drawn from, creates good health, and that a smile is actually good for you...

Virtual road to recovery: Sick and disabled heal online
— The Virginian-Pilot - Norfolk, VA, USA — And laughter heals." Susan Brown of Richmond began using her avatar after suffering a stroke that left her in a wheelchair.
Today, the 57-year-old credits...
Virtual road to recovery: Sick and disabled heal online

Psychology of jokes
— (press release) - Sofia, Bulgaria — Laughter, the intended human reaction to jokes, is healthful in moderation, uses the stomach muscles, and releases
endorphins, natural happiness-inducing...

Laughter to help burst barriers
— Footscray, Yarraville, Braybrook Star - Pakenham,Victoria,Australia — LAUGHTER will help to connect the community and break down the stigma associated with
mental illness next week during World Mental Health Day...

How to Improve Your Health: Small Changes Get Big Results
— Imperial Valley News - Holtville, CA, USA — Studies show that deep laughter can greatly benefit our health by lowering levels of stress hormones, relaxing muscles
and reducing anxiety...

Laughter sustains breast cancer survivor
— Youngstown Vindicator - Youngstown, OH, USA — 1 piece of advice I can give is to research all the possibilities, said Beckwith, who said she is not only grateful to be
here but lucky to be here...

Top Health Tips for the Elderly to Start you Off in the Right ... — (press release) - Sofia, Bulgaria — We were always told that laughter is the best medicine and now we know it to be true it raises the serotonin levels in the
brain and gives you that feel...

Bernard Mendelman — He who laughs — lasts!
— The Suburban - Montreal, Quebec, Canada — Studies have shown that humour and laughter can improve your physical and mental health. A chuckle takes your mind
away from your cares...

Comics prove laughter really is the best medicine when it comes to ... —
Scotsman - United Kingdom — Yesterday saw the launch of Scotland's first Mental Health Arts and Film Festival. As well as films, debates and exhibitions, comedians
are using...

Did you hear the one about the comic therapist? —
Sunday Herald - Glasgow, Scotland, UK — By Bridget Morris IT'S BEEN said that laughter is the best medicine, and one of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde's mental
health teams is proving exactly that...

Health Q&A on handling stress
— Appleton Post Crescent - WI, USA — Laughter also stimulates the heart, lungs and muscles and boosts your resistance to infection. If you laugh for 20 seconds, your
body gets the same amount...

Breakthrough Studies: Laughter Reduces Stress, Peaks Work Performance
— Emediawire (press release) - Ferndale, WA, USA — .. . believed that laughter sessions were beneficial," said Dr. Kataria, "but I was surprised how conclusive the
results of this scientific research are...

Clinton's laugh may do us some good -- no joke
— Chicago Tribune - United States — Laughter, as any 3rd-grader knows, is contagious, and the mere sound of all that laughing made me laugh. I realized I had just
undergone laughter therapy...,1,2076494.column?coll=chi_news_local_util

Laughter, Humor and Pain Perception in Children
— Although there are many clinical programs designed to bring humor into pediatric hospitals, there has been very little research with children or adolescents concerning
the specific utility of humor for children undergoing stressful or ... — Complementary Medicine News -

Laughter club uses humor to entertain
— SCSU University Chronicle - St. Cloud, MN, USA — The Laughter Club, one of SCSU's newest groups, encourages laughter not only as a means of entertainment,
but also for its many health benefits...

Laugh yourself into better health
— Mail Tribune - Medford, OR, USA — Think of laughter as an internal massage or a brief but rejuvenating aerobic workout. Research (University of Maryland,
Vanderbilt University) tells us...

Prof's book offers advice on how to chuckle in the face of rejection
— The Athens News - Athens, OH, USA — Well-known on campus for teaching a popular humor-writing course and advertising courses, Helitzer also wrote the
best-selling textbook, "Comedy Writing...

Talk on reducing stress starts 3-lecture series
— Tucson Citizen - Tucson, AZ, USA — Certified health education specialist Liz Barta will discuss stress reduction techniques, healthful pleasures, the power of humor
and energy ]management...

Humor, optimism help breast cancer patient cope
— The Southern - Carbondale, IL, USA — Chemotherapy ends in early December, but Waddell must continue hormone therapy once every three weeks for a year.
Sometime after December - she doesn't know...

Candidates say funny things - on purpose
— St. Petersburg Times - St. Petersburg, FL, USA — By ADAM C. SMITH, Times Political Editor Republican presidential candidates used humor as they wooed Florida
GOP stalwarts at the party's state convention...

