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adopt a internet pet



                            FIND YOUR FRIEND FOR LIFE!
   Find y our perfe ct match.                       Be an an gel f or an imal s.
With over 50 Ontario SPCA adoption centres       Every year across Canada thousands of
located throughout Ontario, we have cats and     healthy, adoptable animals are euthanized
dogs of all ages, shapes, sizes and breeds, as   because there are not enough adoptive homes
well as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs and more     available. By choosing to adopt you are
(even horses!) – all waiting for a home and      helping save a life! You are a true animal hero.
someone to share their life and love with.       You are also helping the many more animals
                                                 still in shelters waiting for their chance!

   Rece ive gu idan ce & supp ort.
Adoption centre staff will help you through
                                                    Redu ce pet overp opulation.
every step of finding your special friend –      You help eliminate the pet overpopulation crisis
one that is just right for you. Staff work       in Ontario by adopting! Healthy animals are
closely with the animals every day, gaining      spayed or neutered before adoption, and if
insights into their special qualities, unique    the animal is too young for surgery rebate
personalities and behaviours. They will          incentives are offered to encourage people
answer any questions, help you decide which      to visit their veterinarian for the procedure.
pet is a good match for you, and be available
for advice following your pet adoption.           Help stop the cruelty &
                                                 misery in puppy/kitten mills.
   Discove r great value.               When     Thousands of dogs and cats are churned out each
you adopt, your pet will be spayed/neutered      year from puppy and kitten mills for sale at pet
and vaccinated and you’ll receive helpful pet    stores, through newspaper ads and over the
care literature. In fact, our adoption fees      Internet. Documented problems include
are usually much lower than an animal’s          overbreeding, inbreeding, minimal veterinary care,
purchase price at a pet store or breeder, and    lack of socialization with humans, overcrowded
more affordable then a “free” pet that is        cages, poor quality food and shelter, and the
unaltered and requires vaccinations.             killing of unwanted animals. Unknowingly,
                                                 consumers support puppy and kitten mills by
   Teach your chil dren well.                    purchasing animals through these types of
Visiting a shelter and adopting an animal        sellers, breeders, and dealers. By adopting, you
provides a wonderful and meaningful life         are helping stop the demand fueling this cruel
lesson for children about animals at shelters    industry.
– victims of circumstances beyond their
control – and about the value of giving all        VISIT AN ADOPTION CENTRE OR VIEW
animals a second chance. It is also a great           ADOPTABLE ANIMALS ONLINE:
way to share the joy of animals!                  1-888-668-7722 or

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