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      • From: Steven Heimann <steven@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
      • Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 19:48:01 +1100

I run clamav in conjunction with amavis−new and spamassassin on our mail
server at work.

This combination helps protect the few windows pc's we have left from
viruses/worms and also reduces the amount of spams getting through. As
well as being open source Clamav has the advantage over some other AV
products of identifying many phishing attempts. It caught all the
recent flood of bank phishing emails that hit us over the last few

If you are only trying to protect a stand alone Linux based PC from
viruses and worms there is probably not much point. I don't know of any
attacks so far aimed at Linux.


On Fri, 2006−01−06 at 19:37 −0400, Ryan Thompson wrote:
> Does anyone Know where I can get some free Virus scan software for
> Linux. I have been have problems with the software that comes in my
> "Add Applications" Function. I've added it but it doesn't show up in my
> menu; so I haven't Be able to actually try it out.
> Thanks,
> Ryan

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