Facing Awareness —
Waxahachie Daily Light. Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie held a “Pink Pie in the Face” pie throwing contest Tuesday to raise breast cancer awareness and to
support Baylor Health Care System’s breast cancer outreach initiatives.

It’s No Joke, Laughter is Awesome Medicine —
PR-GM.COM ou go right ahead! Laugh and cackle to the point of losing your breath! Laughter has enormous amounts of health benefits ranging from affecting diabetes
to lowering risks of heart attacks and everything in between!

The Health Show —
October 4, 2007. Then we’ll introduce you to Leslie Gibson...a registered nurse who works with the seriously sick and the dying...and tries to crack them up!

Comedy Sex Ed Presentation Discusses all Aspects of the Female Orgasm —
The California Aggie. "It's a really fun sex ed show, really a comedian version of sex ed," said Adrienne Wonhof, assistant WRRC director.
Laughter Best Medicine at Women’s Night Out —
Mount Vernon News. Women’s Night Out on Thursday was an evening of chuckles, guffaws, giggles and belly laughs when motivational speaker Karen Vadino
entertained the crowd, after they had imbibed a gourmet meal and lots of chocolate cake.

Care Clowns Spreading Mission to Shelburne — A brigade of colourful clowns plan to pile out of their tiny vehicles into the Roseway Hospital with the mission of blowing bubbles, being silly and
perhaps wrestling a smile from a patient.

        The World of HUMOR


21 new ways to be happy
— - London, UK — Our brains produce lower levels of serotonin, "the happiness hormone", in autumn and winter. But new research from Dr Chris Lowry at
Bristol University...

Lighten up on the job
— - Hackensack, NJ, USA — Unfortunately, the day-to-day tedium of paperwork, deadline stress and office drama can take their toll on health and
happiness. "If you work eight hours a...

Happiness Is Habit-Forming--The More You Have, the More You Need
— Reason Online - Los Angeles, CA, USA — Oishi's research also provides an intriguing window into why very few people are very happy most of the time. Getting to
"very happy" is like climbing an...

Retaining Employees and Customers Is A Family Affair
— (press release) - Sofia, Bulgaria — Humor is the shortest distance between people. Families play together. At SW Airlines, they have ice cream parties on
the spur of the moment...

Whistle while you work: Happy workers are more productive
— (press release) - Sofia, Bulgaria — YouGov/Employee Benefits research on 'The role of reward in happiness in the workplace' found that employee
happiness has an impact on levels of commitment...

Find out what makes you happy
— UK Parents Lounge - Reigate, Surrey, UK — "Happiness is a very individual state of mind but everyone can achieve it. This research highlights the importance of
humour and love as foundations of the...

Century Club: Centenarians are one of the fastest-growing ...
— Eagle Tribune - North Andover, MA, USA — Bradley and Mitchell share some of the character traits common to centenarians, such as humor and the ability to accept
change and loss...

ECU Notes: Humorfest to serve up laughs
— Greenville Daily Reflector - Greenville, NC, USA — "Humor as an art form rarely attracts the serious attention it deserves," said Tom Douglass, an English professor
and event co-chairman...

PEOPLE WE KNOW: Clowns lift spirits with smiles
— Beaumont Enterprise - Beaumont, TX, USA — By JANE MCBRIDE, The Enterprise That's why four Southeast Texans don the goofy clothes and paint their faces in
bright colors - to bring a little happiness...

Barbara Bova: Smile and you will feel a lot better
— Naples Daily News - Naples, FL, USA — The important fact that research on happiness found is that happiness doesn’t come from without. We make our own
happiness from fulfilling our realistic...

Just 1 in 5 workers are 'engaged' -- and most want more from ... —
MarketWatch - USA — Engagement is not satisfaction or happiness, but the degree to which workers connect to the company emotionally, are aware of what they need
to do to add...{F43DB94E-797D-4D26-9593-0B0C65948F76}

         Thanksgiving Jokes - Tastefully bad and Seasoned Just Right

What's the best way to stuff a turkey?
Take him out for pizza and ice cream!

How can you make a turkey float?
You need 2 scoops of ice cream, some root beer, and a turkey

Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?
The outside

Asked to write a composition entitled, "What I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving," little Johnny wrote, "I am thankful that I'm not a turkey."

Why did they let the turkey join the band?
Because he had the drumsticks

Why did the police arrest the turkey?
They suspected it of fowl play

What's the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?
The turKEY

What did the turkey say before it was roasted?
Boy! I'm stuffed!

A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store, but couldn't find one big enough for her family. She asked the stock boy, "Do these turkeys get any
bigger?" The stock boy answered, "No ma'am, they're dead."

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