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									Long Distance Convenience                                                                               Helpful Hints                                            International Dialing Instructions
in the palm of your hand                                                                                                                                         1. From any touch tone phone, dial the
                                                                                                        Place this guide in your wallet so it’s handy to         Access Number of the country you are calling
                                                                                                        use when travelling overseas.                            from (as listed in this guide)
Welcome to your convenient Calling Card
guide for International calling.                                                                        This guide is for International calls only. For calls    2. Wait for the <<long tone>>, then dial your
                                                                                                        made from North America follow dialling                  Service Access Code 5103
                                                                                                        instructions on the back of your Calling Card.
Together with your Calling Card you have a
fast, easy, and reliable way to make sure                                                                                                                        3. Follow the voice prompt and enter your
                                                                                                        Before you leave on a trip, check to ensure the
you are always in touch – regardless of                    Pocket                                       country you are travelling to is listed.
                                                                                                                                                                 Network ID 51

where you are.
                                                     International Calling                                      For help using your card call us at
                                                                                                                                                                 4. Listen for voice prompts and enter your Calling
                                                                                                                                                                 Card Number : (record your Card # below for easy
To report a lost or stolen calling card,
call 1-519-368-4611 from anywhere in
                                                          Card Guide                                                                                             reference)
                                                                                                        To place additional calls, wait for the voice
North America.                                                                                          instructions after the other party has disconnected,
                                                                                                        then dial the next number you wish to call.
                                                                                                        You can also press the # key twice to disconnect
                                                                                                                                                                 5. Follow the voice prompts to complete your call.
                                                                                                        and wait for the voice instruction to dial again.
                                                                                                                                                                 To call Canada or the USA,
                                                                                                        To avoid hotel charges for connecting a Calling
                                                                                                                                                                 dial 1+ area code +7 digit phone number.
                                                                                                        Card call,ask the front desk for an outside line.
                                                                                                                                                                 To call an international destination, dial
                                                                                                                                                                 011+country code+city code+phone number.

                                                                                                                                                                    (Check your local phone book for country and city code)


   Country                      Access Number        Country                     Access Number                 Country                      Access Number        Country                               Access Number
                                                                                                               Latvia                         800-3333           Romania                                021-800-5030
   Antigua -Barbuda             1-800-534-2200       Fiji                            004-890-1007              Lithuania                      8-800-9-00-00      Russia                                 8* 10-800-130-1012
   Argentina North              0-800-888-0872       Finland                         0-800-110-016             Luxembourg                     800-2-0117         Senegal                                810-3080
   Australia                    1-800-881-152        France & Corsica Island         0-800-99-2016             Macedonia                      00-800-4275        Singapore                              8000-100-941
   Austria                      0-800-200-244        French Guiana                   0-800-99-2016
                                                                                                               Malaysia                       1-800-8000-14      South Africa                           0-800-99-0114 or
   Belarus                      8*800-114            Germany                         0-800-086-0340
                                                                                                               Malta                          800-90-112                                                0800-99-4831
   Belgium                      0-800-7-0011         Ghana                           0-19-211
                                                                                                               Martinique                     0-800-99-2016      Spain,Balearic,
   Bermuda                      1-800-623-0909       Greece                          00-800-1821
   Bolivia                      800-10-0103          Guadeloupe                      0-800-99-2016             Mauritius Island               0-1112             Canary,Ceuta, & Melila Islands         900-99-0016

   Brunei                       800-013              Hong Kong                        800-93-0202              Mexico-Protel                  01-800-234-9990    Sri Lanka (Colombo Only)               451-456
   Bulgaria                     00-800-1300          Hungary                         06-800-01213              Monaco                         800-90-141         Sri Lanka (Outside Colombo)            01-451-456
   Chile                        800-360-390          Iceland                         800-82-54                 Netherlands                    0800-024-9991      St. Kitts & Nevis                      1-800-744-9120
   China (North)                10-800-714-1026      India                           000-168                   New Zealand &                                     St. Pierre & Miquelon                  0-800-99-2016
   China (South)                108-180              Indonesia                       008-801-12
                                                                                                               Chatham Islands                000-917            Sweden                                 020-79-9017
   Columbia & San Andres Isl.   01-800-9-19-8157     (except East Timor)
                                or 01-800-518-0160                                                             Nicaragua                      1-800-1551         Switzerland (without Liechtenstein)    0800-89-5273
                                                     Ireland                         1-800-550-146
                                                                                                               Norway & Jan Mayen,                               Syria                                  0-814
                                                     Israel – Bezeq
   Croatia                      0-800-22-0116        (not from Palestinian Territories) 1-80-949-4108          Svalbard Islands               800-19-114         Trinidad & Tobago (Hotel)              1-800-744-0007
   Cyprus                       8009-0014            Italy                           800-873-140               Panama                         00800-226-2320     Trinidad & Tobago (Ports Entry)        28
   Czech Republic               800-001-118                                          or 800-172-216            Peru                           0-800-502-85       Ukraine                                8-100-180
   Denmark                      800-1-5532           Japan (Japan Telecom)           0044-2215-2104            Philippines (Philicom)         10-26-24           United Kingdom                         0-800-914-1346
   Dominican Republic           1-800-751-4144       Japan KDDI                      00-53-100-1400            Philippines                                       Venezuela & Margarita Island           0-800-100-1103
   Egypt (Cairo Only)           364-0083             Kenya                           0-800-22-0115
                                                                                                               (PLDT, ICC,Globe, Islacom)     105-0219
           (outside Cairo)      02-364-0083          Korea (south)                   003-0917 (DACOM)
   El Salvador                  800-1516                                                                       Poland                         0*0-800-111-8111   The * indicates a wait for dial tone prior to entry of
                                                     Korea (south)                   0722-011 (KT)
                                                                                                               Portugal & Azores,Madeira      800-800-118                         remaining digits.
                                                                                                               Reunion Island                 0-800-99-2016

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