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									Case 6:09-cv-06126-TC       Document 231         Filed 10/21/10         Page 1 of 3   Page ID#: 1216

     Deborah E. Frisch, Ph.D.
     3003 W. 11th Avenue PMB #168
     Eugene, OR 97402
     (541) 520-2929
     email: dfrisch@pobox.com

                             UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT

                              FOR THE DISTRICT OF OREGON

                                       EUGENE DIVISION

     DEBORAH FRISCH                                       CASE NO. 09-cv-6126-TC

     Plaintiff                                            PLAINTIFF’S SUPPLEMENTAL
                                                          MEMORANDUM IN RESPONSE
                                                          TO DOCKET CLERK BRINN’S
                                                          OSTENSIBLE OFFICIAL

     CITY OF SPRINGFIELD, a municipal corporation,
     CITY OF EUGENE, a municipal travesty, LANE COUNTY,


         Today is the one year anniversary of the decision by hopefully soon-to-be-former

     USDC-OR Courtroom Deputy Paul L. Bruch’s harassment and menacing of the plaintiff

     in order to curry favor with the sniveling, simpering wad of adipose and fecal matter

     commonly known as Jeffery J. Matthews. Plaintiff has elaborated on plaintiff’s

     hypothesis for why Mr. Bruch repeatedly engaged in official misconduct to curry favor

     with Mr. Matthews and shall not revisit the delicate issue here.

        Plaintiff files this supplemental memorandum in response to Docket Clerk Laura “I

     fantasize about Gary Gleaves when I go home at night” Brinn’s disgusting first, fourth

Case 6:09-cv-06126-TC        Document 231          Filed 10/21/10      Page 2 of 3         Page ID#: 1217

     and fourteenth amendment harassment of the plaintiff entered by the horrifically

     incompetent Docket Clerk Brinn at 9:11 a.m. on October 14, 2010 that was filed by the

     painfully-flirtatious-with-Chuck Ringo (Dahlen v. Bend) Catholick queen of golf-cart-

     torts on October 13, 2010.

            Plaintiff reiterates plaintiff’s disgust and revulsion toward Docket Clerk Brinn for

     not entering orders the same day filed, given that she has hours of free time to engage in

     horrendously inappropriate (and atypical – Pew, Nogelmeier and Weller don’t do this

     when womanning the front desk) shrieking and chattering with anyone with a cock who

     enters Suite 2100.

            Plaintiff reiterates plaintiff’s request that flag desecrator/zucchini patch

     slavemistress Aiken-Klonoski explain the justification for the continued first, fourteenth,

     eighth and fourth amendment harassment by the three frocked stooges on the west end of

     the architectural, litigational and spiritual monostrosity commonly known as the Wayne

     Lyman Morse United States Courthouse.

            Finally, plaintiff thanks Cretin Weller for alerting plaintiff to the fact that

     Munchaholic Bruch committed an act of forgery comparable to the one by Catholic

     Moron Moran pursuant to standing order 2009-14 and 2009-14A. According to Judas

     Weller, Cretin Bruch lied when he said the September 20, 2010 4:35 p.m. escalation of

     harassment on behalf of the quasi-literate, ethically-challenged chair of the fern ridge

     skule board and the shyster-gook in salem and the employee of defendant city of Eugene

     was an Article III judge when it fact, it was a sniveling, simpering magistrate (see exhibit


Case 6:09-cv-06126-TC       Document 231          Filed 10/21/10    Page 3 of 3     Page ID#: 1218

     Mr. Bruch, like Ms. Aiken, Mr. Coffin, Mr. Hogan and Ms. Weller makes a mockery of

     the flag that a brain-dead, in-bred cretin, oops, sorry, I mean Marine from Albany died

     defending. The mockery of the flag by Mrs. Klonoski is not surprising, of course, given

     the mockery she made of it on February 6, 2009 (see exhibit B).

     Dated this 21st day of October, 2010.

                    BY:                      /s/ Deborah E. Frisch
                                             Deborah E. Frisch
                                             3003 W. 11th Ave. PMB 168
                                             Eugene, OR 97402
                                             (541) 520- 2929

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                                                 U.S. District Court

                                                 District of Oregon

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         ORDER: The Clerk shall direct the court's information technology to block
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         Frisch to continue to send e-mails by changing her e-mail address may result in contempt
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