Marriage & Poverty: Montana

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					In Montana, Marriage Drops the Probability of Child
Poverty by 80 Percent
  The rapid rise in out-of-wedlock     PERCENTAGE OF FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN
child bearing is a major cause of      THAT ARE POOR
high levels of child poverty in
Montana.                                             41.7%
  Some 41.7 percent of single           40%
mothers children were poor in
2008 compared to 8.3 percent of         35%
married couples with children.
  Single-parent families with
children are five times more likely      25%
to be poor than families in which
the parents are married.                20%
  The higher poverty rate among
single-mother families is due both      15%
to the lower education levels of
                                        10%                                             8.3%
the mothers and the lower income
due to the absence of the father.

                                                  Single Parent,                Married,Two-Parent
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American             Female-Headed                        Families
Community Survey, 2006–2008 data.                    Families

                                                                   Marriage and Poverty in the U.S.

Description: Marriage is America's #1 weapon against childhood poverty. This graph details the impact of marriage on the probability of child poverty in Montana.