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solar power for homes


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									Solar power for homes
Suntopway Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. of China is offering STW range of solar power
systems for use in households. These units can supply power for basic needs such as
lights, television, fans, etc. The STW30A-180A model incorporates amorphous silicon
solar panels, while the STW 50C-200C employs monocrystalline solar panels. A
maintenance-free lead-acid battery is supplied with all the models.
The company also offers a new solar home lighting kit that incorporates either a 10 W
monocrystalline solar panel or a 12 W amorphous panel. A battery pack with in-built
charge controller is provided with this unit. Other products available include STW-
3288, a wireless solar emergency telephone system, and STW-PS1188, a mini power
system for normal family lighting applications. Contact: Suntopway Electronics
(Shenzhen) Co. Limited, 10th Floor, West Ocean Buildings, Nanyou, Dadao, Nanshan,
Shenzhen Province, China. Tel: +86 (755) 6490 201/6070 440; Fax: +86 (755) 6402
722/6070 222; E-mail: sntopway

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