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					                                                                                                          H I G H Q UA L I T Y M O D E R N D E S I G N F U R N I T U R E AT A F F O R D A B L E P R I C E S

                                    Images featured in this brochure are for illustrative purposes only
                                    and may not exactly match the furniture supplied. While every
                                    effort is made to ensure the accuracy of image reproduction,                   some items of furniture may vary in size, colour or style.

4 Vernon Street : Derby : DE1 1FR   Alpska is a trading name of ALPS Group Limited (“ALPS”).
                                    Company number: 3975221
Tel: +44 (0)1 332 34 64 24          Registered office: 81 Burton Road, Derby DE1 1TJ.
Fax: +44 (0)1 332 29 14 66          VAT registration number: GB 746 2982 00.
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    Alpska furniture combines superior
    functionality with sleek design to create
    an elegant and effective workplace.
                                                                                                                               4 reception   6 executive   10 office

    Its high-quality construction, simple modern look and carefully thought-out detailing will bring renewed professionalism
    to your company.
    Our designers are available for direct consultation and, with our wide selection of basic units and huge range of
    optional adjustments, we can provide you with an office that will meet your exact work needs. Plus, for those wanting
    a little bit extra, we have a complete bespoke service that can supply more unusual or high specification furniture.
    Alpska use innovative designers backed-up by a very experienced technical team and long-standing, reputable
    Polish manufacturers, all accredited to European standards. We believe that this way we can offer you the best of
    modern design combined with old-fashioned quality and at affordable prices. Within three to four weeks of placing
    an order, Alpska can quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively create an office that will help your company work, look
    and feel so much better.

                                                                                                                               14 bespoke    16 seating    18 interiors

2                                                                                                                                                                         3
    For a stylish and inviting reception area, Alpska can offer
    you a wide choice of counter units, tables and seating.
    Our modular systems allow you to build a clean-line,
    modern reception area, which will be both inviting for
    your customers and efficient for your staff.

    Available in a wide range of colours and finishes our reception furniture comes in either melamine
    or natural veneer and can be tailored to your needs. It is made to suit all heights and physical
    abilities* and will provide a professional and attractive welcome for your customers. We can
    provide solutions for offices, hotels, nursing homes, banks or leisure clubs. With our wide range
    of reception desks, foyer furnishings and amenity or dining fittings, Alpska can meet all your
    needs. With our emphasis on detailed finishing, our off-the-shelf furniture can be tailored to
    create an individual and distinctive look for your company.

    *The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 requires employers to make their workspace accessible to all; our design services and furniture can help you to achieve that.

4                                                                                                                                                                           YO U A R E G UA R A N T E E D A WA R M R E C E P T I O N W I T H   5
    For the more individual workplace, Alpska have
    a range of premium office furniture, which is aimed at
    furnishing a complete executive office or boardroom.
    This range will give you the feeling of great space
    and presence.

6                                                            MAKE AN EXECUTIVE DECISION WITH   7
    Available in a wide range of colours and styles, all desk units come with a variety of cupboard,
    sideboard or drawer combinations, to enable you to tailor your office to your own needs and
    personality. This range aims to provide a commanding work area, whilst retaining a light,
    modern feel. All items can be mixed to create the space you need, or can be combined with
    bespoke items for the perfect executive office. Despite the premium look, this furniture still
    comes at highly competitive prices so your business can benefit in all ways.

8                    MAKE AN EXECUTIVE DECISION WITH                                                   9
     We believe in creating a work-conducive and totally
     efficient environment for your staff. Our design team
     is available to work with you to establish your exact
     working needs. Our extensive range of furniture will
     ensure that these needs are met. But that’s not all;
     our wide range of colours and styles will give you an
     office that will both please the eye and lift the spirits.

10                                                                I N S P I R E YO U R WO R K F O R C E W I T H   11
     Our emphasis is on flexibility, adjustability and design and we are experts in helping you to create
     the perfect workspace and break-out areas. We are confident that working in direct consultation with
     us you will be able to build up exactly the office you require. What’s more, with our fitting team you
     can be assured of a solid, high-quality installation. Our furniture is crafted from high-quality products
     and will provide sleek, modern design and functionality to give you a dynamic and professional
     workspace. In addition to these added benefits, we think you will find Alpska prices as minimalist
     as their design.

12                            I N S P I R E YO U R WO R K F O R C E W I T H                                      13
     Our bespoke service aims to furnish those important
     rooms in your office. We offer a full design service
     and will incorporate all your ideas and wishes into
     a stylish, complete product that will perfectly reflect
     your company.
     By working from the drawing board, Alpska can create any furniture you wish for any room.
     We work with a variety of users to furnish offices, boardrooms, reception areas, dining rooms or,
     indeed, any area you require. Bespoke furniture offers total flexibility on size, design and materials.
     It can be tailored to match existing features and can incorporate all requirements of today’s
     electronic office. With bespoke furniture there are no limits and, by combining our expertise
     with your imagination, we can turn any concept into reality.

14                                                                                                             F R O M D R AW I N G B O A R D TO R E A L I T Y W I T H   15
     We appreciate that one of the most important aspects
     of the workplace is its seating. All our chairs are
     ergonomically designed and manufactured to the
     highest quality.
     From welcoming sofas and armchairs, meeting room, executive and office seating, to
     cleverly-designed stacking chairs, Alpska can meet all your needs. In the office, in the foyer,
     in the conference room, Alpska’s chairs are as modern in look and operation as all of our other
     furniture. Just one more detail in our quest to provide you with the total interior package.

16                                                                                                     S I T T I N G C O M F O RTA B LY W I T H   17
     In addition to supplying your furniture, Alpska can
     also provide you with a complete interior decoration
     or refurbishment package, bringing your working
     environment/property up to a high specification
     both visually and technically.

     We can offer you experienced interior designers, painters, decorators, carpet-fitters, joiners
     and electricians to ensure that no part of your new office or reception area is neglected.

18                                                                                                    C R E AT I N G TOTA L E N V I R O N M E N T S W I T H   19

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