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free web site hosting


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									Many small website owners today wrongly value the cost of paying to have their
website hosted over a website that pays nothing for hosting.

Lack of creditability can be the demise of any website

All but a personal website must project a sense of professionalism to convey to
the user a high level of trust and authenticity.

A hosting company offering free hosting must justly recover their costs by using
banner or pop-up advertising on all your web pages. This type of advertising is
obtrusive to the visitor and instills suspicion because the website owner appears
'cheap' by not paying for hosting.

Server restrictions limit functionality

A free hosting provider will reduce outgoing costs further by:

   •   Cramming web pages on the server
   •   Limiting bandwidth
   •   Reducing hard disk space
   •   May not allow your own domain name
   •   May not provide adequate support
   •   Will not usually offer advanced website features

Along with unreliability and uptime issues of a free hosting server, restrictive
features imposed on the free hosting account holder, undermines the website to
develop effectively unlike a website on paid hosting that will have those
necessary features at its discretion.

Fewer visitors from search engines and directories

Search Engines can have problems trying to index your web pages because of
frames (caused by mandatory banner advertising) or pop-up advertising imposed
by the free hosting company.

Human operated directories do not commonly allow webmasters to submit their
website for inclusion into their directory if it is hosted on a free hosting server.
Their reasoning is these websites are treated as temporary in nature because the
owner is unlikely to dedicate effort to such a website.

Traffic (visitors to a website) is what makes any website of a commercial nature
viable. Traffic can be seriously impaired for a website that resides on a free
hosting server.
Market competition makes free hosting less attractive

Advances in server technologies and market competition within the hosting
company industry has make hosting much more affordable for the average
website owner to host a website than a few years ago. The volume of websites
coming online continually fuels demand for hosting.

Today, good hosting packages can be found from approximately $10/month that
provides the reliability, features and support that a dedicated website owner
should strive for.

The cost of hosting a business-oriented website has never been cheaper, will
remain so and comfortably provides tangible benefits beyond cost than a free
hosting company will ever provide.

Is free hosting still worth it?

The annoying banners that are displayed on all the pages look tacky and
unprofessional. Wouldn’t you agree?

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